Anadarko Crude Trucking

Portfolio Description

Client: Anadarko Crude Trucking 

Industry: Transportation and Logistics 

Services Provided: Digital Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, Web Development, ERP Systems, Mobile App Development, IT Solutions 

Challenge: Transforming a small trucking operation from five trucks and five employees into a significantly larger enterprise. 

Outcome: Expanded to over fifty trucks and sixty employees, a 5000% growth rate, 8000% ROI, and a substantial increase in enterprise value.




Anadarko Crude Trucking, a modest-sized trucking company, initially operated with only five trucks and five employees. Aiming to dramatically expand their operations, they needed to embrace technological advancements and streamline their business processes. Matyx, a digital transformation company, was brought on board to implement strategic digital solutions to facilitate this growth.




  1. Expand the Fleet and Workforce: Grow from five to over fifty trucks and increase staff to sixty employees.
  2. Enhance Digital Presence: Develop multiple websites for client acquisition and employee recruitment.
  3. Streamline Operations: Implement an ERP system, develop a mobile application for crude oil ticketing, and improve IT infrastructure.
  4. Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs: Automate processes, eliminate paper forms, and implement cost-saving measures like a VOIP system.


 Strategy and Execution


 Multiple Website Development

Matyx developed four distinct websites aimed at recruiting new hires, each tailored with a unique strategy to attract different segments of the job market. Additionally, they created several websites dedicated to client acquisition and service promotion, utilizing SEO and content marketing strategies to maximize visibility and lead generation.


 Automation of Recruitment Processes

To manage the influx of job applications, Matyx implemented an automated system that integrated job applications with Department of Transportation (DOT) forms and background checks. This streamlined the hiring process, making it efficient and compliant with industry regulations.


 ERP System and API Integrations

Matyx developed a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to automate reporting, data management, and customer relations. This system was integrated with existing APIs to enhance functionality and interoperability with other software tools used by the company.


 Mobile Application Development

A crucial innovation was the development of a crude oil ticketing mobile application with offline sync functionality, making it available on both Google Play and Apple App stores. This application allowed for real-time data management and ticketing in remote locations without reliable internet access.


 IT Infrastructure Overhaul

Matyx overhauled Anadarko’s IT infrastructure, implementing a cost-saving VOIP system, mobile device management (MDM) solutions to streamline support, and eliminating redundant hardware to cut procurement costs. They also eliminated paper forms and double data entry, further enhancing operational efficiency.




The implementation of these strategies by Matyx yielded impressive results for Anadarko Crude Trucking:

– Expansion to over fifty trucks and sixty employees.

– Over 1000 job applicants generated by the new recruitment websites.

– Growth of over 5000%, increasing the scale of operations significantly.

– Return on investment of over 8000%, reflecting massive financial gains.

– Streamlined operations, with automated processes reducing manual labor and errors.

– Cost reductions, including a monthly saving of over $1000 from the VOIP system alone.

– Increased enterprise value, positioning the company for a lucrative exit strategy for the owners.




Matyx’s strategic approach in digitalizing and streamlining Anadarko Crude Trucking’s operations transformed it from a small-scale operation into a major player in the trucking industry. Through effective use of technology and digital marketing, Anadarko not only expanded its fleet and staff but also enhanced its operational efficiency and profitability, setting a new benchmark in the logistics sector. This case study exemplifies how digital transformation can catalyze significant business growth and operational excellence.