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  • Where your website actually ranks on search engines.
  • How you stack up compared to your competitors (and what they’re doing).
  • Insider tools that marketing agencies use and how to sign up for them.
  • A Marketing ROI Roadmap and plan tailored to your business and industry.
  • A how-to guide with step-by-step instructions for what to do to make your marketing skyrocket and improve your return on investment!

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Gain Insights

Transparency with digital marketing is important, that’s why we’ve built one of the most comprehensive digital marketing audit tools in the industry. 

You’ll learn where your business stands against industry averages for things like: 

  • PPC
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Offline Marketing
  • And more!

We use some serious code and horsepower to not only show you where your business stands but also what to do to crank it up and start getting higher returns on your marketing dollars!

Detailed Web Metrics

Discover how well your website is known by search engines by taking a look “under the hood.” You’ll quickly learn if your website and digital efforts are easy to find on the most important forms of intent-based marketing: Search Engines.

Learn these things about your website:

  • Number of backlinks – one of the most important aspects of SEO!
  • Referring domains
  • Domain Trust Score – is your website on a spam list?
  • How many pages are indexed in major search engines
  • Internal metrics such as follow links
  • How crawling robots see your site and what they look at
  • And more!

Get a Plan of Action

What kind of analysis would this be if we didn’t tell you how to fix what’s wrong and make your digital marketing better?

You’ll get a step-by-step action plan telling you how to implement each of the marketing initiatives necessary to achieve higher returns for your business.

Included in each step are points of action that literally anyone can follow with the necessary tools and procedures to implement a long-term plan to turn your business into a profit generating machine.

  • Perform Assessments
  • Set Goals
  • Define Your Audience
  • Craft the Right Content
  • Develop Integrated Campaigns
  • Monitor Performance
  • And more!

A plan without action is nothing more than information, our digital marketing ROI roadmap gives you both!

What Tools do Marketing Agencies Use?

Learn in Your Report


Know where your leads and sales are coming from with insider reporting systems that are easily installed into your website.

Design Tools

Everyone uses WordPress but only the best use it effectively. Learn what page builders and content generators work best.


There are over 2,000 email marketing platforms out there. Find out which ones will actually get reads and click throughs for your business.


Marketing automation programs are the closest held secret of agencies. Learn how to connect it all together so you don't work so hard.

About Matyx

Matyx is a professional services and growth agency. That means we help companies grow and scale so they don’t get bogged down in the marketing weeds.

The only metric we care about is Return On Investment (ROI). If you’re not getting more back than what you put into your marketing efforts, then we’re not doing our job.

We’re not “set it and forget it,” we’re “turn us on and watch us kick ass.” In short, we make your business work for you, so you don’t have to work for your business.

If you can find someone who will give you a better return on your marketing investment than us, then we’ll eat our hat.

Why Choose Matyx?

1000%+ return on your
Marketing Dollars:

Our average ROI for clients is over 1,000% and we are absolutely fanatical about results. If you have a solid sales process (we can help if you don’t!) then our marketing and lead generation tactics accelerate attribution-driven revenue for your business.

Access To Experts:

Matyx’s team is comprised of marketing and lead generation specialists with experience in your industry and we don’t sleep until goals are met. We are transparent about results and work with your team to achieve maximum ROI for marketing and keep your sales team busy.

Reporting That Makes Sense:

Face it, clicks and likes don’t pay the bills – our proprietary reporting system grabs data from multiple sources and attributes them to dollars so you can see what is driving ROI at all times while also allowing our team the information to keep performing better.


Matyx Will Not Sleep Until Your

Marketing Efforts Are Firing
On All Cylinders

Don't Take Our Word For It - Here's Proof!

We generated $3.7MM for this business in 9 months!
  • Conversion Optimized Website
  • PPC / SEO / Google Local
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Followup Automations
  • SMS Marketing

More Proof!

We generated $183K for this client in 30 days!
  • Conversion Optimized Website
  • PPC / SEO / Google Local
  • Email Marketing
  • Custom Offers

More Proof!

We generated $2.8MM for this business in 9 months!
  • Conversion Optimized Website
  • PPC / SEO / Google Local
  • Email Marketing
  • Custom Offers
  • Sales Automation

More Proof!

This client is #1 everywhere on the internet!
  • Conversion Optimized Website
  • SEO / Google Local
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

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