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Do You Know What Your Business is Worth to Potential Buyers?

Our expertise lies in providing a comprehensive and accurate assessment of what makes your business valuable from the perspective of potential buyers. With a deep understanding of market dynamics and investment criteria, we tailor our valuation process to highlight your business’s unique strengths, future growth opportunities, and sustainable competitive advantages. Whether you’re considering selling, seeking investment, or looking to understand your business’s market position, Matyx offers the insights and clarity you need to make informed decisions. Join us in exploring the intrinsic value of your business through the eyes of those who matter most – your future buyers.

We Believe Buying & Selling Businesses Should Be Easier For Everyone.

After buying, selling, starting, & growing businesses over the past decade, we developed a better way for all parties involved. Our solution is based around standard business acquisition practices, real business buying & selling experiences, financial education, and good ol’ entrepreneurial spirit. All backed by the latest in Business Intelligence Software and Technology. You’ll receive an accurate picture of what your business could be worth in the eyes of buyers who are interested in purchasing what you’ve built. 

We Start With You In Mind

Our process of obtaining business data is simple & it all starts with the goal of the party who requested our services. Equity Works Analytics can be ordered by any party involved – Business Owner, Prospective Buyer, Broker, or Financial Professional. Our Analytics are specifically geared towards the outcome desired – Acquisition, Investment, Improvements, or Feasibility. 

You’ll receive: 

Multiple Valuations of Your Business

6 Point Detailed Analytics

Industry Multiples Based Upon Real Data

Action Items to Improve Your Valuation

Meetings with our Valuation Experts

Business Upgrade Opportunities At Huge Discounts – Presented  FREE!

What is a Business Valuation?

A business valuation is an independent and unbiased process of determining a supportable opinion of the transferable value of a business or company as of a specified date. The field of business valuation encompasses a wide array of tools and methods with variations between valuators, businesses and industries.

Business valuations are used for purposes as basic as establishing benchmark expectations for potential business marketability in compliance with NACVA’s reporting standards. Our valuations provide clients with a basis for realistically assessing what the business is likely to sell for and whether it makes sense to undertake the process at all. 

What Defines Your Business Value?

The value of a typical business should be greater than the total values of its hard assets. For a buyer, the key is that an ongoing business has everything necessary — equipment, location, and inventory if applicable, not to mention experienced employees, suppliers, business processes, and a customer list — all in place, in the right amounts for successful operation of the business.

But how do you put a price on this intangible asset, which is frequently referred to as goodwill or going-concern value? Moreover, how do you determine the true market value of the hard assets used in your business? The answer is that you enlist the help of experts like Matyx.

As a group of specialized and experienced professionals, Matyx has valued over 1,000 businesses and established a number of ways to quantify the value of key aspects of your business, and roll them up into an overall figure. As part of the process we will write up a valuation report, which explains in detail how we arrived at the final value. Having a valuation document prepared by an outside expert adds a great deal of credibility to your asking price, because the buyer will be able to see exactly how you arrived at your final figure.

Gaining a Higher Exit for Your Business

We’ve been in your shoes before & understand how overwhelming it can be to answer all the questions & get all of the documentation that prospective buyers want. In our experience, over 90% of all business owners don’t keep regular financial reports & documentation, & why should they?! You are busy running your business.

We don’t require tons of your time, & our process is fast, efficient, & most importantly, friendly! Our goal is to present your whole business in the best possible way that allows prospective buyers to see the True Potential & Possibilities of what you’ve built.

In the process, YOU also get to see your business in ways that you never thought possible & from perspectives of true industry pros. If for some reason your business doesn’t sell, you will have a complete toolkit of knowledge & options to improve EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR BUSINESS – Included!

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