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Our Success:

Client 1:
Home Products
3.5 Years
Amount Invested:
Return on Investment:
$9.5 million
1,310% ROI
Client 2:
1 month
Amount Invested:
Return on Investment:
2,500% ROI
Client 3:
6 Months
Amount Invested:
Return on Investment:
1,532% ROI
Client 4:
8 Months
Amount Invested:
Return on Investment:
1,242% ROI

Why Choose Matyx?

1000%+ return on your
marketing dollars:

Our average ROI for clients is over 1,000% and we are absolutely fanatical about results. If you have a solid sales process (we can help if you don’t!) then our marketing and lead generation tactics accelerate attribution-driven revenue for your business. 

Access to Experts:

Matyx’s team is comprised of marketing and lead generation specialists with experience in your industry and we don’t sleep until goals are met. We are transparent about results and work with your team to achieve maximum ROI for marketing and keep your sales team busy. 

Reporting that makes sense:

Face it, clicks and likes don’t pay the bills – our proprietary reporting system grabs data from multiple sources and attributes them to dollars so you can see what is driving ROI at all times while also allowing our team the information to keep performing better.

Industries include:

Home Services | Healthcare | Construction | Contracting | Remodeling | Oil and Gas | Hospitality | Travel | Products | Equipment | Agriculture | M&A | Real Estate | Brokers | Transportation | HVAC | Plumbing | Electrical | Financial | Specialized Services | Investments | and More!

Our Testimonials

Matyx will not sleep until your marketing efforts are firing on all cylinders

Each pricing tier below offers a comprehensive collection of services specifically designed to grow your online footprint, streamline lead management, and maximize your ROI. Choose the perfect level for your goals and enjoy significant savings.

Pricing Packages

1Build Package:
Kickstart Your Growth


  • Boost online visibility for your projects, services, and/or products.
  • Generate and nurture leads more efficiently.
  • Streamline your follow-up process for higher conversions.

What’s Included:

  • 2 Custom Landing Pages to convert leads ($4,000 value)
  • Persuasive copywriting for your pages ($2,000 value)
  • SEO to dominate Google searches ($2,500/mo value)
  • Competitor analysis for strategic insights ($500/mo value)
  • Google My Business optimization for local search ($750/mo value)
  • Effective Pay-per-click ads for instant traffic ($4,500/mo value)
  • Insightful monthly reporting ($350/mo value)
  • Access to expert marketing professionals (Priceless!)


  • Never pay for revisions or setups! This plan saves you over $14,000! Great for solid websites.

Average ROI:

  • Up to 800% ($8 in profit for every $1 spent on ads)

Regular Price:

Matyx Price:


2Growth Package: Scale Beyond The Competition


  • Scale your sales on projects, services, & projects beyond competitors.
  • Strengthen your online presence for long-term growth.
  • Automate lead management for more efficient sales processes.

What’s Included:

  • Everything in the Build
  • A comprehensive website with product catalog ($28,500 value)
  • Enhanced SEO for broader visibility ($3,500/mo value)
  • Sales script customization for closing deals ($2,500 value)
  • Lead source tracking for better campaign insights ($900/mo value)
  • Advanced PPC A/B testing for optimal ad performance ($1,500/mo value)
  • Monthly strategy sessions with marketing experts ($1,500/mo value)
  • Automated SMS introductions for quick lead engagement ($750/mo value)
  • Social media management for two platforms ($3,500/mo value)


  • Everything included - unlimited website revisions and digital marketing to save over $35,000!

Average ROI:

  • Up to 2,500% ($25 in profit for every $1 spent on ads)

Regular Price:

Matyx Price:

3Scale Package: Achieve Market Dominance


  • Maximize your sales and marketing efficiency for projects, services, and prodcuts.
  • Customized tools and strategies for your unique business needs.
  • Solidify your position as a market leader with advanced digital marketing.

What’s Included:

  • Everything in the Build and grow Packages
  • Custom CRM for lead and customer management ($15,500 value)
  • Dedicated CRM development team ($2,500/mo value)
  • Dedicated social media team for engagement ($5,500/mo value)
  • Paid social media advertising for increased reach ($1,500/mo value)
  • Expanded email marketing campaigns for deeper customer relationships ($2,500/mo value)
  • SMS marketing campaigns for immediate contact ($2,500/mo value)
  • Direct access to a team of marketing and automation experts ($3,500/mo value)
  • Exclusive competitive advantage by not working with your competitors (Priceless!)


  • Completely Automated Marketing and Lead Machine and you'll save over $60,000!

Average ROI:

  • Uncapped Potential in ROI / ROAS / CPA / CPC!

Regular Price:

Matyx Price:

What You'll Get When You Request Pricing And A Meeting.

30 to 60 Minutes with Elite Marketing and Sales Pros Plus Q&A:

Matyx is not a fit for all companies, we want to make sure you have at least 2 to 3 employees ready to take on sales and lead management. You’ll spend 30 to 60 minutes learning about how we can help your business grow and scale. You can also ask us anything and will be transparent while showing you results we’ve achieved. 

FREE analysis and audit of your current marketing and sales channels:

Do you know what is and isn’t working for your digital marketing and sales efforts? Our team will not only talk you through it but we will SHOW you what is (and isn’t) working AND how to make it better. See real time stats and data about your business including website, Google My Business, organic, SEO, paid media, follow-ups, process, and more!

FREE Competitor Marketing Analysis:

Want to know what does (and doesn’t) work for your top competitors? Our Matyx | Intel team has proprietary tools and methods to uncover where you rank against your competitors and what they are doing that you are not. We will show you in detail how to outrank, outperform, and outwork your competition. 

FREE Customized Marketing Plan For Your Business - Even If You Don't Work With Us!

We believe in providing value no matter what and that every business deserves to have a solid plan of action to scale and make everyone’s lives better. Our team will not only tell you what we will do to scale your business, we will also SHOW you how to do it even if you don’t hire us. You’ll learn exactly what to implement to drive your business forward. 

FREE Business Valuation from our M&A Director to show you what your business is worth:

Why a business valuation? Our Director of M&A has performed over 1,000 business valuations and participated in hundreds of exits and for a limited time we are offering this service so you can understand how to build value in your business through marketing and business automation that can one day lead to you selling your business.

Transparent Pricing and Value Added Packages:

We practice what we preach and back up our claims by providing the most valuable and transparent pricing system in the industry. Return on Investment (ROI) is our number one metric and our pricing reflects ROI from day one. Let us show you how hard we’ve worked to build the friendliest and hardest working scale platform on the planet. 

What Are You Waiting For? Your Competitors To See This Offer?

There’s always plenty of business for everyone however, our goal is to make your business the first things your qualified prospects see (and think about) when they are choosing to a provider. We guarantee that you will receive a marketing machine that helps you build and scale your business to beat the competition and provide value to your organization. 

Don't Take Our Word For It - Here's Proof!

We generated $3.7MM for this General Contractor in 9 months!

Conversion Optimized Website

PPC / SEO / Google Local

Email Marketing

Sales Followup Automations

SMS Marketing

More Proof!

We generated $183K for this HVAC / Plumbing Company in 30 days!

Conversion Optimized Website

PPC / SEO / Google Local

Email Marketing

Custom Offers

More Proof!

We generated $2.8MM for this Healthcare Business in 9 months!

Conversion Optimized Website

PPC / SEO / Google Local

Email Marketing

Custom Offers

Sales Automation

More Proof!

This Cabinet and Countertop Business is #1 Everywhere

Conversion Optimized Website

SEO / Google Local

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Attribution Tracking:

SMS Marketing Campaigns:

Customer Referral Programs:

AI Chatbots and Sales Assistants:

Custom Quoting and Estimating Platforms:

Mobile Applications for Sales and Marketing:

Call Recording & Transcripts:

Cost-Saving VOIP Phone System:

Virtual Assistant Services:

Inventory Automation and Tracking Solutions:

Business Automation Services:

Graphic Design and Branding:

Claim Your Limited Time Offer And Get.

  • Q&A Call With Marketing Experts
  • FREE analysis and audit of your marketing.
  • FREE Competitor Marketing Analysis.
  • FREE Customized Marketing Plan For Your Business.
  • FREE Business Valuation from our M&A Director.
  • Transparent Pricing and Value Added Packages.

Q&A Call With Marketing Experts

FREE analysis and audit of your marketing.

FREE Competitor Marketing Analysis.

FREE Customized Marketing Plan For Your Business.

FREE Business Valuation from our M&A Director.

Transparent Pricing and Value Added Packages.

Get All Of This Even if You Don't Hire Us!

Are we crazy? Maybe!

For just 30 to 60 minutes of your time, we will determine if you are a fit for Matyx and you will leave the meeting as either a client, or better off than you were before. You’ll receive ALL of this whether you work with us or not as a thank you for your time.