Wholesale Iron Doors

Portfolio Description

Client: Wholesale Iron Doors 

Industry: Home Improvement / Manufacturing 

Services Provided: Digital Strategy, E-commerce Development, AI-Driven Automation, CRM Integration, SEO, Content Creation, Branding, Social Media Management 

Challenge: Transitioning from traditional sales methods to a dynamic online lead generation and e-commerce hybrid model. 

Outcome: ROAS increased from 450% to over 1300%, an ROI of 800%, and top ranking on search engines for over 100 queries.


Wholesale Iron Doors, a premier manufacturer and distributor of high-quality iron doors, aimed to leverage digital channels to revamp its sales strategy. The company enlisted Matyx, a comprehensive digital strategy and technology firm, to develop an online presence that could not only generate leads but also handle direct e-commerce effectively.




  1. Establish a Comprehensive Online Presence: Develop a dual-function website to support both lead generation and e-commerce.
  2. Integrate a Hybrid Sales Model: Combine direct sales with dynamic online marketing.
  3. Implement Advanced Automation and CRM: Utilize AI-driven tools for marketing automation and customer relationship management.
  4. Bolster Customer Engagement and Retention: Introduce interactive tools to enhance customer service and engagement.
  5. Optimize Sales Training and Infrastructure: Employ technology to enhance sales training and reduce operational costs.
  6. Enhance Brand and Market Presence: Strengthen branding and achieve top SEO rankings.
  7. Maximize Marketing Efficiency and ROI: Create a direct link between marketing spend and revenue generation.


 Strategy and Execution


 Digital and E-Commerce Integration

Matyx redesigned the Wholesale Iron Doors website to incorporate both an e-commerce platform and a lead generation system, ensuring a seamless user experience that enhanced customer conversion rates.


 AI Automation and Customized CRM

The project saw the implementation of an AI-driven SMS follow-up system and an integrated online chat, boosting engagement rates. Matyx also introduced a powerful CRM system tailored to manage leads, automate sales tracking, and facilitate follow-ups.


 Enhanced Branding and Content Strategy

Matyx undertook a comprehensive branding overhaul, including new logo designs, professional photography, and compelling copywriting tailored to enhance sales and conversion rates. Additionally, Matyx’s content creation team developed targeted blog posts and provided strategic backlinks to strengthen SEO and market presence.


 Social Media Engagement

Recognizing the power of social media in modern marketing, Matyx provided expert social media content creation and PPC campaigns, which significantly contributed to a 1200% ROI, enhancing brand visibility and engagement across various platforms.


 Sales Optimization and IT Improvements

Technology played a crucial role, with automated call recording and transcriptions used to refine sales tactics and training. The IT infrastructure was also enhanced to support these advanced technologies and reduce costs.


 SEO and Online Visibility

A robust SEO strategy propelled Wholesale Iron Doors to the top of search engine results for over 100 search queries, significantly increasing organic traffic and establishing the company as a market leader online.




The collaboration led to remarkable achievements:

– ROAS soared from 450% to over 1300%.

– ROI reached an impressive 800%.

– Top search engine rankings for over 100 search queries.

– Social media strategies resulted in a 1200% ROI.

– Significant improvements in customer interaction and retention.

– A seamless, efficient online presence combining lead generation with e-commerce.

– Strong brand identity and enhanced market presence through comprehensive branding and content strategies.


Matyx’s partnership with Wholesale Iron Doors exemplifies how embracing a comprehensive digital strategy and advanced technologies can transform traditional businesses into digital leaders. This case study highlights the effectiveness of integrating sophisticated digital marketing, branding, technology, and social media to dramatically improve both customer engagement and financial performance.