Every Business Owner's Dream: Selling What You've Built

Introducing Exit Deck by Matyx

Selling your business is undoubtedly one of the most significant financial transactions you will encounter in your lifetime. The process is not just a mere exchange of assets and capital but a pivotal decision that can shape your financial future and legacy. When executed properly, this  event has the potential to provide generational wealth, not just for you, but also for your family, and can even extend its benefits to your employees. The Exit Deck by Matyx team is led by our CEO who has over 15 years of experience in buying, selling, valuing, and growing businesses. 

Exit Deck by Matyx Ensures You Get the Exit You Deserve.

Selling your business is a process, not an event and involves much more than valuations and calculations. What you, or anyone else, thinks your business is worth may not be what someone is willing to pay for it. Aligning value expectations with reality is not only essential, it is the first step in understanding the value of what you’ve built through the perspective of prospective buyer types and through various structures. All of these aspects greatly affect what kinds of offers you may receive. The Exit Deck by Matyx team will help you understand all aspects and then offer a roadmap solution to getting a higher exit with a more streamlined structure. 

Exiting Your Business Version 2.0

Our approach is clear and effective. We look into your business, identify areas that can be improved in a relatively short period of time, and work to make your business more valuable and attractive in the market. We offer customized services with the understanding that every business is different.

The result is a more profitable business with an owner who is prepared to exit and a multiple outperforming comparable companies on the market.

Gaining a Higher Value for Your Business

Exit Deck enhances various aspects of a business to boost its appeal and value, focusing on strengthening financial health with clearly defined expenses and revenue performance. Operational processes are streamlined for increased efficiency, involving reorganization of workflows and improvements in customer service. In technology and software, modern solutions are introduced to keep the business up-to-date, covering customer relations systems or better inventory management tools. Marketing strategies are revamped to attract more customers and build a stronger brand presence, utilizing digital methods or exploring new market opportunities. These combined improvements make the business more efficient and appealing to potential buyers.

Streamlined Process Tailored To Your Business

The ultimate goal of working with us is to develop and implement solutions that provide the highest Return on Investment possible for your company with the goal of exiting your business in a more streamlined manner. We want to enhance the value of your company, as well as improve internal processes and new client acquisitions by attaining a high level of optimization and “buyer friendliness”
to parties that are interested in acquiring your business for the right price at the right time.


Fueling Your Business Valuation

You know how to make money in your business. Our Analysis shows you how to make more money, keep more of your money, and how to increase the value of your business with actionable solutions performed by our team.

But the Analysis is only the beginning, which is why we call what we do:



The Financial Value of your business is its Power to achieve more and push forward. We show you three different values of your business: Asset, Equity, and Market Value.


Control over your finances is your Command to make things happen. Our analysis includes a comprehensive look at what it takes to operate your business. More than accounting and balance sheets, we show you the Reality of how your business stands in ways that give you control over what’s next.


Every business consumes resources to stay alive. Our analysis shows you where inefficiencies can be including percentages to revenue for every category of your expenses.


If a business doesn’t generate revenue, it won’t have the fuel to get very far. Our analysis breaks down the sources of revenue for your business to percentages of customers, types, industry, segments, and further demographics.


The flow of a business includes its technology and processes working together to make customer and internal experiences more efficient. We show you how effective your current technology is, and analyze your processes by walking through how your business performs every task necessary to operate.


Part of our analysis includes a detailed look at how your business is seen by customers. This includes the cost of attaining customers, branding, marketing effectiveness, conversion rates, and saturation. Proper Aerodynamics ensure that your business gains the attention and attracts loyal customers.


Business valuations are as much art as they are science and math. The most important metric to remember is that your business is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it and that your metrics need to justify your asking price. Savvy business buyers do not want to purchase a job, they want to purchase an operable business that they can grow and provide a lifestyle, investment, or eventual exit for themselves, their group, or their company. Valuations are primarily about cash flow but valuation multiples are about how well your business performs. Performing nearly 1,000 valuations over the past six years while operating and exiting multiple businesses has given our team insight into what makes a business sell faster, smoother, and for higher values.

The Matyx Method: STACK

Our approach is encapsulated in the STACK method – Setup, Train, Assess, Create, Kick into Action. This is the essence of the Matyx Method:


We start by onboarding you, understanding your business, and laying the groundwork for transformation.


Knowledge is power. We either train our team or your employees to ensure everyone is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge for success.


We continuously test and assess our strategies, ensuring they align with your business goals and are on track to deliver the desired outcomes.


Based on our assessments, we build tailor-made solutions that are not just effective but also innovative and sustainable.

Kick Into Action

This is where we put our plans into action, driving your business forward with vigor, precision, and a focus on delivering exceptional results.

Ready to Exit?

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Do You Know What Your Business is Worth to Potential Buyers?

Our expertise lies in providing a comprehensive and accurate assessment of what makes your business valuable from the perspective of potential buyers. With a deep understanding of market dynamics and investment criteria, we tailor our valuation process to highlight your business’s unique strengths, future growth opportunities, and sustainable competitive advantages. Whether you’re considering selling, seeking investment, or looking to understand your business’s market position, Matyx offers the insights and clarity you need to make informed decisions. Join us in exploring the intrinsic value of your business through the eyes of those who matter most – your future buyers.

We Believe Buying & Selling Businesses Should Be Easier For Everyone.

After buying, selling, starting, & growing businesses over the past decade, we developed a better way for all parties involved. Our solution is based around standard business acquisition practices, real business buying & selling experiences, financial education, and good ol’ entrepreneurial spirit. All backed by the latest in Business Intelligence Software and Technology. You’ll receive an accurate picture of what your business could be worth in the eyes of buyers who are interested in purchasing what you’ve built. 

We Start With You In Mind

Our process of obtaining business data is simple & it all starts with the goal of the party who requested our services. Equity Works Analytics can be ordered by any party involved – Business Owner, Prospective Buyer, Broker, or Financial Professional. Our Analytics are specifically geared towards the outcome desired – Acquisition, Investment, Improvements, or Feasibility. 

You’ll receive: 

  • Multiple Valuations of Your Business
  • 6 Point Detailed Analytics of Your Entire Business
  • See Improvements for all aspects, not just under-performing areas
  • Recommendations for asking price and growth opportunities
  • Business Upgrade Opportunities At Huge Discounts – Presented  FREE!

Gaining a Higher Exit for Your Business

We’ve been in your shoes before & understand how overwhelming it can be to answer all the questions & get all of the documentation that prospective buyers want. In our experience, over 90% of all business owners don’t keep regular financial reports & documentation, & why should they?! You are busy running your business.

We don’t require tons of your time, & our process is fast, efficient, & most importantly, friendly! Our goal is to present your whole business in the best possible way that allows prospective buyers to see the True Potential & Possibilities of what you’ve built.

In the process, YOU also get to see your business in ways that you never thought possible & from perspectives of true industry pros. If for some reason your business doesn’t sell, you will have a complete toolkit of knowledge & options to improve EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR BUSINESS – Included!

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