North Texas Surgical Specialists

Portfolio Description

Client: North Texas Surgical Specialists 

Industry: Healthcare – Surgical Services 

Services Provided: Website Redesign, Video Production, Graphic Design, Content Creation, SEO, PPC Strategy 

Challenge: To transform an underperforming website into a dynamic, multi-faceted online presence that reflects the high caliber of surgical services provided, particularly in robotic surgery. 

Outcome: A top-ranking website across 19 locations, a significant increase in organic leads by 5,600%, and a robust PPC campaign generating an 8,500% ROI.




North Texas Surgical Specialists, renowned for their expertise in robotic surgery, faced challenges with an underperforming website that failed to effectively represent their services or achieve significant search engine visibility. To address these issues, they partnered with Matyx to overhaul their digital presence, enhancing both the aesthetic and functional aspects of their website and implementing targeted digital marketing strategies.




  1. Redevelop the Website: Create a vibrant, informative website that serves as a central hub for patient information and lead generation.
  2. Enhance Visual and Written Content: Produce high-quality videos, images, and copy that accurately convey the expertise and cutting-edge technology used by the surgeons.
  3. Improve Search Engine Rankings: Optimize the website for SEO to ensure top rankings for all 19 locations and associated doctors.
  4. Increase Organic Lead Generation: Develop a content marketing strategy that drives organic traffic and increases patient inquiries.
  5. Implement a Profitable PPC Strategy: Launch a targeted PPC campaign focused on bariatric weight loss surgery to maximize ROI.


 Strategy and Execution


 Website Redesign

Matyx undertook a comprehensive redesign of North Texas Surgical Specialists’ website, creating a modern, user-friendly interface that improved navigation and patient engagement. The new design incorporated interactive elements and a streamlined architecture to enhance user experience and accessibility.


 Content Production and SEO

To better represent the specialists’ capabilities, Matyx produced professional-grade videos and photography showcasing the surgeons at work, particularly highlighting their proficiency in robotic surgery. The team also crafted compelling graphic designs and wrote optimized content that clearly communicated the benefits and outcomes of choosing North Texas Surgical Specialists. This content was strategically developed to improve SEO and boost rankings across all locations.


 Organic and Paid Lead Generation

Matyx developed a content marketing strategy that significantly boosted organic lead generation, achieving a 5,600% increase. This strategy was complemented by a carefully managed PPC campaign for bariatric surgery, designed to target specific demographics and maximize conversions, which led to an 8,500% ROI.




The partnership between North Texas Surgical Specialists and Matyx yielded outstanding results:

– Enhanced Website Performance: The new website now ranks at the top of search engine results for all 19 locations and their doctors, dramatically increasing visibility.

– Significant Lead Increase: The content marketing efforts led to a 5,600% increase in organic leads, effectively growing the patient base.

– Highly Profitable PPC Campaign: The PPC strategy for bariatric surgery not only reached its target audience but also provided an exceptional 4,500% ROI.

– Continued Growth and Success: With ongoing support from Matyx, North Texas Surgical Specialists continues to thrive, attracting more patients and maintaining its status as a leader in robotic surgery procedures.




Matyx’s strategic overhaul of North Texas Surgical Specialists’ digital presence has not only revitalized their website but also significantly enhanced their market position. Through expert web development, sophisticated content creation, and targeted digital marketing strategies, Matyx helped the practice achieve unprecedented growth in lead generation and ROI, securing their place as a top provider of surgical services in the region. This case study exemplifies how a comprehensive digital strategy can transform a healthcare provider’s outreach and patient engagement, leading to substantial business growth and continued success.