Portfolio Description

Client: RxCe.com 

Industry: Education and Training for Healthcare Professionals 

Services Provided: Digital Marketing, SEO, CRM System Development, PPC Marketing, Data Analytics 

Challenge: To enhance RxCe.com’s market presence and optimize its marketing strategies to become the leading provider of pharmacy continuing education in the United States. 

Outcome: Achieved a 6,500% return on investment, significantly increased subscriber base, and established RxCe.com as the industry leader.




RxCe.com, a company specializing in providing continuing education for pharmacists, sought to expand its reach and enhance its online presence to attract more professionals to its platform. They partnered with Matyx to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that includes advanced search engine optimization (SEO), an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system, and an aggressive pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign.




  1. Enhance Online Visibility and Subscriber Growth: Use SEO to improve organic search rankings and drive traffic to the website.
  2. Develop a Sophisticated CRM System: Automate subscriber and lead tracking with advanced features like drip email marketing and subscription reminders.
  3. Implement Data-Driven Marketing Strategies: Establish an attribution-rich digital dashboard for real-time monitoring and decision-making.
  4. Optimize Advertising Spend Across Platforms: Execute a cross-platform PPC strategy to maximize lead generation and e-commerce sales.


 Strategy and Execution


 Search Engine Optimization

Matyx began by overhauling RxCe.com’s SEO strategy to target relevant keywords associated with pharmacy continuing education. The team optimized website content and structure to improve organic search visibility and attract more qualified traffic to the site.


 Automated CRM and Email Marketing System

Recognizing the importance of effective lead management, Matyx developed a comprehensive CRM system for RxCe.com. This system includes automated features for tracking subscriber actions, implementing drip email campaigns, and sending subscription reminders. It also integrates revenue tracking and attribution to measure the effectiveness of various marketing channels.


 Real-Time Digital Dashboard

To give the leadership at RxCe.com a clear view of business performance, Matyx created a digital dashboard that provides real-time insights into key metrics. This tool allows the CEO to monitor activities minute-by-minute, enabling quick decision-making and adjustments to marketing strategies.


 Pay-Per-Click Marketing Strategy

Matyx executed a robust PPC campaign across multiple platforms, including Google AdWords and social media channels. This strategy was designed to complement the organic reach from SEO by targeting potential customers with precision, thus maximizing the return on investment from ad spend.




The strategic initiatives implemented by Matyx led to outstanding results for RxCe.com:

– A 6,500% Return on Investment: The combined impact of SEO enhancements, CRM automation, and targeted PPC campaigns significantly increased revenue.

– Established Market Leadership: RxCe.com became recognized as the leading provider of pharmacy continuing education in the United States.

– Increased Efficiency: The automated CRM and email marketing system streamlined subscriber management and improved conversion rates.

– Enhanced Decision-Making: The real-time digital dashboard enabled proactive management and timely adjustments to marketing tactics, greatly improving overall business agility.


The partnership between RxCe.com and Matyx transformed RxCe.com’s digital marketing strategy and propelled them to the forefront of the pharmacy education industry. Through targeted SEO practices, sophisticated CRM automation, and dynamic PPC campaigns, RxCe.com not only achieved unprecedented ROI but also established itself as a leader in its field. This case study demonstrates the power of integrating comprehensive digital marketing strategies and technology solutions to achieve substantial business growth and industry dominance.