Visit Elk City – Chamber of Commerce

Portfolio Description

Client: Elk City Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce 

Industry: Non-Profit / Community Development 

Services Provided: Website Development, Branding, SEO, Digital Marketing, IT Infrastructure 

Challenge: To enhance the online presence of Elk City’s community and businesses, and improve local and tourist engagement through a comprehensive digital platform. 

Outcome: A vibrant community business showcase website with integrated digital ticketing and a geo-targeted business directory, leading to substantial community engagement and an ROI of 9,500%.




The Elk City Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce sought to revitalize its community’s online presence and promote local businesses, events, and attractions more effectively. They partnered with Matyx to create, a dynamic website that would serve as a comprehensive digital hub for both residents and visitors. The project aimed to boost local economic activity and community engagement through advanced digital tools and marketing strategies.




  1. Develop a Comprehensive Community Website: Create a central online hub for promoting Elk City’s businesses, attractions, and events.
  2. Enhance Local Business Visibility: Implement an interactive, geo-targeted business directory for Chamber of Commerce members.
  3. Facilitate Online Engagement: Integrate a digital ticketing system for local museums and attractions.
  4. Promote Local Events and News: Provide a platform for publishing details about local events, including sports, festivals, and community announcements.
  5. Upgrade IT Infrastructure: Equip the new Chamber of Commerce headquarters with modern IT systems to support ongoing operations and digital initiatives.


 Strategy and Execution


 Branding and Website Development

Matyx spearheaded the branding development for, ensuring that the website visually represented Elk City’s community spirit and heritage. The site was designed to be user-friendly and engaging, incorporating local imagery, videography, and comprehensive content that highlights the unique aspects of Elk City.


 SEO and Content Creation

To ensure the site reached a broad audience, Matyx implemented a robust SEO strategy tailored to boost visibility in search engine results. The team crafted high-quality, SEO-optimized content and copywriting that captured the essence of Elk City and provided valuable information to website visitors.


 Digital Ticketing System Integration

Matyx developed a digital ticketing system that was integrated into the website, allowing visitors to easily purchase tickets to museums and local attractions online. This feature streamlined the ticketing process, enhanced visitor convenience, and improved operational efficiency for event organizers.


 Interactive Business Directory

The interactive business directory created by Matyx allowed Chamber of Commerce members to have their businesses listed in an SEO-optimized format, which helped improve their online visibility and accessibility. This directory became a pivotal resource for both locals and tourists seeking information on Elk City’s products and services.


 IT Infrastructure Overhaul

As part of the chamber’s relocation to a new headquarters, Matyx outfitted the new facility with cutting-edge IT infrastructure. This upgrade supported the enhanced digital activities driven by the new website and ensured reliable operations across the chamber’s initiatives.




The collaboration between the Elk City Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce and Matyx yielded outstanding results:

– Successful Launch of The site quickly became the go-to digital hub for the community, featuring extensive content about local businesses, events, and attractions.

– Top Search Engine Rankings: Ongoing SEO efforts ensured the site maintained high visibility, drawing significant traffic and engagement.

– Enhanced Community and Tourist Engagement: The digital ticketing system and business directory significantly boosted interactions, with locals and visitors alike benefiting from the streamlined access to Elk City’s offerings.

– Significant Return on Investment: The comprehensive digital strategy and IT enhancements led to an ROI of 9,500%, greatly exceeding initial expectations.




Through strategic digital enhancements and the development of a centralized online community hub, Matyx helped transform how the Elk City Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce engages with locals and visitors. The success of exemplifies the impact of integrating digital technology with community development efforts, leading to enhanced economic activity and a significant return on investment. This case study highlights the power of effective digital strategies in fostering community growth and connectivity.