Medical Supply USA

Portfolio Description

Client: Medical Supply USA 

Industry: Healthcare Supplies 

Services Provided: Website Development, E-Commerce Integration, SEO, CRM Integration, Digital Marketing 

Challenge: To develop a comprehensive digital presence that integrates complex e-commerce functionalities tailored to diverse customer needs. 

Outcome: A dynamic e-commerce platform that significantly boosted online sales, achieving a 4,500% ROI and a 7,000% return on digital marketing services.




Medical Supply USA, a provider of medical and healthcare products, faced challenges in expanding its online presence and sales capabilities in a competitive market. The company partnered with Matyx to overhaul its digital strategy, encompassing a new e-commerce website, advanced search engine optimization, and seamless integration of back-end systems.




  1. Develop a Robust E-Commerce Platform: Build a user-friendly, fully integrated online store with advanced features like customer-specific pricing and geo-targeting.
  2. Optimize Online Visibility: Enhance the company’s search engine rankings to capture more organic traffic and increase sales.
  3. Streamline Operations with System Integrations: Connect e-commerce functionalities with existing CRM, ERP, and inventory systems for seamless operations.
  4. Maximize ROI Through Digital Marketing: Implement a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to drive sales and maximize returns.


 Strategy and Execution


 Advanced E-Commerce Website

Matyx developed a state-of-the-art e-commerce website for Medical Supply USA that supported detailed customer-specific pricing, allowing for tailored experiences for different customer segments, including retail and wholesale buyers. Geo-targeting features were also implemented to optimize the user experience based on the customer’s location, facilitating faster service and personalized content.


 Search Engine Optimization

To ensure that Medical Supply USA’s products reached a broader audience, Matyx executed a meticulous SEO strategy. This approach focused on high-converting keywords and optimized content creation, which propelled the website to top search engine results, significantly increasing organic traffic and customer engagement.


 System Integration

The new e-commerce platform was fully integrated with Medical Supply USA’s existing CRM, ERP, and inventory management systems. This integration streamlined various business processes, from order placement to fulfillment, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in operations and inventory control.


 Dynamic Digital Marketing

Matyx’s digital marketing strategy encompassed a range of tactics including PPC advertising, content marketing, and email campaigns designed to drive traffic and conversions. This targeted approach led to increased visibility and significant sales growth.




The collaboration between Medical Supply USA and Matyx yielded extraordinary results:

– Dynamic E-Commerce Platform: The newly launched website provided a seamless, efficient shopping experience for both individual and wholesale customers.

– Top Search Engine Rankings: SEO enhancements led to superior online visibility, dramatically increasing organic search traffic.

– Efficient Operations: System integrations reduced operational costs and improved customer service by automating key aspects of the sales and fulfillment process.

– Exceptional ROI: Medical Supply USA achieved a staggering 7,500% ROI overall, with digital marketing efforts generating a 15,000% return on services.


Matyx’s comprehensive digital overhaul for Medical Supply USA transformed the company’s online presence and operational capabilities, driving substantial growth and profitability. Through innovative web development, strategic SEO, and effective digital marketing, Medical Supply USA not only enhanced its service offerings but also established itself as a leader in the healthcare supply industry. This case study exemplifies how leveraging the right digital strategies and technologies can result in significant business advancements and financial success.