Culver Electric

Portfolio Description

Client: Culver Electric 

Industry: Electrical Services 

Services Provided: Business Process Optimization, System Migration, SOP Development, Digital Marketing 

Challenge: To streamline Culver Electric’s operations through enhanced inventory tracking, integrate new CRM and ERP systems, and develop scalable business practices and digital marketing strategies. 

Outcome: Successful migration to a comprehensive business management platform, improved operational efficiencies, and ongoing development of a robust digital presence to support business growth and workforce stability.




Culver Electric, a dynamic player in the electrical services industry, faced challenges related to inventory management and operational scalability that were impeding its growth. The company enlisted Matyx to overhaul its business processes, implement a new integrated system for customer and resource management, and enhance its digital marketing efforts to attract both customers and skilled employees.




  1. Enhance Inventory Tracking and Management: Develop an advanced system to accurately track and manage inventory.
  2. Integrate a New CRM and ERP System: Select and implement a new platform that better fits the company’s growing needs.
  3. Streamline Data Migration and SOP Development: Migrate existing data to the new system and develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all business activities to improve scalability.
  4. Bolster Digital Marketing and Recruitment Efforts: Establish a strong online presence and create an employment platform to maintain a skilled workforce.


 Strategy and Execution


 Enhanced Inventory Tracking System

Matyx developed a sophisticated inventory tracking system tailored to Culver Electric’s specific requirements. This system was designed to provide real-time insights into inventory levels, usage patterns, and procurement needs, significantly reducing waste and improving project planning.


 CRM and ERP System Integration

After a thorough evaluation of Culver Electric’s operational needs, Matyx sourced and implemented Simpro, a comprehensive CRM and ERP solution, replacing the existing Service Fusion and Service Titan platforms. This integration aimed to centralize customer information, job scheduling, and resource management into a single, efficient platform.


 Data Migration and SOP Development

The migration of existing data to Simpro was carefully planned and executed by Matyx to ensure no disruption to ongoing operations. Alongside the migration, Matyx developed a set of detailed SOPs covering all critical business processes, from customer onboarding and job completion to inventory management and billing. These SOPs were crucial for maintaining consistency and quality as the company scaled.


 Digital Marketing and Recruitment Platform

Recognizing the need to attract and retain top talent, Matyx is currently developing a robust digital marketing strategy and an online employment platform for Culver Electric. This platform will not only showcase career opportunities but also emphasize the company’s commitment to employee development and job satisfaction.




The partnership between Culver Electric and Matyx has yielded significant improvements:

– Streamlined Operations: The new inventory management system and Simpro integration have dramatically enhanced operational efficiency and customer service.

– Successful System Migration: The seamless transition to Simpro supported continuity in service delivery and provided a robust foundation for further growth.

– Standardized Business Processes: The newly developed SOPs have standardized operations across the company, ensuring consistency and quality as the business expands.

– Enhanced Digital Presence: While still in progress, the digital marketing and recruitment initiatives are poised to strengthen Culver Electric’s market presence and workforce stability.


Matyx’s comprehensive approach to optimizing business processes and implementing strategic digital solutions has positioned Culver Electric for continued success and scalability. The integration of advanced systems and development of clear SOPs have not only streamlined operations but also prepared the company for future growth and workforce expansion. This case study highlights the impact of strategic planning and technology on transforming traditional business operations into scalable, efficient enterprises ready to meet the demands of modern markets.