Stately Doors & Windows

Portfolio Description

Client: Stately Doors & Windows 

Industry: Building Materials / Home Improvement 

Services Provided: Website Development, Content Creation, Design Services, Brand Strategy, IT Infrastructure 

Challenge: Establishing a compelling online presence for a new brand to attract key industry players and consumers, and implementing a robust IT infrastructure. 

Outcome: A multifaceted digital presence and streamlined IT operations that drive leads, facilitate partnerships, and have achieved over 500% ROI.




Stately Doors & Windows, a newly established company in the building materials sector, sought to quickly assert itself in a competitive market by developing a robust online presence and efficient IT infrastructure. The goal was to not only reach end consumers but also to build a strong network with distributors, builders, designers, and architects. Matyx was selected for its expertise in digital marketing, brand development, and IT solutions to spearhead this initiative.




  1. Develop a Dynamic Online Presence: Create multiple website versions to cater to different segments of the market.
  2. Create Engaging Content and Design: Develop high-quality content and designs that align with the brand’s values and appeal to both industry professionals and consumers.
  3. Enhance Brand Identity: Establish a strong brand identity through comprehensive design work, including logos, brochures, catalogs, and sales collateral.
  4. Implement Efficient IT Infrastructure: Set up an IT infrastructure across multiple locations with a centralized ticketing system to improve response times and reduce costs.
  5. Drive Lead Generation and ROI: Build a website and online strategies that effectively generate leads and drive significant return on investment.


 Strategy and Execution


 Multiple Website Versions

Recognizing the diverse needs of their target audiences, Matyx developed several iterations of the Stately Doors & Windows website. Each version was tailored to different user segments—distributors, builders, designers, and architects—ensuring relevant content and functionality for each group. This strategic segmentation helped in addressing the specific requirements and interests of each demographic.


 Content and Design Creation

Matyx’s content team crafted compelling copywriting tailored to the building materials industry, focusing on the unique value propositions of Stately Doors & Windows’ products. Simultaneously, the design team created visually appealing brochures, catalogs, and sales collateral that effectively communicated the quality and reliability of the products. This material not only supported online engagement but also served as valuable sales tools for face-to-face interactions.


 Branding and Identity Design

A cohesive brand identity was crucial for the new company to establish trust and recognition in the market. Matyx provided comprehensive branding services, including logo design and brand guidelines that ensured consistency across all platforms and materials. This unified brand approach helped Stately Doors & Windows present a polished and professional image from the outset.


 IT Infrastructure and Online Store

To support operations across multiple locations, Matyx implemented a robust IT infrastructure, including a centralized IT ticketing system that improved response times and cut operational costs. Additionally, a company-branded merchandise online store was set up for employees, enhancing corporate identity and employee engagement.


 Lead-Generating Website

The website iterations developed by Matyx were optimized for lead generation, incorporating SEO best practices and user-friendly design. Strategic calls-to-action and clear navigation paths were designed to guide visitors towards making inquiries or engaging more deeply with the brand. This setup provided an easy and effective way for industry professionals to collaborate and conduct business with Stately Doors & Windows.




The strategies implemented by Matyx resulted in substantial achievements for Stately Doors & Windows:

– Over 500% ROI, demonstrating the effectiveness of the digital and branding strategies.

– Multiple successful website versions that cater specifically to key segments of the industry, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

– High-quality content and designs that have strengthened the brand’s market presence and facilitated easy dissemination of product information.

– Streamlined IT operations that have significantly reduced costs and improved service response times.

– Effective lead generation that has not only converted to direct sales but also expanded the company’s network within the industry.


Matyx’s comprehensive approach in building an online presence and IT infrastructure for Stately Doors & Windows has exemplified how a strategically developed digital footprint, strong brand identity, and efficient IT solutions can propel a new company to the forefront of its industry. Through tailored websites, engaging content, consistent branding, and optimized IT operations, Stately Doors & Windows has established itself as a distinguished name in the building materials market, achieving remarkable ROI and setting a strong foundation for future growth.