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Client: The LITILI Group

Year: Concurrent

Timeframe: Ongoing

Main Service: Web Development, SEO, Content Marketing

Extra Service: Landing Pages, PPC, Reviews, CRM, Email Marketing, Google Local

Return Over Investment: 3,500% ROI

Client: The LITILI Group 

Industry: Legal Services 

Services Provided: Website Development, SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, CRM System Migration, Sales Tool Development 

Challenge: To enhance The LITILI Group’s online presence with a superior website and digital marketing strategy, and facilitate a CRM system migration from Zoho to Salesforce to outperform their previous DIY Squarespace site. 

Outcome: A lead-generating website, top rankings for over 800 keywords, a 6,800% ROI, expanded market reach, and a successful CRM transition to Salesforce.




The LITILI Group, a leading provider of expert witness services for attorneys and insurance companies, initially struggled with a self-made Squarespace website that failed to meet their lead generation needs and market presence goals. They engaged Matyx to develop a more robust and effective online platform and implement a full-scale digital marketing strategy to enhance visibility and business growth. Additionally, Matyx was tasked with migrating their CRM system from Zoho to Salesforce to better manage customer relationships and streamline business processes.




  1. Develop a Professional, Lead-Generating Website: Replace the underperforming DIY website with a professional platform designed to attract and convert high-value leads.
  2. Implement Advanced SEO and Content Marketing: Optimize the site for a broad range of relevant keywords to ensure top search engine rankings.
  3. Drive High-Level PPC Campaigns: Create targeted pay-per-click advertising strategies to capture immediate interest from potential clients.
  4. Migrate and Enhance CRM System: Transition from Zoho to Salesforce, leveraging advanced features to improve data management and customer engagement.
  5. Expand Market Reach: Utilize digital marketing to expand The LITILI Group’s services into new states and territories.
  6. Develop Sales Tools and Training Materials: Equip new hires and existing employees with the tools and knowledge necessary for success.


 Strategy and Execution


 Website Redesign and Development

Matyx designed and developed a sophisticated website for The LITILI Group that not only enhanced the visual appeal but also focused on functionality and user experience. The new website was structured to facilitate easy navigation, showcase the company’s expertise, and effectively capture leads through strategic calls to action.


 Advanced SEO and Content Marketing

To dramatically improve online visibility, Matyx implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy targeting over 800 industry-specific keywords and phrases. Content marketing efforts included the creation of high-quality, informative content that positioned The LITILI Group as thought leaders in their field. This content not only attracted organic traffic but also helped in building valuable backlinks to enhance domain authority.


 Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Matyx launched high-level PPC campaigns that were meticulously researched and tailored to capture the most relevant audience. These campaigns were continuously optimized based on performance data to ensure the highest possible ROI.


 CRM System Migration

Recognizing the need for a more robust CRM system to support their growing operations, Matyx facilitated the migration from Zoho to Salesforce. This transition equipped The LITILI Group with enhanced capabilities in managing customer relationships, data analytics, and automation, significantly improving operational efficiency.


 Expansion Strategies

With the enhanced digital presence and new CRM system, The LITILI Group was able to expand its services to new geographical markets. Matyx supported this expansion with targeted digital outreach, email marketing campaigns, and strategic coaching sessions designed to maximize market penetration and brand recognition.


 Sales Tools and Employee Success Guides

Recognizing the importance of a well-equipped team, Matyx developed comprehensive sales tools and success guides for The LITILI Group. These resources included detailed cadences for client interaction, best practices for lead conversion, and ongoing support materials to aid new hires and existing staff in achieving their sales goals.




The collaboration between The LITILI Group and Matyx delivered remarkable results:

– Enhanced Website Performance: The newly developed website significantly outperformed the original Squarespace site.

– Top Search Engine Rankings: Achieved top rankings for over 800 targeted keywords and phrases, substantially increasing organic search traffic.

– Successful CRM Transition: The move to Salesforce enabled more sophisticated customer relationship management and data handling capabilities.

– Significant ROI: The combined digital strategies and CRM enhancement led to a 6,800% return on investment.

– Market Expansion: The digital marketing strategies and CRM capabilities facilitated successful expansion into new states and territories, solidifying The LITILI Group’s position as a market leader.


Matyx’s strategic approach to website development, digital marketing, and CRM migration transformed The LITILI Group from struggling with outdated systems to becoming a dominant force in the legal services industry. The comprehensive digital strategies not only fueled business growth but also established a scalable framework for continued expansion and success. This case study exemplifies how integrated digital solutions and strategic CRM enhancements can dramatically improve a company’s market presence and operational efficiency.

Client: North Texas Surgical Specialists

Year: Concurrent

Timeframe: Ongoing

Main Service: Web Development, SEO, Content Marketing

Extra Service: Landing Pages, PPC, Reviews, Google Local

Return Over Investment: 4,500% ROI

Client: North Texas Surgical Specialists 

Industry: Healthcare – Surgical Services 

Services Provided: Website Redesign, Video Production, Graphic Design, Content Creation, SEO, PPC Strategy 

Challenge: To transform an underperforming website into a dynamic, multi-faceted online presence that reflects the high caliber of surgical services provided, particularly in robotic surgery. 

Outcome: A top-ranking website across 19 locations, a significant increase in organic leads by 5,600%, and a robust PPC campaign generating an 8,500% ROI.




North Texas Surgical Specialists, renowned for their expertise in robotic surgery, faced challenges with an underperforming website that failed to effectively represent their services or achieve significant search engine visibility. To address these issues, they partnered with Matyx to overhaul their digital presence, enhancing both the aesthetic and functional aspects of their website and implementing targeted digital marketing strategies.




  1. Redevelop the Website: Create a vibrant, informative website that serves as a central hub for patient information and lead generation.
  2. Enhance Visual and Written Content: Produce high-quality videos, images, and copy that accurately convey the expertise and cutting-edge technology used by the surgeons.
  3. Improve Search Engine Rankings: Optimize the website for SEO to ensure top rankings for all 19 locations and associated doctors.
  4. Increase Organic Lead Generation: Develop a content marketing strategy that drives organic traffic and increases patient inquiries.
  5. Implement a Profitable PPC Strategy: Launch a targeted PPC campaign focused on bariatric weight loss surgery to maximize ROI.


 Strategy and Execution


 Website Redesign

Matyx undertook a comprehensive redesign of North Texas Surgical Specialists’ website, creating a modern, user-friendly interface that improved navigation and patient engagement. The new design incorporated interactive elements and a streamlined architecture to enhance user experience and accessibility.


 Content Production and SEO

To better represent the specialists’ capabilities, Matyx produced professional-grade videos and photography showcasing the surgeons at work, particularly highlighting their proficiency in robotic surgery. The team also crafted compelling graphic designs and wrote optimized content that clearly communicated the benefits and outcomes of choosing North Texas Surgical Specialists. This content was strategically developed to improve SEO and boost rankings across all locations.


 Organic and Paid Lead Generation

Matyx developed a content marketing strategy that significantly boosted organic lead generation, achieving a 5,600% increase. This strategy was complemented by a carefully managed PPC campaign for bariatric surgery, designed to target specific demographics and maximize conversions, which led to an 8,500% ROI.




The partnership between North Texas Surgical Specialists and Matyx yielded outstanding results:

– Enhanced Website Performance: The new website now ranks at the top of search engine results for all 19 locations and their doctors, dramatically increasing visibility.

– Significant Lead Increase: The content marketing efforts led to a 5,600% increase in organic leads, effectively growing the patient base.

– Highly Profitable PPC Campaign: The PPC strategy for bariatric surgery not only reached its target audience but also provided an exceptional 4,500% ROI.

– Continued Growth and Success: With ongoing support from Matyx, North Texas Surgical Specialists continues to thrive, attracting more patients and maintaining its status as a leader in robotic surgery procedures.




Matyx’s strategic overhaul of North Texas Surgical Specialists’ digital presence has not only revitalized their website but also significantly enhanced their market position. Through expert web development, sophisticated content creation, and targeted digital marketing strategies, Matyx helped the practice achieve unprecedented growth in lead generation and ROI, securing their place as a top provider of surgical services in the region. This case study exemplifies how a comprehensive digital strategy can transform a healthcare provider’s outreach and patient engagement, leading to substantial business growth and continued success.

Client: PPT Holdings

Year: Concurrent

Timeframe: Ongoing

Main Service: Software Development, Business Automation, Web Development

Extra Service: Digital Marketing, Videography, Branding, SEO, PPT

Return Over Investment: 17,000%

Client: PPT Iron (formerly Pressure Point Testing) 

Industry: Oil and Gas 

Services Provided: Custom ERP Development, RFID Tracking, Digital Marketing, Rebranding 

Challenge: To modernize PPT Iron’s operations by replacing outdated paper-based systems with advanced software solutions, and to enhance market competitiveness through rebranding and digital marketing. 

Outcome: Successful implementation of a custom ERP and NDT software system, introduction of RFID tracking, a complete rebranding, and robust digital marketing, culminating in the company’s acquisition by a larger competitor and an internal ROI of over 37,000%.




PPT Iron, a key player in the oil and gas industry, primarily relied on antiquated NCR forms and manual data entry into Microsoft Excel for managing Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) data. This labor-intensive process made data retrieval cumbersome and hindered the company’s efficiency and scalability. PPT partnered with Matyx to overhaul their operational processes and reposition the brand in the market.




  1. Develop a Custom ERP and NDT Software System: Replace paper forms with a streamlined digital system to enhance operational efficiency.
  2. Implement RFID Tracking: Introduce advanced tracking solutions to gain a competitive edge.
  3. Rebrand the Company: Update the company’s image and market positioning to reflect its modernized operations and expanded capabilities.
  4. Enhance Digital Presence: Develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to attract new customers and support business growth.


 Strategy and Execution


 Custom ERP and NDT Software Development

Matyx designed and implemented a custom ERP system integrated with NDT software, eliminating the need for paper forms and manual data entry. This system allowed for real-time data capture, processing, and storage, dramatically improving data accessibility and reporting capabilities.


 RFID Tracking Implementation

To further enhance operational efficiency and data accuracy, Matyx introduced RFID tracking technology into PPT Iron’s workflow. This innovation enabled precise tracking of equipment and testing components, providing a significant advantage in the highly regulated oil and gas industry.


 Rebranding as PPT Iron

Recognizing the need for a brand that reflected the company’s high-tech transformation, Matyx spearheaded a complete rebranding from Pressure Point Testing to PPT Iron. This rebranding included a new logo, corporate identity, and marketing materials that communicated the company’s modern and innovative approach.


 Digital Marketing Strategy

To support PPT Iron’s growth ambitions, Matyx developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. This included launching a new website with enhanced SEO capabilities, a dedicated job board to attract top industry talent, and targeted pay-per-click advertising campaigns. These efforts were designed to increase the company’s online visibility and attract new business.




The strategic initiatives implemented by Matyx yielded transformative results for PPT Iron:

– Streamlined Operations: The transition to a digital ERP and NDT system streamlined workflows, reduced errors, and significantly cut down on administrative overhead.

– Enhanced Competitive Edge: RFID technology positioned PPT Iron as a leader in technology adoption in the oil and gas industry.

– Successful Rebranding: The new brand identity resonated well with existing and new clients, aligning the company’s image with its technological advancements.

– Robust Customer Acquisition: The enhanced digital presence and strategic marketing efforts successfully broadened the customer base.

– Impressive Financial Outcome: The cumulative impact of these changes resulted in an internal ROI of over 17,000%, with the company’s acquisition by a larger competitor further validating the success of the transformation.

Matyx’s comprehensive approach to upgrading PPT Iron’s operational, tracking, and marketing systems transformed the company from a traditional testing service to a leader in technology within the oil and gas industry. The strategic integration of custom software solutions, advanced RFID technology, and effective digital marketing culminated in substantial business growth and profitability, leading to a successful acquisition and an outstanding return on investment for the owners. This case study exemplifies the profound impact of targeted technological and marketing innovations in revitalizing and scaling a business.

Client: Priority Medical Equipment

Year: Concurrent

Timeframe: Ongoing

Main Service: Website Development, Content Creation, Digital Marketing

Extra Service: Videography, Design, IT Services, VOIP

Return Over Investment: 8,000%

Client: Priority Medical Equipment 

Industry: Medical Supplies 

Services Provided: Branding, E-commerce Development, SEO, IT Infrastructure, Digital Marketing 

Challenge: To launch and establish a market presence for a startup medical supply company both locally and online. 

Outcome: Priority Medical Equipment became a regional leader in durable medical supplies, achieving top search engine rankings and a staggering 34,000% ROI.




Priority Medical Equipment, a startup in the competitive medical supply industry, sought to rapidly establish a strong market presence. The company partnered with Matyx to develop a comprehensive strategy that encompassed branding, digital presence, and robust IT infrastructure. The goal was to quickly position Priority Medical Equipment as a regional leader and ensure operational efficiency and compliance.




  1. Develop Strong Branding and Print Collateral: Create a compelling brand identity and corresponding print materials to establish market presence.
  2. Launch an E-commerce Enabled Website: Build an online platform with advanced e-commerce functionalities to reach a wider audience.
  3. Optimize for Search Engines and Manage Online Reviews: Implement SEO best practices and manage online reviews to enhance visibility and reputation.
  4. Implement Efficient Inventory Management: Develop a system that ensures product availability and accurate tracking.
  5. Design a Comprehensive IT Infrastructure: Create a network that supports business operations, including a VOIP system and HIPAA-compliant file sharing.


 Strategy and Execution


 Branding and Print Collateral Design

Matyx designed a unique brand identity for Priority Medical Equipment, which was applied across all marketing materials, including business cards, brochures, and outdoor advertisements. This cohesive branding helped to establish a strong visual presence in the market.


 E-commerce Website Development

Matyx developed an e-commerce enabled website that featured non-public pricing, allowing for competitive flexibility and privacy in pricing strategies. The website was designed to be user-friendly, catering to both individual and institutional buyers of medical supplies.


 SEO and Local Online Presence Management

To capture local and regional markets, Matyx implemented a targeted SEO strategy that included managing Google Local listings and actively managing online reviews. This strategy rapidly enhanced Priority Medical Equipment’s visibility and reputation online, driving both traffic and sales.


 Inventory Management System

An efficient inventory management system was set up to ensure that all products were adequately stocked and tracked. This system was integrated with the e-commerce platform to provide real-time inventory updates, which helped in maintaining order accuracy and customer satisfaction.


 IT and Network Infrastructure

Matyx designed and implemented a comprehensive IT infrastructure for Priority Medical Equipment. This included a reliable VOIP system for effective communication and a HIPAA-compliant file share system to ensure that all patient and business data were securely managed.




The collaboration between Priority Medical Equipment and Matyx yielded impressive results:

– Top Search Engine Rankings: The SEO and digital marketing efforts placed the company at the top of search engine results for durable medical supplies in the region.

– Quadrupled Business Size: Since the implementation of these strategies, Priority Medical Equipment has quadrupled in size, becoming a dominant force in the regional market.

– 8,000% ROI: The comprehensive strategies led to exponential growth in sales, resulting in a staggering 34,000% return on investment.

– Robust IT Infrastructure: The new IT systems supported all aspects of the business, from everyday communications to secure medical data handling, contributing to overall business efficiency and compliance.

Through strategic marketing, sophisticated e-commerce solutions, and robust IT infrastructure development, Matyx helped transform Priority Medical Equipment from a startup into a regional market leader. This case study highlights the power of integrated digital strategies and technological implementations in scaling a new business rapidly while ensuring operational excellence and compliance in the healthcare industry.

Client: Culver Electric

Year: Concurrent

Timeframe: Ongoing

Main Service: Application Development, Business Optimization

Extra Service: Website Development

Return Over Investment: 6,500%

Client: Culver Electric 

Industry: Electrical Services 

Services Provided: Business Process Optimization, System Migration, SOP Development, Digital Marketing 

Challenge: To streamline Culver Electric’s operations through enhanced inventory tracking, integrate new CRM and ERP systems, and develop scalable business practices and digital marketing strategies. 

Outcome: Successful migration to a comprehensive business management platform, improved operational efficiencies, and ongoing development of a robust digital presence to support business growth and workforce stability.




Culver Electric, a dynamic player in the electrical services industry, faced challenges related to inventory management and operational scalability that were impeding its growth. The company enlisted Matyx to overhaul its business processes, implement a new integrated system for customer and resource management, and enhance its digital marketing efforts to attract both customers and skilled employees.




  1. Enhance Inventory Tracking and Management: Develop an advanced system to accurately track and manage inventory.
  2. Integrate a New CRM and ERP System: Select and implement a new platform that better fits the company’s growing needs.
  3. Streamline Data Migration and SOP Development: Migrate existing data to the new system and develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all business activities to improve scalability.
  4. Bolster Digital Marketing and Recruitment Efforts: Establish a strong online presence and create an employment platform to maintain a skilled workforce.


 Strategy and Execution


 Enhanced Inventory Tracking System

Matyx developed a sophisticated inventory tracking system tailored to Culver Electric’s specific requirements. This system was designed to provide real-time insights into inventory levels, usage patterns, and procurement needs, significantly reducing waste and improving project planning.


 CRM and ERP System Integration

After a thorough evaluation of Culver Electric’s operational needs, Matyx sourced and implemented Simpro, a comprehensive CRM and ERP solution, replacing the existing Service Fusion and Service Titan platforms. This integration aimed to centralize customer information, job scheduling, and resource management into a single, efficient platform.


 Data Migration and SOP Development

The migration of existing data to Simpro was carefully planned and executed by Matyx to ensure no disruption to ongoing operations. Alongside the migration, Matyx developed a set of detailed SOPs covering all critical business processes, from customer onboarding and job completion to inventory management and billing. These SOPs were crucial for maintaining consistency and quality as the company scaled.


 Digital Marketing and Recruitment Platform

Recognizing the need to attract and retain top talent, Matyx is currently developing a robust digital marketing strategy and an online employment platform for Culver Electric. This platform will not only showcase career opportunities but also emphasize the company’s commitment to employee development and job satisfaction.




The partnership between Culver Electric and Matyx has yielded significant improvements:

– Streamlined Operations: The new inventory management system and Simpro integration have dramatically enhanced operational efficiency and customer service.

– Successful System Migration: The seamless transition to Simpro supported continuity in service delivery and provided a robust foundation for further growth.

– Standardized Business Processes: The newly developed SOPs have standardized operations across the company, ensuring consistency and quality as the business expands.

– Enhanced Digital Presence: While still in progress, the digital marketing and recruitment initiatives are poised to strengthen Culver Electric’s market presence and workforce stability.


Matyx’s comprehensive approach to optimizing business processes and implementing strategic digital solutions has positioned Culver Electric for continued success and scalability. The integration of advanced systems and development of clear SOPs have not only streamlined operations but also prepared the company for future growth and workforce expansion. This case study highlights the impact of strategic planning and technology on transforming traditional business operations into scalable, efficient enterprises ready to meet the demands of modern markets.

Client: Shepherd Home Health

Year: Concurrent

Timeframe: Ongoing

Main Service: Digital Marketing, Website Development, IT Services, VOIP

Extra Service: Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing

Return Over Investment: 7,500%

Client: Shepherd Home Health 

Industry: Healthcare 

Services Provided: Digital Marketing, IT Infrastructure Overhaul, Media Buying, Website Development 

Challenge: To enhance Shepherd Home Health’s market presence, streamline operations, and significantly improve lead generation and recruitment processes. 

Outcome: A multi-faceted marketing and IT strategy that resulted in a company growth of over 185% and a consistent monthly ROI of over 5,600%.




Shepherd Home Health, a provider of comprehensive home health services, faced challenges in expanding its patient base and streamlining its operational processes. In response, they partnered with Matyx to develop a dynamic marketing strategy and overhaul their IT infrastructure. The goal was to enhance service delivery, improve patient and employee acquisition, and optimize operational efficiency.




  1. Enhance Digital and Traditional Marketing: Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy incorporating video production, media buying, and outdoor advertising.
  2. Create a High-Performing Lead Generation Website: Build a website that not only generates patient leads but also integrates a job board syncing with major job platforms.
  3. Optimize IT Infrastructure: Enhance network security, digital communication, and reduce operational costs.
  4. Improve Search Engine Visibility: Ensure the website maintains top rankings on all major search engines to maximize visibility and lead generation.


 Strategy and Execution


 Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

Matyx implemented a multi-channel marketing strategy for Shepherd Home Health, which included high-quality video production to showcase their services, strategic media buying to maximize reach, and innovative outdoor advertising designs. Additionally, professional photography was utilized to enhance all marketing materials, providing a cohesive and attractive brand presentation.


 Lead-Generating Website and Job Board

Matyx developed a robust website designed to serve as the central hub for both patient lead generation and recruitment. The site featured an integrated job board that automatically synced with external job platforms, streamlining the recruitment process and expanding their reach to potential employees.


 IT Infrastructure Overhaul

To support these enhanced digital activities, Matyx overhauled Shepherd Home Health’s IT infrastructure. This included upgrading their network security, implementing a digital fax system, and improving internet speeds. A cost-effective Managed Service Provider (MSP) solution was introduced to reduce ongoing IT service costs.


 VOIP System Implementation

A state-of-the-art VOIP system was installed, featuring automated call routing and scheduling capabilities. This system not only reduced communication costs but also improved operational efficiency by ensuring seamless connectivity between patients, healthcare providers, and administrative staff.




The initiatives implemented by Matyx delivered transformative results for Shepherd Home Health:

– Significant Company Growth: Over 185% growth was achieved through enhanced marketing efforts and improved operational efficiencies.

– Top Search Engine Rankings: The new website consistently ranked at the top of search engine results, significantly increasing online visibility and patient leads.

– Streamlined Recruitment Process: The integrated job board effectively attracted qualified candidates, reducing recruitment times and improving staff quality.

– Enhanced IT Operations: Upgraded IT infrastructure and the new VOIP system led to better security, faster communication, and lower costs.

– Ongoing Monthly ROI: A staggering monthly ROI of over 5,600% was maintained, demonstrating the effectiveness of the strategies implemented.


Through strategic marketing innovations and IT enhancements, Matyx helped Shepherd Home Health transform into a more efficient and competitive healthcare provider. The comprehensive approach not only drove significant business growth but also established a solid foundation for ongoing success. This case study exemplifies how integrated marketing and technology strategies can dramatically improve both the reach and operational efficiency of healthcare services.

Client: Elk City Chamber of Commerce

Year: Concurrent

Timeframe: Ongoing

Main Service: Digital Marketing, Website Development, Application Development

Extra Service: Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing

Return Over Investment: 9,500%

Client: Elk City Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce 

Industry: Non-Profit / Community Development 

Services Provided: Website Development, Branding, SEO, Digital Marketing, IT Infrastructure 

Challenge: To enhance the online presence of Elk City’s community and businesses, and improve local and tourist engagement through a comprehensive digital platform. 

Outcome: A vibrant community business showcase website with integrated digital ticketing and a geo-targeted business directory, leading to substantial community engagement and an ROI of 9,500%.




The Elk City Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce sought to revitalize its community’s online presence and promote local businesses, events, and attractions more effectively. They partnered with Matyx to create, a dynamic website that would serve as a comprehensive digital hub for both residents and visitors. The project aimed to boost local economic activity and community engagement through advanced digital tools and marketing strategies.




  1. Develop a Comprehensive Community Website: Create a central online hub for promoting Elk City’s businesses, attractions, and events.
  2. Enhance Local Business Visibility: Implement an interactive, geo-targeted business directory for Chamber of Commerce members.
  3. Facilitate Online Engagement: Integrate a digital ticketing system for local museums and attractions.
  4. Promote Local Events and News: Provide a platform for publishing details about local events, including sports, festivals, and community announcements.
  5. Upgrade IT Infrastructure: Equip the new Chamber of Commerce headquarters with modern IT systems to support ongoing operations and digital initiatives.


 Strategy and Execution


 Branding and Website Development

Matyx spearheaded the branding development for, ensuring that the website visually represented Elk City’s community spirit and heritage. The site was designed to be user-friendly and engaging, incorporating local imagery, videography, and comprehensive content that highlights the unique aspects of Elk City.


 SEO and Content Creation

To ensure the site reached a broad audience, Matyx implemented a robust SEO strategy tailored to boost visibility in search engine results. The team crafted high-quality, SEO-optimized content and copywriting that captured the essence of Elk City and provided valuable information to website visitors.


 Digital Ticketing System Integration

Matyx developed a digital ticketing system that was integrated into the website, allowing visitors to easily purchase tickets to museums and local attractions online. This feature streamlined the ticketing process, enhanced visitor convenience, and improved operational efficiency for event organizers.


 Interactive Business Directory

The interactive business directory created by Matyx allowed Chamber of Commerce members to have their businesses listed in an SEO-optimized format, which helped improve their online visibility and accessibility. This directory became a pivotal resource for both locals and tourists seeking information on Elk City’s products and services.


 IT Infrastructure Overhaul

As part of the chamber’s relocation to a new headquarters, Matyx outfitted the new facility with cutting-edge IT infrastructure. This upgrade supported the enhanced digital activities driven by the new website and ensured reliable operations across the chamber’s initiatives.




The collaboration between the Elk City Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce and Matyx yielded outstanding results:

– Successful Launch of The site quickly became the go-to digital hub for the community, featuring extensive content about local businesses, events, and attractions.

– Top Search Engine Rankings: Ongoing SEO efforts ensured the site maintained high visibility, drawing significant traffic and engagement.

– Enhanced Community and Tourist Engagement: The digital ticketing system and business directory significantly boosted interactions, with locals and visitors alike benefiting from the streamlined access to Elk City’s offerings.

– Significant Return on Investment: The comprehensive digital strategy and IT enhancements led to an ROI of 9,500%, greatly exceeding initial expectations.




Through strategic digital enhancements and the development of a centralized online community hub, Matyx helped transform how the Elk City Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce engages with locals and visitors. The success of exemplifies the impact of integrating digital technology with community development efforts, leading to enhanced economic activity and a significant return on investment. This case study highlights the power of effective digital strategies in fostering community growth and connectivity.

Client: DC Healthcare Group

Year: Concurrent

Timeframe: Ongoing

Main Service: Digital Marketing, Website Development, Application Development

Extra Service: SEO, EHR Development, Business Automation

Return Over Investment: 18,500%

Client: DC Healthcare 

Industry: Healthcare 

Services Provided: Digital Marketing, Website Development, SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, HIPAA-Compliant Systems 

Challenge: To enhance the digital presence of DC Healthcare’s long-term care facilities, improve patient and job candidate acquisition, and implement a HIPAA-compliant digital admissions system amid COVID-19 restrictions. 

Outcome: A comprehensive digital marketing strategy that significantly boosted search engine rankings, enhanced patient admissions, and attracted more job candidates, resulting in substantial ROI.




DC Healthcare, a provider of long-term care services, faced challenges in maintaining operational continuity and visibility during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company needed an effective digital strategy to enhance online presence, streamline patient admissions, and improve recruitment processes. DC Healthcare partnered with Matyx to develop a targeted digital marketing strategy and robust online tools to meet these needs.




  1. Develop a Lead-Generating Website and Online Job Board: Create a central hub for patient and employment candidate information and inquiries.
  2. Optimize SEO Across All Facilities: Ensure top search engine rankings to increase visibility and attract more residents and staff.
  3. Implement a Content and Email Marketing Strategy: Engage with potential patients, residents, and job candidates effectively.
  4. Create a HIPAA-Compliant Digital Admissions System: Streamline admissions processes to maintain operations during lockdowns and ensure compliance with healthcare regulations.


 Strategy and Execution


 Lead-Generating Website and Online Job Board

Matyx developed a comprehensive website for DC Healthcare that included a lead-generating portal for potential patients and residents, alongside an integrated job board and employment portal that synced with SEO strategies. This dual-functionality site served as a powerful tool for attracting both healthcare seekers and job candidates.


 SEO Optimization

To maximize online visibility, Matyx implemented advanced SEO strategies tailored to the healthcare industry’s competitive keywords and local search criteria. This ensured that DC Healthcare’s facilities consistently appeared at the top of search engine results, making them easily accessible to those in need of long-term care services.


 Content and Email Marketing

Matyx crafted a content marketing strategy that included valuable and informative content relevant to DC Healthcare’s audience. This was complemented by strategic email marketing campaigns designed to nurture leads, inform potential patients and families about services, and keep job seekers engaged with opportunities.


 HIPAA-Compliant Digital Admissions System

Recognizing the challenges posed by COVID-19, especially during lockdowns, Matyx developed a digital admissions system that was fully compliant with HIPAA standards. This system allowed DC Healthcare to safely and efficiently manage patient admissions remotely, minimizing physical contact and maintaining operations during critical times.




The initiatives implemented by Matyx delivered impressive outcomes for DC Healthcare:

– Enhanced Online Presence: The new website and SEO efforts placed DC Healthcare’s facilities at the forefront of search engine results.

– Streamlined Admissions and Recruitment: The HIPAA-compliant digital admissions system and online job board significantly improved the efficiency of patient and staff onboarding processes.

– Increased Patient and Employee Acquisition: Enhanced search engine rankings and effective marketing strategies led to an increase in both patient admissions and recruitment of qualified staff.

– Substantial Return on Investment: The comprehensive digital marketing strategy and online system implementations have maintained strong search engine rankings and led to significant ROI for DC Healthcare.

Through strategic digital enhancements and the development of crucial online systems, Matyx helped DC Healthcare navigate the challenges of the pandemic, enhance its market presence, and improve operational efficiencies. The success of this project highlights the power of targeted digital strategies in the healthcare sector, driving growth, and ensuring continuity even in difficult times.

Client: Mulberry LTC Pharmacy

Year: Concurrent

Timeframe: Ongoing

Main Service: IT Services, MSP, O365, Networking

Extra Service: Exit Deck Optimization

Return Over Investment: 14,000%

Client: Mulberry LTC Pharmacy 

Industry: Healthcare – Long Term Care Pharmacy 

Services Provided: IT Infrastructure Overhaul, Cloud Solutions, Security Enhancement, Cost Reduction 

Challenge: To modernize and streamline the IT operations of Mulberry LTC Pharmacy, enhancing security and efficiency to prepare for potential acquisition. 

Outcome: A sophisticated, streamlined IT infrastructure that led to significant cost savings and culminated in the successful acquisition by a larger competitor.




Mulberry LTC Pharmacy, a provider of long-term care pharmacy services, faced challenges with its outdated IT infrastructure that affected its efficiency and security. To address these issues and improve its market position, Mulberry LTC Pharmacy engaged Matyx to overhaul its IT systems. The goal was to create a more secure, scalable, and cost-effective IT environment.




  1. Enhance IT Security and Monitoring: Implement state-of-the-art security measures and monitoring solutions to protect sensitive data.
  2. Streamline IT Infrastructure: Consolidate network devices and implement efficient technologies to improve operations.
  3. Adopt Cloud-Based Solutions: Move to cloud-based architecture for better scalability and accessibility.
  4. Reduce IT Operational Costs: Lower overall IT expenses through strategic technology upgrades and optimizations.
  5. Prepare for Acquisition: Align IT infrastructure to meet the standards of potential acquirers in the healthcare industry.


 Strategy and Execution


 Enhanced Workstation Monitoring and Endpoint Protection

Matyx implemented advanced monitoring solutions across all workstations at Mulberry LTC Pharmacy, coupled with robust endpoint protection to safeguard against potential cybersecurity threats. This initiative significantly enhanced the security posture of the pharmacy’s IT environment.


 Consolidation of Network Devices

To streamline operations and improve network efficiency, Matyx consolidated multiple network devices. This not only reduced the complexity of the network but also lowered maintenance costs and improved overall system reliability.


 Implementation of Cloud-Based Architecture

Recognizing the benefits of cloud computing for a healthcare provider, Matyx transitioned Mulberry LTC Pharmacy to a cloud-based architecture. This included the adoption of cloud solutions for file sharing and digital faxing, facilitating better collaboration and data management.


 Online MS 365 Solutions

To enhance productivity and ensure seamless communication within the company, Matyx implemented Microsoft 365 solutions. This integration provided a suite of tools that supported day-to-day operations and improved collaboration across departments.


 Cost Reduction in IT Services

Through strategic upgrades and the adoption of cloud services, Matyx helped Mulberry LTC Pharmacy significantly reduce its IT service costs. These savings were achieved by minimizing the need for physical infrastructure and reducing reliance on external IT support.




The IT overhaul led by Matyx transformed Mulberry LTC Pharmacy’s operations:

– Enhanced Security and Efficiency: The new IT infrastructure provided robust security measures and streamlined processes.

– Reduced IT Costs: Strategic implementations and consolidations resulted in considerable cost savings.

– Successful Acquisition: The improvements and modernizations made Mulberry LTC Pharmacy an attractive acquisition target. The company was successfully acquired by a larger competitor, which also works with Matyx, ensuring a smooth transition and continued operational excellence.


Matyx’s comprehensive approach to modernizing Mulberry LTC Pharmacy’s IT infrastructure played a pivotal role in transforming the company into a more efficient, secure, and competitive entity in the long-term care pharmacy market. The project not only resulted in significant operational improvements and cost savings but also positioned Mulberry LTC Pharmacy favorably for a successful acquisition, demonstrating the critical role of IT excellence in achieving business growth and sustainability in the healthcare sector.

Client: Pro Lawn

Year: Concurrent

Timeframe: Ongoing

Main Service: Digital Marketing, Website Development, SEO

Extra Service: Social Media, Lead Generation, Development

Return Over Investment: 25,000%

Client: ProLawn 

Industry: Lawn Care and Landscaping 

Services Provided: Digital Strategy, Website Development, SEO, SMS Automation, Backlink Building 

Challenge: To enhance ProLawn’s online lead generation, customer retention, and expand service offerings. 

Outcome: A robust digital presence leading to a 25,000% ROI, introduction of new service lines, and automated customer renewal processes, dominating search engine rankings.




ProLawn, a respected lawn care and landscaping company, recognized the need to upgrade its digital presence to attract more customers, retain existing ones, and expand its service offerings. They partnered with Matyx to develop a comprehensive digital strategy that would transform their business operations and market reach.




  1. Develop a Lead-Generating Website: Create a user-friendly, visually appealing website to attract and capture leads.
  2. Implement Lead Follow-Up Automations: Use SMS and email automations to enhance lead follow-up efficiency.
  3. Optimize for Search Engines with Geo-Targeting: Improve organic search visibility with targeted SEO strategies focused on local services.
  4. Build Recurring Revenue Streams: Automate subscription renewals to ensure continuous customer engagement and steady income.
  5. Expand Service Offerings: Introduce new services like holiday lighting to diversify business and increase revenue.


 Strategy and Execution


 Dynamic Website and Lead Generation

Matyx developed a sophisticated website for ProLawn that not only showcased their services but also optimized user experience to maximize lead generation. The site featured a clean, navigable design, rich with engaging content and visuals that reflected the quality of ProLawn’s services.


 SMS and Email Automation

To ensure effective communication with potential and existing customers, Matyx implemented automated SMS and email follow-ups. This system triggered timely messages following initial contact or service inquiries, improving response rates and customer satisfaction.


 SEO and Geo-Targeting

Understanding the importance of local search visibility, Matyx employed an aggressive SEO strategy, including geo-targeting and active backlink building. This approach significantly boosted ProLawn’s online presence, ensuring it ranked number one for every relevant search query and dominated local search results, attracting more local traffic and increasing service inquiries.


 Automated Renewals for Recurring Revenue

To secure a steady stream of recurring revenue, Matyx integrated a renewal automation system into ProLawn’s customer management practices. This tool automatically reminded customers of service renewals, reducing churn and stabilizing income, particularly for seasonal services.


 Expansion of Service Lines

With the new digital infrastructure in place, ProLawn was able to confidently introduce additional services such as holiday lighting installations. This expansion was supported by targeted marketing campaigns that leveraged the existing customer base and attracted new clients looking for comprehensive lawn care and holiday decor solutions.




The strategies implemented by Matyx led to transformative outcomes for ProLawn:

– Return on Investment: An impressive 25,000% ROI, fueled by enhanced digital marketing and lead generation strategies.

– Increased Customer Base: Significant growth in both new and returning customers, attributed to effective SEO, geo-targeting, and customer engagement tactics.

– Service Line Expansion: Successful introduction of new services, which contributed to an overall increase in company revenue and market share.

– Automated Renewal System: Strengthened customer retention and recurring revenue through automated service renewals, ensuring long-term client relationships.

– Elimination of Traditional Marketing: With such dominant online presence, ProLawn no longer needs to invest in traditional marketing channels, relying entirely on Matyx’s digital strategies for customer acquisition and engagement.

Through a partnership with Matyx, ProLawn not only revitalized its digital presence but also enhanced its operational efficiency and expanded its market reach. The integration of advanced digital strategies, including a lead-generating website, SEO enhancements, and customer communication automations, propelled ProLawn to industry leadership within their region. This case study exemplifies how leveraging digital innovations can substantially grow a business, diversify its offerings, and sustain its competitive edge in a dynamic market environment.

Client: Wisdom Refrigeration

Year: Concurrent

Timeframe: Ongoing

Main Service: Digital Marketing, Website Development, SEO, PPC, Local Geo Targeting

Extra Service: Automation Development, Design, Branding, Video, Graphics

Return Over Investment: 5,500%

Client: Wisdom Refrigeration 

Industry: HVAC and Refrigeration 

Services Provided: Website Development, SEO, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, CRM Integration, Business Expansion Strategy 

Challenge: To enhance Wisdom Refrigeration’s digital presence and lead generation capabilities, aiming for higher market saturation and superior ROI and ROAS. 

Outcome: Achieved a 5,500% ROI and 8,000% ROAS through effective digital strategies, with ongoing plans to automate customer interactions and expand into new territories.




Wisdom Refrigeration, a key player in the HVAC and refrigeration service industry, recognized the need to bolster its online presence and improve lead generation to stay competitive and grow its customer base. Partnering with Matyx, Wisdom Refrigeration aimed to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that would enhance visibility, streamline customer communications, and pave the way for future expansion.




  1. Develop a Lead-Generating Website: Create a dynamic service-oriented website to attract and convert leads.
  2. Implement Strong SEO and PPC Campaigns: Achieve and maintain top rankings in organic and local search results, complemented by efficient pay-per-click advertising.
  3. Utilize Advanced Analytics for Attribution: Monitor marketing effectiveness and optimize strategies using detailed analytics.
  4. Prepare for Business Expansion: Lay the groundwork for scalable growth into new markets and automated service offerings.


 Strategy and Execution


 Comprehensive Website and SEO Implementation

Matyx designed and launched a new website for Wisdom Refrigeration that focused on user engagement and conversion optimization. The site was tailored to highlight Wisdom Refrigeration’s expertise in the HVAC and refrigeration sector, supported by a robust SEO strategy that targeted high-value keywords to ensure strong organic and local search results.


 Targeted Pay-Per-Click Advertising

To complement the organic reach, Matyx deployed a strategic pay-per-click advertising campaign. This initiative focused on capturing high-intent customers and effectively driving more immediate leads, significantly enhancing Wisdom Refrigeration’s online visibility and lead generation capabilities.


 Integration with Service Titan

Leveraging Service Titan’s powerful CRM capabilities, Matyx ensured all customer interactions, from initial contact through service completion, were seamlessly tracked and managed. This integration facilitated enhanced customer relationship management and enabled detailed performance analytics through customized dashboards.


 Expansion and Automation Strategy

With the foundational digital marketing framework in place, Matyx began developing scalable strategies to support Wisdom Refrigeration’s growth into new territories. This included automating estimate processes and implementing systematic sales follow-ups and customer communication protocols to ensure consistency and high-quality service as the business expands.




The strategies implemented by Matyx delivered impressive outcomes for Wisdom Refrigeration:

– Exceptional Return on Investment: The targeted digital marketing initiatives yielded a 5,500% ROI.

– Outstanding Return on Ad Spend: PPC strategies alone generated a 10,000% ROAS.

– Enhanced Digital Presence: The new website and ongoing SEO efforts have established Wisdom Refrigeration as a leading service provider in the search engine rankings.

– Streamlined Operations: Integration with Service Titan has optimized operational workflows and improved customer satisfaction.


 Future Plans


Building on this success, Wisdom Refrigeration and Matyx are now focused on expanding the business into new geographic areas. They are developing tools to automate estimates and refine customer communication processes, ensuring that Wisdom Refrigeration not only grows but also maintains the high standards of service that have become its hallmark.


The collaboration between Wisdom Refrigeration and Matyx has transformed the company’s approach to digital marketing and customer service, leading to remarkable growth in ROI and market presence. With a solid digital foundation and strategic plans for automation and expansion, Wisdom Refrigeration is well-prepared to continue its trajectory of success and become a dominant force in the HVAC and refrigeration industry. This success story is a testament to the power of strategic digital marketing and the potential for any business to scale effectively with the right guidance and tools.

Client: Kyle Plumbing

Year: Concurrent

Timeframe: Ongoing

Main Service: Digital Marketing, Website Development, SEO, PPC, Local Geo Targeting

Extra Service: Automation Development, Design, Branding, Video, Graphics, Direct Mail, VOIP

Return Over Investment: 3,500%

Client: Kyle Plumbing 

Industry: Plumbing Services 

Services Provided: Digital Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, CRM Integration, VOIP System Implementation 

Challenge: To enhance Kyle Plumbing’s market presence, optimize lead generation, and significantly increase ROI and ROAS through comprehensive digital marketing strategies. 

Outcome: A remarkable 6,500% ROI and 7,000% ROAS, along with a state-of-the-art communication system that supports dynamic customer interaction.




Kyle Plumbing, a well-established plumbing service provider, sought to revolutionize its marketing efforts and improve customer engagement in a highly competitive market. Partnering with Matyx, the goal was to develop and implement a robust digital marketing strategy that would increase visibility, enhance customer service, and drive unprecedented return on investment and ad spend.




  1. Optimize Online Presence: Leverage search engine marketing and optimization to boost visibility.
  2. Enhance Customer Engagement: Develop a comprehensive content and email marketing strategy.
  3. Streamline Lead Generation and Management: Integrate with top industry software for better lead management and service delivery.
  4. Analyze Market and Competitors: Conduct thorough market and competitor analyses to identify and capitalize on opportunities.
  5. Implement Advanced Communication Tools: Upgrade communication infrastructure to improve interaction with customers.


 Strategy and Execution


 Strategic Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

Matyx implemented a targeted search engine optimization (SEO) strategy designed to increase organic search visibility and complement it with strategic search engine marketing (SEM). This approach positioned Kyle Plumbing at the forefront of local search results, significantly increasing web traffic and customer inquiries.


 Content Marketing and Email List Development

A robust content marketing strategy was crafted, focusing on creating high-value content relevant to Kyle Plumbing’s services. Matyx also developed and expanded an email marketing program, building a substantial email list to nurture leads and engage customers with regular updates, promotions, and plumbing tips.


 Software Integration and Lead Generation

Integration with Service Titan, a leading service industry CRM platform, streamlined operations from lead capture to job completion. This allowed for more efficient scheduling, dispatching, and job tracking, enhancing customer satisfaction and employee productivity.


 Market Saturation and Competitor Analysis

Matyx conducted detailed market and competitor analyses, which informed the strategic positioning and messaging for Kyle Plumbing. This included identifying key service areas where Kyle Plumbing could dominate and implementing direct mail and direct contact strategies to capitalize on identified opportunities.


 VOIP and SMS System Implementation

To modernize Kyle Plumbing’s communication capabilities, Matyx implemented a state-of-the-art VOIP phone system equipped with SMS and advanced reporting capabilities. This system allowed for automated customer communication tailored to different schedules and provided flexibility for employee teams to connect with customers from anywhere in the world.




The comprehensive strategies employed by Matyx led to outstanding outcomes for Kyle Plumbing:

– Exceptional ROI and ROAS: Achieving 2,500% ROI and 6,000% ROAS from digital marketing initiatives.

– Enhanced Online Presence: Significant increase in online visibility leading to increased web traffic and higher conversion rates.

– Improved Customer Engagement: Through effective content and email marketing, along with sophisticated communication tools.

– Streamlined Operations: Efficient lead management and job execution via CRM integration.

– Dynamic Market Positioning: Effective competitor analysis and market saturation efforts led to increased market share.


The strategic collaboration between Kyle Plumbing and Matyx transformed the company’s approach to marketing and customer service, driving phenomenal growth and operational efficiency. By leveraging advanced digital marketing tactics, sophisticated CRM integration, and innovative communication technologies, Kyle Plumbing not only enhanced its service delivery but also established itself as a dominant player in the plumbing industry. This case study showcases the transformative power of integrated digital strategies in scaling business performance and achieving remarkable returns on investment.

Client: IAG M&A Advisors

Year: Concurrent

Timeframe: Ongoing

Main Service: Digital Marketing, Website Development, Software Development

Extra Service: Automation Development, Design, Branding, Video, Graphics

Return Over Investment: 15,500%

Client: IAG M&A Advisors 

Industry: Mergers and Acquisitions 

Services Provided: Website Development, Video Production, Graphic Design, Lead Generation, CRM System Implementation, Digital Marketing, Business Valuation Tools 

Challenge: To enhance IAG M&A Advisors’ market presence, streamline their lead generation and management, and provide innovative online tools to support their business operations. 

Outcome: Recognition on the Inc. 5000 list for three consecutive years, multiple industry awards, a 15,000% ROI, significant business growth, and reduced acquisition costs.




IAG M&A Advisors, a prominent firm in the mergers and acquisitions sector in North America, sought to elevate its position and efficiency in a competitive market. The company engaged Matyx to develop a multifaceted digital strategy aimed at enhancing its online presence, improving operational efficiency, and driving significant growth.




  1. Enhance Digital Presence: Develop multiple websites with advanced functionalities to attract and educate potential clients.
  2. Streamline Lead Generation and Management: Implement a robust CRM system that integrates various marketing channels with attribution tracking.
  3. Introduce Advanced Valuation Tools: Provide clients and advisors with innovative tools to accurately evaluate business value.
  4. Expand Market Reach and Recognition: Position IAG M&A Advisors as a leader in the M&A industry through strategic digital marketing.
  5. Drive Substantial ROI and Growth: Achieve a significant return on investment and scale operations.


 Strategy and Execution


 Comprehensive Website and Content Development

Matyx designed and developed multiple websites for IAG M&A Advisors, featuring professional video production and graphic design to effectively convey the firm’s expertise and services. These platforms were optimized for user engagement and conversion, featuring lead generation tools such as a business valuation calculator.


 Robust CRM and Lead Management System

To manage the influx of leads from diverse sources, Matyx implemented a sophisticated CRM system. This system tracked all leads with detailed attribution, allowing IAG M&A Advisors to measure the effectiveness of each marketing channel and optimize their strategies accordingly.


 Digital Marketing and Online Tools

The strategy included a comprehensive digital marketing plan encompassing SMS and email marketing, content marketing, and social media engagement. These efforts were supported by the creation of high-quality content and copywriting to establish thought leadership in the industry.


 Valuation and Offering Memorandum Tools

Matyx developed an online valuation calculation system to assist clients and advisors in determining accurate business values. Additionally, the system supported the creation of detailed offering memorandums, streamlining the process of presenting businesses for sale.




The collaboration between IAG M&A Advisors and Matyx led to impressive achievements:

– Recognition on the Inc. 5000 List: For three consecutive years, reflecting sustained growth and success.

– Award-Winning Performance: The firm received multiple awards from industry publications and peers, acknowledging their leadership and innovation.

– Staggering 35,000% ROI Over Four Years: A testament to the effective strategies and tools implemented.

– Significant Business Growth: IAG M&A Advisors nearly tripled in size, leveraging the scalable solutions provided by Matyx.

– Reduced Costs Per Acquisition: Through efficient marketing strategies and precise tracking, the firm lowered its client acquisition costs.

– Established Industry Leadership: The company became one of the top M&A advisement and business brokerage firms in America and Canada.


Matyx’s comprehensive digital strategies and innovative tools transformed IAG M&A Advisors into a top-tier player in the mergers and acquisitions industry. By enhancing their digital presence, streamlining operations, and implementing targeted marketing initiatives, IAG M&A Advisors not only achieved remarkable growth and ROI but also set new standards for excellence in the sector. This case study exemplifies how integrating technology and strategic marketing can propel a company to the forefront of its industry.

Client: Medical Supply USA

Year: Concurrent

Timeframe: Ongoing

Main Service: Digital Marketing, Website Development, Software Development

Extra Service: Automation Development, Design, Branding, Video, Graphics

Return Over Investment: 5,500%

Client: Medical Supply USA 

Industry: Healthcare Supplies 

Services Provided: Website Development, E-Commerce Integration, SEO, CRM Integration, Digital Marketing 

Challenge: To develop a comprehensive digital presence that integrates complex e-commerce functionalities tailored to diverse customer needs. 

Outcome: A dynamic e-commerce platform that significantly boosted online sales, achieving a 4,500% ROI and a 7,000% return on digital marketing services.




Medical Supply USA, a provider of medical and healthcare products, faced challenges in expanding its online presence and sales capabilities in a competitive market. The company partnered with Matyx to overhaul its digital strategy, encompassing a new e-commerce website, advanced search engine optimization, and seamless integration of back-end systems.




  1. Develop a Robust E-Commerce Platform: Build a user-friendly, fully integrated online store with advanced features like customer-specific pricing and geo-targeting.
  2. Optimize Online Visibility: Enhance the company’s search engine rankings to capture more organic traffic and increase sales.
  3. Streamline Operations with System Integrations: Connect e-commerce functionalities with existing CRM, ERP, and inventory systems for seamless operations.
  4. Maximize ROI Through Digital Marketing: Implement a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to drive sales and maximize returns.


 Strategy and Execution


 Advanced E-Commerce Website

Matyx developed a state-of-the-art e-commerce website for Medical Supply USA that supported detailed customer-specific pricing, allowing for tailored experiences for different customer segments, including retail and wholesale buyers. Geo-targeting features were also implemented to optimize the user experience based on the customer’s location, facilitating faster service and personalized content.


 Search Engine Optimization

To ensure that Medical Supply USA’s products reached a broader audience, Matyx executed a meticulous SEO strategy. This approach focused on high-converting keywords and optimized content creation, which propelled the website to top search engine results, significantly increasing organic traffic and customer engagement.


 System Integration

The new e-commerce platform was fully integrated with Medical Supply USA’s existing CRM, ERP, and inventory management systems. This integration streamlined various business processes, from order placement to fulfillment, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in operations and inventory control.


 Dynamic Digital Marketing

Matyx’s digital marketing strategy encompassed a range of tactics including PPC advertising, content marketing, and email campaigns designed to drive traffic and conversions. This targeted approach led to increased visibility and significant sales growth.




The collaboration between Medical Supply USA and Matyx yielded extraordinary results:

– Dynamic E-Commerce Platform: The newly launched website provided a seamless, efficient shopping experience for both individual and wholesale customers.

– Top Search Engine Rankings: SEO enhancements led to superior online visibility, dramatically increasing organic search traffic.

– Efficient Operations: System integrations reduced operational costs and improved customer service by automating key aspects of the sales and fulfillment process.

– Exceptional ROI: Medical Supply USA achieved a staggering 7,500% ROI overall, with digital marketing efforts generating a 15,000% return on services.


Matyx’s comprehensive digital overhaul for Medical Supply USA transformed the company’s online presence and operational capabilities, driving substantial growth and profitability. Through innovative web development, strategic SEO, and effective digital marketing, Medical Supply USA not only enhanced its service offerings but also established itself as a leader in the healthcare supply industry. This case study exemplifies how leveraging the right digital strategies and technologies can result in significant business advancements and financial success.

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