Portfolio Description

Client: IQ Telcom 

Industry: Telecommunications 

Services Provided: Website Development, SEO, Content Copywriting, Customized Lead Generation Tool 

Challenge: To enhance IQ Telcom’s online lead generation capabilities through an optimized website and a unique tool that demonstrates potential savings to customers. 

Outcome: A sophisticated lead generation website and a telecom savings calculator that contributed to a streamlined ROI of over 3,500%.




IQ Telcom, a provider of telecommunications services, aimed to capture more leads by enhancing its digital presence and demonstrating the tangible benefits of its services to potential customers. The company engaged Matyx to develop a powerful online strategy that included a new website, optimized content, and a customized telecom savings calculator.




  1. Develop a Lead-Generating Website: Build a user-friendly, SEO-optimized website to attract and engage potential customers.
  2. Create Compelling Content: Implement effective copywriting to clearly communicate the value of IQ Telcom’s offerings.
  3. Introduce a Customized Savings Calculator: Develop a tool that allows potential customers to easily calculate their potential savings by switching to IQ Telcom’s services.
  4. Drive Significant ROI Through Digital Engagement: Leverage digital tools to increase conversions and demonstrate a high return on investment.


 Strategy and Execution


 Enhanced Website and SEO

Matyx designed and developed a new website for IQ Telcom that was structured to facilitate ease of navigation and optimized for search engines. The focus was on building a site that would rank highly for key telecommunications-related keywords to draw in a targeted audience looking for telecom solutions.


 Content Copywriting

Understanding that compelling content is crucial for both SEO and customer conversion, Matyx crafted high-quality, informative copy that detailed IQ Telcom’s services, benefits, and the value they offer to businesses. This content was designed to educate visitors and guide them toward making informed decisions about their telecom needs.


 Customized Telecom Savings Calculator

To differentiate IQ Telcom from its competitors and add a unique interactive element to the website, Matyx developed a customized telecom savings calculator. This tool allowed potential customers to input specific data regarding their current telecom expenses and see a clear calculation of how much they could save by switching to IQ Telcom. This not only served as an effective lead generation feature but also provided immediate value to users, enhancing their engagement and propensity to convert.




The collaboration between Matyx and IQ Telcom yielded impressive results:

– Streamlined ROI of Over 3,500%: The combined impact of the new website, optimized content, and the telecom savings calculator significantly increased the company’s marketing efficiency and return on investment.

– Enhanced Online Presence: The SEO efforts led to top search engine rankings, driving increased organic traffic to the site.

– Increased Lead Generation: The telecom savings calculator proved to be a highly effective tool for capturing customer interest and increasing lead capture rates.

– Improved Customer Engagement: The content and tools provided on the new website helped potential customers understand the benefits of IQ Telcom’s services, leading to higher conversion rates.


Through strategic digital enhancements and the development of a unique lead generation tool, Matyx helped IQ Telcom transform its online presence and significantly boost its lead generation capabilities. The new website and telecom savings calculator not only provided a substantial return on investment but also positioned IQ Telcom as a forward-thinking leader in the telecommunications industry. This case study demonstrates how innovative digital marketing solutions can effectively drive business growth and customer engagement in a competitive market.