Wisdom Refrigeration

Portfolio Description

Client: Wisdom Refrigeration 

Industry: HVAC and Refrigeration 

Services Provided: Website Development, SEO, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, CRM Integration, Business Expansion Strategy 

Challenge: To enhance Wisdom Refrigeration’s digital presence and lead generation capabilities, aiming for higher market saturation and superior ROI and ROAS. 

Outcome: Achieved a 5,500% ROI and 8,000% ROAS through effective digital strategies, with ongoing plans to automate customer interactions and expand into new territories.




Wisdom Refrigeration, a key player in the HVAC and refrigeration service industry, recognized the need to bolster its online presence and improve lead generation to stay competitive and grow its customer base. Partnering with Matyx, Wisdom Refrigeration aimed to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that would enhance visibility, streamline customer communications, and pave the way for future expansion.




  1. Develop a Lead-Generating Website: Create a dynamic service-oriented website to attract and convert leads.
  2. Implement Strong SEO and PPC Campaigns: Achieve and maintain top rankings in organic and local search results, complemented by efficient pay-per-click advertising.
  3. Utilize Advanced Analytics for Attribution: Monitor marketing effectiveness and optimize strategies using detailed analytics.
  4. Prepare for Business Expansion: Lay the groundwork for scalable growth into new markets and automated service offerings.


 Strategy and Execution


 Comprehensive Website and SEO Implementation

Matyx designed and launched a new website for Wisdom Refrigeration that focused on user engagement and conversion optimization. The site was tailored to highlight Wisdom Refrigeration’s expertise in the HVAC and refrigeration sector, supported by a robust SEO strategy that targeted high-value keywords to ensure strong organic and local search results.


 Targeted Pay-Per-Click Advertising

To complement the organic reach, Matyx deployed a strategic pay-per-click advertising campaign. This initiative focused on capturing high-intent customers and effectively driving more immediate leads, significantly enhancing Wisdom Refrigeration’s online visibility and lead generation capabilities.


 Integration with Service Titan

Leveraging Service Titan’s powerful CRM capabilities, Matyx ensured all customer interactions, from initial contact through service completion, were seamlessly tracked and managed. This integration facilitated enhanced customer relationship management and enabled detailed performance analytics through customized dashboards.


 Expansion and Automation Strategy

With the foundational digital marketing framework in place, Matyx began developing scalable strategies to support Wisdom Refrigeration’s growth into new territories. This included automating estimate processes and implementing systematic sales follow-ups and customer communication protocols to ensure consistency and high-quality service as the business expands.




The strategies implemented by Matyx delivered impressive outcomes for Wisdom Refrigeration:

– Exceptional Return on Investment: The targeted digital marketing initiatives yielded a 5,500% ROI.

– Outstanding Return on Ad Spend: PPC strategies alone generated a 10,000% ROAS.

– Enhanced Digital Presence: The new website and ongoing SEO efforts have established Wisdom Refrigeration as a leading service provider in the search engine rankings.

– Streamlined Operations: Integration with Service Titan has optimized operational workflows and improved customer satisfaction.


 Future Plans


Building on this success, Wisdom Refrigeration and Matyx are now focused on expanding the business into new geographic areas. They are developing tools to automate estimates and refine customer communication processes, ensuring that Wisdom Refrigeration not only grows but also maintains the high standards of service that have become its hallmark.


The collaboration between Wisdom Refrigeration and Matyx has transformed the company’s approach to digital marketing and customer service, leading to remarkable growth in ROI and market presence. With a solid digital foundation and strategic plans for automation and expansion, Wisdom Refrigeration is well-prepared to continue its trajectory of success and become a dominant force in the HVAC and refrigeration industry. This success story is a testament to the power of strategic digital marketing and the potential for any business to scale effectively with the right guidance and tools.