Portfolio Description

Client: ProLawn 

Industry: Lawn Care and Landscaping 

Services Provided: Digital Strategy, Website Development, SEO, SMS Automation, Backlink Building 

Challenge: To enhance ProLawn’s online lead generation, customer retention, and expand service offerings. 

Outcome: A robust digital presence leading to a 25,000% ROI, introduction of new service lines, and automated customer renewal processes, dominating search engine rankings.




ProLawn, a respected lawn care and landscaping company, recognized the need to upgrade its digital presence to attract more customers, retain existing ones, and expand its service offerings. They partnered with Matyx to develop a comprehensive digital strategy that would transform their business operations and market reach.




  1. Develop a Lead-Generating Website: Create a user-friendly, visually appealing website to attract and capture leads.
  2. Implement Lead Follow-Up Automations: Use SMS and email automations to enhance lead follow-up efficiency.
  3. Optimize for Search Engines with Geo-Targeting: Improve organic search visibility with targeted SEO strategies focused on local services.
  4. Build Recurring Revenue Streams: Automate subscription renewals to ensure continuous customer engagement and steady income.
  5. Expand Service Offerings: Introduce new services like holiday lighting to diversify business and increase revenue.


 Strategy and Execution


 Dynamic Website and Lead Generation

Matyx developed a sophisticated website for ProLawn that not only showcased their services but also optimized user experience to maximize lead generation. The site featured a clean, navigable design, rich with engaging content and visuals that reflected the quality of ProLawn’s services.


 SMS and Email Automation

To ensure effective communication with potential and existing customers, Matyx implemented automated SMS and email follow-ups. This system triggered timely messages following initial contact or service inquiries, improving response rates and customer satisfaction.


 SEO and Geo-Targeting

Understanding the importance of local search visibility, Matyx employed an aggressive SEO strategy, including geo-targeting and active backlink building. This approach significantly boosted ProLawn’s online presence, ensuring it ranked number one for every relevant search query and dominated local search results, attracting more local traffic and increasing service inquiries.


 Automated Renewals for Recurring Revenue

To secure a steady stream of recurring revenue, Matyx integrated a renewal automation system into ProLawn’s customer management practices. This tool automatically reminded customers of service renewals, reducing churn and stabilizing income, particularly for seasonal services.


 Expansion of Service Lines

With the new digital infrastructure in place, ProLawn was able to confidently introduce additional services such as holiday lighting installations. This expansion was supported by targeted marketing campaigns that leveraged the existing customer base and attracted new clients looking for comprehensive lawn care and holiday decor solutions.




The strategies implemented by Matyx led to transformative outcomes for ProLawn:

– Return on Investment: An impressive 25,000% ROI, fueled by enhanced digital marketing and lead generation strategies.

– Increased Customer Base: Significant growth in both new and returning customers, attributed to effective SEO, geo-targeting, and customer engagement tactics.

– Service Line Expansion: Successful introduction of new services, which contributed to an overall increase in company revenue and market share.

– Automated Renewal System: Strengthened customer retention and recurring revenue through automated service renewals, ensuring long-term client relationships.

– Elimination of Traditional Marketing: With such dominant online presence, ProLawn no longer needs to invest in traditional marketing channels, relying entirely on Matyx’s digital strategies for customer acquisition and engagement.

Through a partnership with Matyx, ProLawn not only revitalized its digital presence but also enhanced its operational efficiency and expanded its market reach. The integration of advanced digital strategies, including a lead-generating website, SEO enhancements, and customer communication automations, propelled ProLawn to industry leadership within their region. This case study exemplifies how leveraging digital innovations can substantially grow a business, diversify its offerings, and sustain its competitive edge in a dynamic market environment.