Shepherd Home Health

Portfolio Description

Client: Shepherd Home Health 

Industry: Healthcare 

Services Provided: Digital Marketing, IT Infrastructure Overhaul, Media Buying, Website Development 

Challenge: To enhance Shepherd Home Health’s market presence, streamline operations, and significantly improve lead generation and recruitment processes. 

Outcome: A multi-faceted marketing and IT strategy that resulted in a company growth of over 185% and a consistent monthly ROI of over 5,600%.




Shepherd Home Health, a provider of comprehensive home health services, faced challenges in expanding its patient base and streamlining its operational processes. In response, they partnered with Matyx to develop a dynamic marketing strategy and overhaul their IT infrastructure. The goal was to enhance service delivery, improve patient and employee acquisition, and optimize operational efficiency.




  1. Enhance Digital and Traditional Marketing: Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy incorporating video production, media buying, and outdoor advertising.
  2. Create a High-Performing Lead Generation Website: Build a website that not only generates patient leads but also integrates a job board syncing with major job platforms.
  3. Optimize IT Infrastructure: Enhance network security, digital communication, and reduce operational costs.
  4. Improve Search Engine Visibility: Ensure the website maintains top rankings on all major search engines to maximize visibility and lead generation.


 Strategy and Execution


 Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

Matyx implemented a multi-channel marketing strategy for Shepherd Home Health, which included high-quality video production to showcase their services, strategic media buying to maximize reach, and innovative outdoor advertising designs. Additionally, professional photography was utilized to enhance all marketing materials, providing a cohesive and attractive brand presentation.


 Lead-Generating Website and Job Board

Matyx developed a robust website designed to serve as the central hub for both patient lead generation and recruitment. The site featured an integrated job board that automatically synced with external job platforms, streamlining the recruitment process and expanding their reach to potential employees.


 IT Infrastructure Overhaul

To support these enhanced digital activities, Matyx overhauled Shepherd Home Health’s IT infrastructure. This included upgrading their network security, implementing a digital fax system, and improving internet speeds. A cost-effective Managed Service Provider (MSP) solution was introduced to reduce ongoing IT service costs.


 VOIP System Implementation

A state-of-the-art VOIP system was installed, featuring automated call routing and scheduling capabilities. This system not only reduced communication costs but also improved operational efficiency by ensuring seamless connectivity between patients, healthcare providers, and administrative staff.




The initiatives implemented by Matyx delivered transformative results for Shepherd Home Health:

– Significant Company Growth: Over 185% growth was achieved through enhanced marketing efforts and improved operational efficiencies.

– Top Search Engine Rankings: The new website consistently ranked at the top of search engine results, significantly increasing online visibility and patient leads.

– Streamlined Recruitment Process: The integrated job board effectively attracted qualified candidates, reducing recruitment times and improving staff quality.

– Enhanced IT Operations: Upgraded IT infrastructure and the new VOIP system led to better security, faster communication, and lower costs.

– Ongoing Monthly ROI: A staggering monthly ROI of over 5,600% was maintained, demonstrating the effectiveness of the strategies implemented.


Through strategic marketing innovations and IT enhancements, Matyx helped Shepherd Home Health transform into a more efficient and competitive healthcare provider. The comprehensive approach not only drove significant business growth but also established a solid foundation for ongoing success. This case study exemplifies how integrated marketing and technology strategies can dramatically improve both the reach and operational efficiency of healthcare services.