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Tucker Pool

President and Founder

My role provides the structure and guidance needed for Matyx to offer trusted, efficient, and high-level growth solutions to businesses who desire direct answers and honest results. There are a lot of mis-conceptions and mis-directions in the world of business and I aim to clarify and simplify paths and options for business owners to grow, optimize, and/or exit their operations in order to leave a legacy that impacts not only their families but their employees' families as well. 
I have fifteen years of experience working with over 4,000 businesses at nearly every level of growth and strategy including the exit journey and have valued over 900 businesses for acquisition with hundreds of those businesses being acquired. I have started, grown, bought, and sold my own companies which provides me with unique insight into the struggles and hard work that it takes to build and exit a successful operation. I worked for various Fortune 1000 and Mid-Market businesses in senior-level, VP, or executive roles before starting my entrepreneurial journey. I have held securities certifications previously as well as a Bachelor in Business Marketing and Master of Information Systems degrees. 
Beyond experience and education, I am a true outdoor enthusiast who loves to camp, shoot, and spend time with my family on adventures. When I have time, I create bespoke hunting knives using all sorts of materials and techniques. 

Jonathan Berrong

Chief Operations Officer

As a seasoned entrepreneur, I have successfully owned and sold multiple businesses, showcasing a track record of strategic ventures. My expertise extends to delivering exemplary project management services, with a sharp focus on tangible results and a substantial return on investment for numerous clients.

Specializing in custom software, CRMs, and web design and development, I have tailored solutions to enhance business efficiency across diverse industries. My commitment lies in understanding the unique needs of each client and delivering bespoke solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations.

I have consistently demonstrated a dedication to driving business excellence. Whether through the management of custom projects for solutions built tailor-fit to a client, development of innovative software, implementation of CRMs and/or internal processes and SOPs, or cutting-edge web design, my goal is to empower businesses with solutions that adapt and thrive in a dynamic landscape.

James Kiely

Chief Technology Officer

Peter Mitrovic

Digital Marketing Director

Vivek Mahatma

Automation & Database Director

Ranjan Debnath

UI/UX Development