Priority Medical Equipment

Portfolio Description

Client: Priority Medical Equipment 

Industry: Medical Supplies 

Services Provided: Branding, E-commerce Development, SEO, IT Infrastructure, Digital Marketing 

Challenge: To launch and establish a market presence for a startup medical supply company both locally and online. 

Outcome: Priority Medical Equipment became a regional leader in durable medical supplies, achieving top search engine rankings and a staggering 34,000% ROI.




Priority Medical Equipment, a startup in the competitive medical supply industry, sought to rapidly establish a strong market presence. The company partnered with Matyx to develop a comprehensive strategy that encompassed branding, digital presence, and robust IT infrastructure. The goal was to quickly position Priority Medical Equipment as a regional leader and ensure operational efficiency and compliance.




  1. Develop Strong Branding and Print Collateral: Create a compelling brand identity and corresponding print materials to establish market presence.
  2. Launch an E-commerce Enabled Website: Build an online platform with advanced e-commerce functionalities to reach a wider audience.
  3. Optimize for Search Engines and Manage Online Reviews: Implement SEO best practices and manage online reviews to enhance visibility and reputation.
  4. Implement Efficient Inventory Management: Develop a system that ensures product availability and accurate tracking.
  5. Design a Comprehensive IT Infrastructure: Create a network that supports business operations, including a VOIP system and HIPAA-compliant file sharing.


 Strategy and Execution


 Branding and Print Collateral Design

Matyx designed a unique brand identity for Priority Medical Equipment, which was applied across all marketing materials, including business cards, brochures, and outdoor advertisements. This cohesive branding helped to establish a strong visual presence in the market.


 E-commerce Website Development

Matyx developed an e-commerce enabled website that featured non-public pricing, allowing for competitive flexibility and privacy in pricing strategies. The website was designed to be user-friendly, catering to both individual and institutional buyers of medical supplies.


 SEO and Local Online Presence Management

To capture local and regional markets, Matyx implemented a targeted SEO strategy that included managing Google Local listings and actively managing online reviews. This strategy rapidly enhanced Priority Medical Equipment’s visibility and reputation online, driving both traffic and sales.


 Inventory Management System

An efficient inventory management system was set up to ensure that all products were adequately stocked and tracked. This system was integrated with the e-commerce platform to provide real-time inventory updates, which helped in maintaining order accuracy and customer satisfaction.


 IT and Network Infrastructure

Matyx designed and implemented a comprehensive IT infrastructure for Priority Medical Equipment. This included a reliable VOIP system for effective communication and a HIPAA-compliant file share system to ensure that all patient and business data were securely managed.




The collaboration between Priority Medical Equipment and Matyx yielded impressive results:

– Top Search Engine Rankings: The SEO and digital marketing efforts placed the company at the top of search engine results for durable medical supplies in the region.

– Quadrupled Business Size: Since the implementation of these strategies, Priority Medical Equipment has quadrupled in size, becoming a dominant force in the regional market.

– 8,000% ROI: The comprehensive strategies led to exponential growth in sales, resulting in a staggering 34,000% return on investment.

– Robust IT Infrastructure: The new IT systems supported all aspects of the business, from everyday communications to secure medical data handling, contributing to overall business efficiency and compliance.

Through strategic marketing, sophisticated e-commerce solutions, and robust IT infrastructure development, Matyx helped transform Priority Medical Equipment from a startup into a regional market leader. This case study highlights the power of integrated digital strategies and technological implementations in scaling a new business rapidly while ensuring operational excellence and compliance in the healthcare industry.