Wall Equipment / 3W Manufacturing

Portfolio Description

Client: Wall Equipment / 3W Manufacturing 

Industry: Agricultural Equipment and Grain Storage Solutions 

Services Provided: Business Automation, ERP/CRM Development, Website Development, SEO, Branding 

Challenge: To streamline operations and enhance online presence for a diversified manufacturer of agricultural and grain storage equipment. 

Outcome: A comprehensive business automation solution, a suite of dynamic websites, and an SEO strategy that generated a 9,000% return on investment.




Wall Equipment / 3W Manufacturing, a leading provider in the agricultural equipment and grain storage industry, faced the challenge of managing multiple aspects of its growing business efficiently. The company needed a robust solution to automate its operations, including customer relationship management, inventory tracking, and sales processes. Additionally, it aimed to solidify its online presence and market authority through effective digital marketing and branding strategies. Matyx was enlisted to create tailored software solutions and develop an integrated web and marketing approach.




  1. Develop a Customized ERP/CRM System: Automate and streamline customer relationships, inventory management, and sales processes.
  2. Create Multiple High-Performance Websites: Enhance online presence for several brands under the corporate umbrella.
  3. Implement Comprehensive SEO and Branding: Position the company as a market leader in agricultural and grain storage solutions.
  4. Drive Significant ROI Through Digital Transformation: Utilize technology and digital marketing to radically improve financial performance.


 Strategy and Execution


 Customized ERP / CRM System Development

Matyx developed a sophisticated ERP/CRM system tailored specifically to Wall Equipment / 3W Manufacturing’s needs. This system integrated functionalities for tracking inventory, managing assets, handling both retail and wholesale sales, and overseeing project management. It also supported quoting, invoicing, sales orders, purchase orders, and maintenance scheduling, all complemented by integrated SMS and email marketing capabilities to enhance customer engagement and retention.


 Website Development and Digital Content

To bolster the company’s online presence, Matyx designed and launched several websites: hiddenvalleymfg.com, wallgrainsolutions.com, wallequip.com, superstarsloader.com, and superstarsmixer.com. Each site was equipped with custom photography, videography, graphic design, and branding developed by Matyx to ensure a coherent and attractive online presence that resonates with target customers in the agricultural sector.


 Search Engine Optimization

Matyx implemented a robust SEO strategy across all new websites to ensure high visibility in search engine results. This approach was designed to establish Wall Equipment / 3W Manufacturing as a thought leader in the market, optimizing content to target keywords relevant to agricultural equipment and grain storage solutions.




The collaboration between Wall Equipment / 3W Manufacturing and Matyx yielded impressive results:

– A Customized ERP/CRM System that significantly enhanced operational efficiencies and customer relationship management.

– Development of Five High-Performance Websites that effectively communicate the brand’s value proposition and engage different segments of the market.

– Top Rankings on Search Engines for multiple targeted keywords, greatly enhancing online visibility and market presence.

– A Staggering 15,000% Return on Investment, underscoring the profound impact of digital transformation on the company’s profitability.


Through strategic collaboration with Matyx, Wall Equipment / 3W Manufacturing not only streamlined its internal operations but also dramatically enhanced its digital footprint in the competitive agricultural equipment and grain storage market. The integrated ERP/CRM system and the suite of websites supported by a strong SEO and branding strategy propelled the company to new heights of market authority and financial success. This case study exemplifies how tailored business automation and coherent digital marketing strategies can transform traditional industries, leading to extraordinary returns on investment and sustained business growth.