IAG M&A Advisors

Portfolio Description

Client: IAG M&A Advisors 

Industry: Mergers and Acquisitions 

Services Provided: Website Development, Video Production, Graphic Design, Lead Generation, CRM System Implementation, Digital Marketing, Business Valuation Tools 

Challenge: To enhance IAG M&A Advisors’ market presence, streamline their lead generation and management, and provide innovative online tools to support their business operations. 

Outcome: Recognition on the Inc. 5000 list for three consecutive years, multiple industry awards, a 15,000% ROI, significant business growth, and reduced acquisition costs.




IAG M&A Advisors, a prominent firm in the mergers and acquisitions sector in North America, sought to elevate its position and efficiency in a competitive market. The company engaged Matyx to develop a multifaceted digital strategy aimed at enhancing its online presence, improving operational efficiency, and driving significant growth.




  1. Enhance Digital Presence: Develop multiple websites with advanced functionalities to attract and educate potential clients.
  2. Streamline Lead Generation and Management: Implement a robust CRM system that integrates various marketing channels with attribution tracking.
  3. Introduce Advanced Valuation Tools: Provide clients and advisors with innovative tools to accurately evaluate business value.
  4. Expand Market Reach and Recognition: Position IAG M&A Advisors as a leader in the M&A industry through strategic digital marketing.
  5. Drive Substantial ROI and Growth: Achieve a significant return on investment and scale operations.


 Strategy and Execution


 Comprehensive Website and Content Development

Matyx designed and developed multiple websites for IAG M&A Advisors, featuring professional video production and graphic design to effectively convey the firm’s expertise and services. These platforms were optimized for user engagement and conversion, featuring lead generation tools such as a business valuation calculator.


 Robust CRM and Lead Management System

To manage the influx of leads from diverse sources, Matyx implemented a sophisticated CRM system. This system tracked all leads with detailed attribution, allowing IAG M&A Advisors to measure the effectiveness of each marketing channel and optimize their strategies accordingly.


 Digital Marketing and Online Tools

The strategy included a comprehensive digital marketing plan encompassing SMS and email marketing, content marketing, and social media engagement. These efforts were supported by the creation of high-quality content and copywriting to establish thought leadership in the industry.


 Valuation and Offering Memorandum Tools

Matyx developed an online valuation calculation system to assist clients and advisors in determining accurate business values. Additionally, the system supported the creation of detailed offering memorandums, streamlining the process of presenting businesses for sale.




The collaboration between IAG M&A Advisors and Matyx led to impressive achievements:

– Recognition on the Inc. 5000 List: For three consecutive years, reflecting sustained growth and success.

– Award-Winning Performance: The firm received multiple awards from industry publications and peers, acknowledging their leadership and innovation.

– Staggering 35,000% ROI Over Four Years: A testament to the effective strategies and tools implemented.

– Significant Business Growth: IAG M&A Advisors nearly tripled in size, leveraging the scalable solutions provided by Matyx.

– Reduced Costs Per Acquisition: Through efficient marketing strategies and precise tracking, the firm lowered its client acquisition costs.

– Established Industry Leadership: The company became one of the top M&A advisement and business brokerage firms in America and Canada.


Matyx’s comprehensive digital strategies and innovative tools transformed IAG M&A Advisors into a top-tier player in the mergers and acquisitions industry. By enhancing their digital presence, streamlining operations, and implementing targeted marketing initiatives, IAG M&A Advisors not only achieved remarkable growth and ROI but also set new standards for excellence in the sector. This case study exemplifies how integrating technology and strategic marketing can propel a company to the forefront of its industry.