PPT Holdings

Portfolio Description

Client: PPT Iron (formerly Pressure Point Testing) 

Industry: Oil and Gas 

Services Provided: Custom ERP Development, RFID Tracking, Digital Marketing, Rebranding 

Challenge: To modernize PPT Iron’s operations by replacing outdated paper-based systems with advanced software solutions, and to enhance market competitiveness through rebranding and digital marketing. 

Outcome: Successful implementation of a custom ERP and NDT software system, introduction of RFID tracking, a complete rebranding, and robust digital marketing, culminating in the company’s acquisition by a larger competitor and an internal ROI of over 37,000%.




PPT Iron, a key player in the oil and gas industry, primarily relied on antiquated NCR forms and manual data entry into Microsoft Excel for managing Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) data. This labor-intensive process made data retrieval cumbersome and hindered the company’s efficiency and scalability. PPT partnered with Matyx to overhaul their operational processes and reposition the brand in the market.




  1. Develop a Custom ERP and NDT Software System: Replace paper forms with a streamlined digital system to enhance operational efficiency.
  2. Implement RFID Tracking: Introduce advanced tracking solutions to gain a competitive edge.
  3. Rebrand the Company: Update the company’s image and market positioning to reflect its modernized operations and expanded capabilities.
  4. Enhance Digital Presence: Develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to attract new customers and support business growth.


 Strategy and Execution


 Custom ERP and NDT Software Development

Matyx designed and implemented a custom ERP system integrated with NDT software, eliminating the need for paper forms and manual data entry. This system allowed for real-time data capture, processing, and storage, dramatically improving data accessibility and reporting capabilities.


 RFID Tracking Implementation

To further enhance operational efficiency and data accuracy, Matyx introduced RFID tracking technology into PPT Iron’s workflow. This innovation enabled precise tracking of equipment and testing components, providing a significant advantage in the highly regulated oil and gas industry.


 Rebranding as PPT Iron

Recognizing the need for a brand that reflected the company’s high-tech transformation, Matyx spearheaded a complete rebranding from Pressure Point Testing to PPT Iron. This rebranding included a new logo, corporate identity, and marketing materials that communicated the company’s modern and innovative approach.


 Digital Marketing Strategy

To support PPT Iron’s growth ambitions, Matyx developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. This included launching a new website with enhanced SEO capabilities, a dedicated job board to attract top industry talent, and targeted pay-per-click advertising campaigns. These efforts were designed to increase the company’s online visibility and attract new business.




The strategic initiatives implemented by Matyx yielded transformative results for PPT Iron:

– Streamlined Operations: The transition to a digital ERP and NDT system streamlined workflows, reduced errors, and significantly cut down on administrative overhead.

– Enhanced Competitive Edge: RFID technology positioned PPT Iron as a leader in technology adoption in the oil and gas industry.

– Successful Rebranding: The new brand identity resonated well with existing and new clients, aligning the company’s image with its technological advancements.

– Robust Customer Acquisition: The enhanced digital presence and strategic marketing efforts successfully broadened the customer base.

– Impressive Financial Outcome: The cumulative impact of these changes resulted in an internal ROI of over 17,000%, with the company’s acquisition by a larger competitor further validating the success of the transformation.

Matyx’s comprehensive approach to upgrading PPT Iron’s operational, tracking, and marketing systems transformed the company from a traditional testing service to a leader in technology within the oil and gas industry. The strategic integration of custom software solutions, advanced RFID technology, and effective digital marketing culminated in substantial business growth and profitability, leading to a successful acquisition and an outstanding return on investment for the owners. This case study exemplifies the profound impact of targeted technological and marketing innovations in revitalizing and scaling a business.