DC Healthcare Group

Portfolio Description

Client: DC Healthcare 

Industry: Healthcare 

Services Provided: Digital Marketing, Website Development, SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, HIPAA-Compliant Systems 

Challenge: To enhance the digital presence of DC Healthcare’s long-term care facilities, improve patient and job candidate acquisition, and implement a HIPAA-compliant digital admissions system amid COVID-19 restrictions. 

Outcome: A comprehensive digital marketing strategy that significantly boosted search engine rankings, enhanced patient admissions, and attracted more job candidates, resulting in substantial ROI.




DC Healthcare, a provider of long-term care services, faced challenges in maintaining operational continuity and visibility during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company needed an effective digital strategy to enhance online presence, streamline patient admissions, and improve recruitment processes. DC Healthcare partnered with Matyx to develop a targeted digital marketing strategy and robust online tools to meet these needs.




  1. Develop a Lead-Generating Website and Online Job Board: Create a central hub for patient and employment candidate information and inquiries.
  2. Optimize SEO Across All Facilities: Ensure top search engine rankings to increase visibility and attract more residents and staff.
  3. Implement a Content and Email Marketing Strategy: Engage with potential patients, residents, and job candidates effectively.
  4. Create a HIPAA-Compliant Digital Admissions System: Streamline admissions processes to maintain operations during lockdowns and ensure compliance with healthcare regulations.


 Strategy and Execution


 Lead-Generating Website and Online Job Board

Matyx developed a comprehensive website for DC Healthcare that included a lead-generating portal for potential patients and residents, alongside an integrated job board and employment portal that synced with SEO strategies. This dual-functionality site served as a powerful tool for attracting both healthcare seekers and job candidates.


 SEO Optimization

To maximize online visibility, Matyx implemented advanced SEO strategies tailored to the healthcare industry’s competitive keywords and local search criteria. This ensured that DC Healthcare’s facilities consistently appeared at the top of search engine results, making them easily accessible to those in need of long-term care services.


 Content and Email Marketing

Matyx crafted a content marketing strategy that included valuable and informative content relevant to DC Healthcare’s audience. This was complemented by strategic email marketing campaigns designed to nurture leads, inform potential patients and families about services, and keep job seekers engaged with opportunities.


 HIPAA-Compliant Digital Admissions System

Recognizing the challenges posed by COVID-19, especially during lockdowns, Matyx developed a digital admissions system that was fully compliant with HIPAA standards. This system allowed DC Healthcare to safely and efficiently manage patient admissions remotely, minimizing physical contact and maintaining operations during critical times.




The initiatives implemented by Matyx delivered impressive outcomes for DC Healthcare:

– Enhanced Online Presence: The new website and SEO efforts placed DC Healthcare’s facilities at the forefront of search engine results.

– Streamlined Admissions and Recruitment: The HIPAA-compliant digital admissions system and online job board significantly improved the efficiency of patient and staff onboarding processes.

– Increased Patient and Employee Acquisition: Enhanced search engine rankings and effective marketing strategies led to an increase in both patient admissions and recruitment of qualified staff.

– Substantial Return on Investment: The comprehensive digital marketing strategy and online system implementations have maintained strong search engine rankings and led to significant ROI for DC Healthcare.

Through strategic digital enhancements and the development of crucial online systems, Matyx helped DC Healthcare navigate the challenges of the pandemic, enhance its market presence, and improve operational efficiencies. The success of this project highlights the power of targeted digital strategies in the healthcare sector, driving growth, and ensuring continuity even in difficult times.