Resolution Promo

Portfolio Description

Client: Resolution Promo (formerly Resolution Apparel and Printing) 

Industry: Promotional Products and Custom Printing 

Services Provided: Digital Marketing, Website Development, CRM Development, IT Infrastructure, Sales Training, SEO, PPC, Strategic Planning 

Challenge: To overhaul and automate business operations to increase efficiency, competitiveness, and profitability, ultimately preparing the business for a successful sale. 

Outcome: Acquisition of a competitor, automation of 85% of business operations, and an extraordinary 25,000% ROI upon business exit.




Resolution Apparel and Printing, a regional player in the promotional products and custom printing industry, sought to expand its market reach and streamline its operations to enhance profitability and prepare for a strategic exit. The company partnered with Matyx to undergo a comprehensive transformation into what would become Resolution Promo. This partnership focused on leveraging digital marketing, sophisticated CRM tools, and automated production processes to revolutionize the business.




  1. Revamp Digital Marketing and Online Presence: Enhance the company’s visibility and market reach through a new website and targeted digital marketing campaigns.
  2. Streamline Production and Outsourcing: Automate production processes and integrate seamless outsourcing solutions to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
  3. Develop Robust Sales and CRM Programs: Implement advanced sales training and customer relationship automation to improve service quality and customer retention.
  4. Strengthen IT Infrastructure: Overhaul IT systems to support scalable, efficient operations.
  5. Prepare for Strategic Business Decisions: Position the company for market expansion and eventual successful exit.


 Strategy and Execution


 Digital Marketing and Website Redesign

Matyx redesigned the Resolution Promo website to enhance user experience and integrate online ordering capabilities, making it easier for customers to do business with the company. The team also launched SEO and PPC campaigns to increase online visibility and drive more targeted traffic to the site.


 Automated Production and Outsourcing

To streamline operations, Matyx implemented automated production systems and established relationships with outsourcing partners. This shift allowed Resolution Promo to handle increased volume without compromising on quality or delivery times.


 CRM and Sales Program Development

A custom CRM system was developed to automate customer interactions and streamline sales processes. Matyx also provided comprehensive sales training, equipping the team with the tools and knowledge necessary to drive sales and improve customer engagement.


 IT Infrastructure and Managed Services

Recognizing the need for robust support systems, Matyx upgraded the IT infrastructure and provided ongoing managed services, ensuring that Resolution Promo could rely on secure, efficient technology solutions.


 Strategic Planning and Business Acquisition

With Matyx’s support, Resolution Promo’s owners were able to strategically plan for growth. This included acquiring a competitor, which expanded their market share and customer base, significantly enhancing the company’s valuation.




The partnership between Resolution Promo and Matyx led to remarkable achievements:

– Launch of a fully revamped and optimized website with enhanced online ordering capabilities.

– Automation of 85% of business operations, leading to significant reductions in manual labor and operational costs.

– Successful acquisition of a competitor, which expanded the company’s reach and capabilities.

– Staggering 45,000% ROI upon exit, as the streamlined and expanded business attracted a lucrative buyout.


The strategic overhaul and automation implemented by Matyx transformed Resolution Promo from a traditional printing business into a leading promotional products company optimized for the digital age. The initiatives not only increased operational efficiency and market presence but also positioned the company perfectly for a profitable sale, resulting in an extraordinary return on investment. This case study illustrates the power of strategic digital transformation and automation in preparing businesses for major growth and successful exits.