Hemphill County Hospital District

Portfolio Description

Client: Hemphill County Hospital 

Industry: Healthcare 

Services Provided: Website Development, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Digital Content Production, System Automation 

Challenge: To develop a comprehensive online presence that reflects the full spectrum of services offered by Hemphill County Hospital and positions the healthcare district at the forefront of local search results and social media engagement. 

Outcome: A surge in web traffic by over 6,000%, social media engagement increased by 250%, and the implementation of a streamlined digital admissions system.




Hemphill County Hospital, a cornerstone of healthcare in its community, sought to dramatically enhance its online visibility and patient engagement. The hospital partnered with Matyx to overhaul its digital presence, ensuring a modern, comprehensive showcase of its services while adhering to healthcare compliance standards.




  1. Develop a Dynamic and Informative Website: Create a robust website that effectively represents each provider, clinic, and service within the hospital district.
  2. Optimize for Search Engines: Achieve top rankings in both general and local search results to increase visibility.
  3. Boost Social Media Presence: Enhance engagement across various social media platforms.
  4. Implement Digital Systems for Efficiency: Develop a paperless digital signature admissions system for all clinics.


 Strategy and Execution


 Comprehensive Website with Individual Profiles

Matyx developed a new website for Hemphill County Hospital that included dedicated sections for each of the 15 providers, detailing their specialties, backgrounds, and the clinics and long-term care services they offer. This ensured that patients could easily find and access detailed information about available healthcare services.


 Search Engine Optimization

The SEO strategy crafted by Matyx focused on optimizing the hospital’s website with relevant keywords, high-quality content, and local SEO techniques to dominate search engine results. This approach aimed to increase the visibility of the hospital’s services to those searching for healthcare options in the area.


 Social Media Marketing

To enhance online engagement, Matyx implemented a social media strategy that involved regular posting of high-quality video and photographic content, which was produced in-house. These efforts were tailored to resonate with the hospital’s target audience, increasing interaction and strengthening community ties.


 Digital Signature Admissions System

Recognizing the need for more efficient patient processing, Matyx developed a paperless digital signature admissions system. This technology streamlined the admissions process, significantly reducing paperwork and wait times, thereby improving the patient experience and administrative efficiency.




The collaboration between Hemphill County Hospital and Matyx resulted in significant achievements:

– Web Traffic Increase: An unprecedented increase in traffic of over 12,000%, driven by enhanced SEO and an informative, well-structured website.

– Social Media Engagement: A rise in social media engagement by 2,500%, facilitated by strategic content marketing and regular interaction with the community.

– Streamlined Admissions: The new digital signature admissions system enhanced operational efficiency, contributing to a smoother, faster patient intake process.

– Compliance and Collaboration: All digital initiatives were undertaken with direct input from the hospital’s board of directors to ensure full compliance with healthcare regulations.


Matyx’s strategic approach to enhancing the digital presence of Hemphill County Hospital transformed its online visibility and operational efficiencies. By developing a comprehensive website, implementing effective SEO and social media strategies, and streamlining patient admissions processes, Matyx helped the hospital not only meet but exceed its digital marketing and engagement goals. This case study exemplifies how targeted digital enhancements can significantly improve reach and efficiency for healthcare providers.