Mulberry LTC Pharmacy

Portfolio Description

Client: Mulberry LTC Pharmacy 

Industry: Healthcare – Long Term Care Pharmacy 

Services Provided: IT Infrastructure Overhaul, Cloud Solutions, Security Enhancement, Cost Reduction 

Challenge: To modernize and streamline the IT operations of Mulberry LTC Pharmacy, enhancing security and efficiency to prepare for potential acquisition. 

Outcome: A sophisticated, streamlined IT infrastructure that led to significant cost savings and culminated in the successful acquisition by a larger competitor.




Mulberry LTC Pharmacy, a provider of long-term care pharmacy services, faced challenges with its outdated IT infrastructure that affected its efficiency and security. To address these issues and improve its market position, Mulberry LTC Pharmacy engaged Matyx to overhaul its IT systems. The goal was to create a more secure, scalable, and cost-effective IT environment.




  1. Enhance IT Security and Monitoring: Implement state-of-the-art security measures and monitoring solutions to protect sensitive data.
  2. Streamline IT Infrastructure: Consolidate network devices and implement efficient technologies to improve operations.
  3. Adopt Cloud-Based Solutions: Move to cloud-based architecture for better scalability and accessibility.
  4. Reduce IT Operational Costs: Lower overall IT expenses through strategic technology upgrades and optimizations.
  5. Prepare for Acquisition: Align IT infrastructure to meet the standards of potential acquirers in the healthcare industry.


 Strategy and Execution


 Enhanced Workstation Monitoring and Endpoint Protection

Matyx implemented advanced monitoring solutions across all workstations at Mulberry LTC Pharmacy, coupled with robust endpoint protection to safeguard against potential cybersecurity threats. This initiative significantly enhanced the security posture of the pharmacy’s IT environment.


 Consolidation of Network Devices

To streamline operations and improve network efficiency, Matyx consolidated multiple network devices. This not only reduced the complexity of the network but also lowered maintenance costs and improved overall system reliability.


 Implementation of Cloud-Based Architecture

Recognizing the benefits of cloud computing for a healthcare provider, Matyx transitioned Mulberry LTC Pharmacy to a cloud-based architecture. This included the adoption of cloud solutions for file sharing and digital faxing, facilitating better collaboration and data management.


 Online MS 365 Solutions

To enhance productivity and ensure seamless communication within the company, Matyx implemented Microsoft 365 solutions. This integration provided a suite of tools that supported day-to-day operations and improved collaboration across departments.


 Cost Reduction in IT Services

Through strategic upgrades and the adoption of cloud services, Matyx helped Mulberry LTC Pharmacy significantly reduce its IT service costs. These savings were achieved by minimizing the need for physical infrastructure and reducing reliance on external IT support.




The IT overhaul led by Matyx transformed Mulberry LTC Pharmacy’s operations:

– Enhanced Security and Efficiency: The new IT infrastructure provided robust security measures and streamlined processes.

– Reduced IT Costs: Strategic implementations and consolidations resulted in considerable cost savings.

– Successful Acquisition: The improvements and modernizations made Mulberry LTC Pharmacy an attractive acquisition target. The company was successfully acquired by a larger competitor, which also works with Matyx, ensuring a smooth transition and continued operational excellence.


Matyx’s comprehensive approach to modernizing Mulberry LTC Pharmacy’s IT infrastructure played a pivotal role in transforming the company into a more efficient, secure, and competitive entity in the long-term care pharmacy market. The project not only resulted in significant operational improvements and cost savings but also positioned Mulberry LTC Pharmacy favorably for a successful acquisition, demonstrating the critical role of IT excellence in achieving business growth and sustainability in the healthcare sector.