Anadarko Dozer & Trucking

Portfolio Description

Client: Anadarko Dozer & Trucking 

Industry: Construction and Transportation 

Services Provided: Website Development, SEO, Mobile App Development, IT Infrastructure 

Challenge: Enhance customer acquisition and streamline operations to reduce costs and improve efficiency. 

Outcome: Increased acquisition channels, significantly reduced operational costs, and an ROI of over 15,000%.




Anadarko Dozer & Trucking, a prominent player in the construction and transportation industry, aimed to bolster its customer and new hire acquisition while optimizing operational efficiency. Matyx was enlisted to develop a sophisticated online presence, automate essential business processes, and reduce overhead costs through smart technology solutions.




  1. Dominate SEO for Industry-Specific Keywords: Implement multiple websites with targeted domains to capture top SEO rankings across various relevant search terms.
  2. Automate Hiring and Compliance Processes: Develop a customized job board system that streamlines the application and compliance process.
  3. Develop a Mobile Application for Operational Efficiency: Create a mobile app to handle work ticketing, reporting, and automate payroll.
  4. Reduce Communication Costs: Implement a cost-effective VOIP system to decrease overhead while enhancing communication capabilities.


 Strategy and Execution


 Multi-Faceted Website Approach

Understanding the need to dominate search engine results for multiple industry-related keywords, Matyx developed several targeted websites such as ‘’ for general company information and ‘’ specifically for Oklahoma trucking job listings. This strategic approach aimed to capture a broad audience from various entry points in the digital landscape.


 Customized Job Board System

Matyx created a customized job board system tailored for Anadarko’s specific needs, which not only allowed candidates to easily find and apply for jobs but also automatically converted applications into the required DOT compliance and background check forms. This system significantly streamlined the hiring process, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring compliance.


 Mobile Application Development

To enhance operational efficiency, Matyx developed a mobile application for work ticketing that completely eliminated the need for paper-based processes. This app integrated functionalities for automated reporting and payroll processing, which dramatically cut down processing times and costs.


 VOIP and Communication Enhancements

Matyx installed a new VOIP system, which reduced monthly phone system costs by over $1,200 while adding features like automated SMS and digital fax capabilities. This upgrade not only saved money but also improved productivity and communication efficiency across the company.




The strategic initiatives implemented by Matyx yielded outstanding results for Anadarko Dozer & Trucking:

– Significant SEO dominance across multiple targeted websites, increasing visibility and customer acquisition.

– Reduction in operational costs by over 65% through automation of payroll and elimination of paper-based systems.

– Reduced hardware costs by 85%, thanks to streamlined processes and the elimination of unnecessary equipment.

– A cost-effective communication system, saving the company over $1,200 monthly.

– An unprecedented ROI of over 15,000%, reflecting the enormous financial success of these initiatives.


Matyx’s comprehensive digital and operational overhaul for Anadarko Dozer & Trucking exemplifies how targeted digital strategies and smart technology solutions can profoundly transform business operations. By optimizing the company’s online presence, automating key processes, and reducing overhead costs, Matyx helped Anadarko not only achieve but far exceed its growth and efficiency objectives. This case study demonstrates the powerful impact of integrating technology into traditional industries to drive profitability and operational excellence.