Pharmcare USA

Portfolio Description

Client: Pharmcare USA 

Industry: Healthcare / Pharmaceutical 

Services Provided: Digital Marketing, Business Automation, IT Infrastructure Development 

Challenge: To expand Pharmcare USA’s market reach, streamline operations, and enhance IT security across multiple locations. 

Outcome: Acquisition of ten new pharmacies, increasing the total to 34 across the U.S., expanded patient reach from 750,000 to over 1,000,000, and a robust HIPAA-compliant IT infrastructure.




Pharmcare USA, a prominent provider of pharmacy services across the United States, aimed to significantly expand its reach and streamline its operations. With a network serving 750,000 patients and residents, the company faced the challenge of scaling its services while maintaining compliance and operational efficiency. Matyx, known for its expertise in digital marketing and IT solutions, was tasked to develop a comprehensive strategy that included enhancing the company’s digital presence, automating business processes, and upgrading the IT infrastructure.




  1. Expand the Company’s Reach: Acquire additional pharmacies to grow the network from 24 to 34 locations nationwide and increase patient reach to over 1,000,000.
  2. Enhance Digital Marketing Efforts: Implement a marketing strategy focused on SEO and online content to promote specialized pharmacy services.
  3. Automate Business Processes: Streamline operations to improve efficiency and service delivery.
  4. Develop a Secure, Compliant IT Infrastructure: Implement a HIPAA-compliant IT system that ensures data security and supports the company’s expanded operations.


 Strategy and Execution


 Digital Marketing Strategy

Matyx crafted a targeted digital marketing strategy that focused on branding, video production, social media, and web presence to highlight Pharmcare USA’s expertise in closed-door pharmacy services, fulfillment services, nurse consulting, and long-term care solutions. The use of SEO optimized content helped to improve visibility and reach potential clients in the healthcare sector effectively.


 Business Automation

To accommodate growing operations and ensure efficient service delivery, Matyx implemented automation in key business processes. This included streamlining fulfillment operations and integrating software systems that supported both clinical and administrative functions, enhancing overall workflow and productivity.


 IT Infrastructure Overhaul

A crucial component of the strategy was overhauling Pharmcare USA’s IT infrastructure to ensure it was HIPAA compliant, secure, and capable of supporting an increased number of locations and services. Matyx developed a robust network security protocol, implemented comprehensive data protection measures, and established a centralized support system for the company’s 1,800 employees. This system was designed to maintain critical uptime 24/7, essential for healthcare operations.




The collaboration between Pharmcare USA and Matyx led to significant achievements:

– Expansion to 34 pharmacies nationwide, through the acquisition of ten new locations.

– Increased patient and resident reach from 750,000 to over 1,000,000.

– Enhanced digital presence with a comprehensive marketing strategy that improved online visibility and patient engagement.

– Streamlined operations through automation, reducing costs and improving service delivery efficiency.

– Robust and secure IT infrastructure that protected sensitive data and ensured compliance with HIPAA regulations, while also providing reliable support for all employees.

– 14,000% ROI




Matyx’s strategic interventions in marketing, automation, and IT infrastructure development enabled Pharmcare USA to not only achieve but surpass its growth objectives. The company’s expansion has not only broadened its service capacity but also strengthened its position as a leader in the pharmacy services industry. This case study exemplifies how integrating comprehensive digital strategies with robust IT solutions can drive significant growth and operational excellence in the healthcare sector.