Corn Heritage Villages

Portfolio Description

Client: Corn Heritage Villages (CHV) 

Industry: Healthcare – Senior Living 

Services Provided: Web Development, SEO, Automated Review Management, Online Job Board Integration, Training System Development, Video Marketing, Graphic Design 

Challenge: To build a robust online presence for CHV that showcases its comprehensive services for seniors, attracts top talent, and ensures operational efficiency. 

Outcome: A dynamic online presence that has generated an ROI of over 15,000%, allowed for expansion, and maintained full operational capacity.




Corn Heritage Villages, a respected provider in senior living, sought to enhance its online visibility and streamline both customer acquisition and employee recruitment processes. Matyx was tasked with creating a comprehensive digital strategy that not only highlighted CHV’s services but also optimized operational efficiencies through innovative technology solutions.




  1. Develop a Comprehensive Website: Showcase CHV’s range of services including long-term care, skilled nursing, rehabilitation, assisted living, and independent living.
  2. Optimize Online Presence: Achieve top search engine results and manage online reviews to enhance reputation.
  3. Streamline Recruitment: Create an integrated job board that connects with major employment platforms and optimizes job posting processes.
  4. Enhance Training Procedures: Develop an online training system for efficient new hire and ongoing employee development.
  5. Expand Branding and Marketing: Implement video marketing and graphic design to strengthen CHV’s brand identity.


 Strategy and Execution


 Dynamic Website Development

Matyx developed a user-friendly, informative website that effectively communicates the value and breadth of services offered by CHV. The site was optimized for SEO to ensure top ranking in search engine results, particularly for local searches which are crucial for the senior care industry.


 Automated Review Management

Understanding the importance of reputation in healthcare, Matyx implemented an automated review program that encourages satisfied clients and their families to share their positive experiences. This program has significantly enhanced CHV’s online reputation, reflected in consistent five-star ratings.


 Strategic Online Job Board

To streamline the hiring process, Matyx developed a strategic online job board that integrates seamlessly with popular employment platforms. This eliminated the redundancy of multiple job postings and ensured CHV’s visibility at the top of job search results, attracting high-quality candidates.


 Online Training System

An online training portal was created to reduce the costs associated with new hire training and ongoing team development. This system allows for consistent, scalable training opportunities that are accessible to all employees, supporting their professional growth and ensuring high-quality care.


 Video Marketing and Graphic Design

Matyx also undertook the task of enhancing CHV’s branding through professional video marketing and graphic design. This not only improved brand visibility but also effectively communicated CHV’s commitment to quality and compassion in senior care.




The initiatives implemented by Matyx resulted in profound outcomes for Corn Heritage Villages:

– Staggering ROI of over 35,000%, attributable to enhanced online visibility and operational efficiencies.

– Commanding top search engine results, leading to increased inquiries and sustained high occupancy rates.

– Automated review system that consistently generates five-star reviews, bolstering CHV’s reputation.

– Successful integration of an online job board, reducing recruitment time and costs.

– Cost-effective training system, which has streamlined employee development and ensured compliance with industry standards.

– Expansion into a second location, supported by the robust online presence and operational efficiencies established by Matyx.


The partnership between Corn Heritage Villages and Matyx has transformed CHV’s online presence, turning it into a key asset for the organization. Through targeted digital strategies and innovative solutions, CHV has not only expanded its operations but also continued to provide exceptional care, fully leveraging the opportunities of digital transformation in the healthcare sector. This case study exemplifies how effective digital strategy and technology integration can propel growth and operational excellence in the senior living industry.