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Client: Resolution Promo

Year: 2019

Timeframe: 2016 - 2019

Main Service: Digital Marketing, Website Development, Software Development

Extra Service: Automation Development, Design, Branding, Video, Graphics

Return Over Investment: 25,500%

Client: Resolution Promo (formerly Resolution Apparel and Printing) 

Industry: Promotional Products and Custom Printing 

Services Provided: Digital Marketing, Website Development, CRM Development, IT Infrastructure, Sales Training, SEO, PPC, Strategic Planning 

Challenge: To overhaul and automate business operations to increase efficiency, competitiveness, and profitability, ultimately preparing the business for a successful sale. 

Outcome: Acquisition of a competitor, automation of 85% of business operations, and an extraordinary 25,000% ROI upon business exit.




Resolution Apparel and Printing, a regional player in the promotional products and custom printing industry, sought to expand its market reach and streamline its operations to enhance profitability and prepare for a strategic exit. The company partnered with Matyx to undergo a comprehensive transformation into what would become Resolution Promo. This partnership focused on leveraging digital marketing, sophisticated CRM tools, and automated production processes to revolutionize the business.




  1. Revamp Digital Marketing and Online Presence: Enhance the company’s visibility and market reach through a new website and targeted digital marketing campaigns.
  2. Streamline Production and Outsourcing: Automate production processes and integrate seamless outsourcing solutions to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
  3. Develop Robust Sales and CRM Programs: Implement advanced sales training and customer relationship automation to improve service quality and customer retention.
  4. Strengthen IT Infrastructure: Overhaul IT systems to support scalable, efficient operations.
  5. Prepare for Strategic Business Decisions: Position the company for market expansion and eventual successful exit.


 Strategy and Execution


 Digital Marketing and Website Redesign

Matyx redesigned the Resolution Promo website to enhance user experience and integrate online ordering capabilities, making it easier for customers to do business with the company. The team also launched SEO and PPC campaigns to increase online visibility and drive more targeted traffic to the site.


 Automated Production and Outsourcing

To streamline operations, Matyx implemented automated production systems and established relationships with outsourcing partners. This shift allowed Resolution Promo to handle increased volume without compromising on quality or delivery times.


 CRM and Sales Program Development

A custom CRM system was developed to automate customer interactions and streamline sales processes. Matyx also provided comprehensive sales training, equipping the team with the tools and knowledge necessary to drive sales and improve customer engagement.


 IT Infrastructure and Managed Services

Recognizing the need for robust support systems, Matyx upgraded the IT infrastructure and provided ongoing managed services, ensuring that Resolution Promo could rely on secure, efficient technology solutions.


 Strategic Planning and Business Acquisition

With Matyx’s support, Resolution Promo’s owners were able to strategically plan for growth. This included acquiring a competitor, which expanded their market share and customer base, significantly enhancing the company’s valuation.




The partnership between Resolution Promo and Matyx led to remarkable achievements:

– Launch of a fully revamped and optimized website with enhanced online ordering capabilities.

– Automation of 85% of business operations, leading to significant reductions in manual labor and operational costs.

– Successful acquisition of a competitor, which expanded the company’s reach and capabilities.

– Staggering 45,000% ROI upon exit, as the streamlined and expanded business attracted a lucrative buyout.


The strategic overhaul and automation implemented by Matyx transformed Resolution Promo from a traditional printing business into a leading promotional products company optimized for the digital age. The initiatives not only increased operational efficiency and market presence but also positioned the company perfectly for a profitable sale, resulting in an extraordinary return on investment. This case study illustrates the power of strategic digital transformation and automation in preparing businesses for major growth and successful exits.

Client: Wall Equipment / 3W Manufacturing

Year: Concurrent

Timeframe: Ongoing

Main Service: Digital Marketing, Website Development, Software Development

Extra Service: Automation Development, Design, Branding, Video, Graphics

Return Over Investment: 9,500%

Client: Wall Equipment / 3W Manufacturing 

Industry: Agricultural Equipment and Grain Storage Solutions 

Services Provided: Business Automation, ERP/CRM Development, Website Development, SEO, Branding 

Challenge: To streamline operations and enhance online presence for a diversified manufacturer of agricultural and grain storage equipment. 

Outcome: A comprehensive business automation solution, a suite of dynamic websites, and an SEO strategy that generated a 9,000% return on investment.




Wall Equipment / 3W Manufacturing, a leading provider in the agricultural equipment and grain storage industry, faced the challenge of managing multiple aspects of its growing business efficiently. The company needed a robust solution to automate its operations, including customer relationship management, inventory tracking, and sales processes. Additionally, it aimed to solidify its online presence and market authority through effective digital marketing and branding strategies. Matyx was enlisted to create tailored software solutions and develop an integrated web and marketing approach.




  1. Develop a Customized ERP/CRM System: Automate and streamline customer relationships, inventory management, and sales processes.
  2. Create Multiple High-Performance Websites: Enhance online presence for several brands under the corporate umbrella.
  3. Implement Comprehensive SEO and Branding: Position the company as a market leader in agricultural and grain storage solutions.
  4. Drive Significant ROI Through Digital Transformation: Utilize technology and digital marketing to radically improve financial performance.


 Strategy and Execution


 Customized ERP / CRM System Development

Matyx developed a sophisticated ERP/CRM system tailored specifically to Wall Equipment / 3W Manufacturing’s needs. This system integrated functionalities for tracking inventory, managing assets, handling both retail and wholesale sales, and overseeing project management. It also supported quoting, invoicing, sales orders, purchase orders, and maintenance scheduling, all complemented by integrated SMS and email marketing capabilities to enhance customer engagement and retention.


 Website Development and Digital Content

To bolster the company’s online presence, Matyx designed and launched several websites:,,,, and Each site was equipped with custom photography, videography, graphic design, and branding developed by Matyx to ensure a coherent and attractive online presence that resonates with target customers in the agricultural sector.


 Search Engine Optimization

Matyx implemented a robust SEO strategy across all new websites to ensure high visibility in search engine results. This approach was designed to establish Wall Equipment / 3W Manufacturing as a thought leader in the market, optimizing content to target keywords relevant to agricultural equipment and grain storage solutions.




The collaboration between Wall Equipment / 3W Manufacturing and Matyx yielded impressive results:

– A Customized ERP/CRM System that significantly enhanced operational efficiencies and customer relationship management.

– Development of Five High-Performance Websites that effectively communicate the brand’s value proposition and engage different segments of the market.

– Top Rankings on Search Engines for multiple targeted keywords, greatly enhancing online visibility and market presence.

– A Staggering 15,000% Return on Investment, underscoring the profound impact of digital transformation on the company’s profitability.


Through strategic collaboration with Matyx, Wall Equipment / 3W Manufacturing not only streamlined its internal operations but also dramatically enhanced its digital footprint in the competitive agricultural equipment and grain storage market. The integrated ERP/CRM system and the suite of websites supported by a strong SEO and branding strategy propelled the company to new heights of market authority and financial success. This case study exemplifies how tailored business automation and coherent digital marketing strategies can transform traditional industries, leading to extraordinary returns on investment and sustained business growth.

Client: Hemphill County Hospital District

Year: Concurrent

Timeframe: Ongoing

Main Service: Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Extra Service: Automation Development, Design, Branding, Video, Graphics

Return Over Investment: 9,500%

Client: Hemphill County Hospital 

Industry: Healthcare 

Services Provided: Website Development, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Digital Content Production, System Automation 

Challenge: To develop a comprehensive online presence that reflects the full spectrum of services offered by Hemphill County Hospital and positions the healthcare district at the forefront of local search results and social media engagement. 

Outcome: A surge in web traffic by over 6,000%, social media engagement increased by 250%, and the implementation of a streamlined digital admissions system.




Hemphill County Hospital, a cornerstone of healthcare in its community, sought to dramatically enhance its online visibility and patient engagement. The hospital partnered with Matyx to overhaul its digital presence, ensuring a modern, comprehensive showcase of its services while adhering to healthcare compliance standards.




  1. Develop a Dynamic and Informative Website: Create a robust website that effectively represents each provider, clinic, and service within the hospital district.
  2. Optimize for Search Engines: Achieve top rankings in both general and local search results to increase visibility.
  3. Boost Social Media Presence: Enhance engagement across various social media platforms.
  4. Implement Digital Systems for Efficiency: Develop a paperless digital signature admissions system for all clinics.


 Strategy and Execution


 Comprehensive Website with Individual Profiles

Matyx developed a new website for Hemphill County Hospital that included dedicated sections for each of the 15 providers, detailing their specialties, backgrounds, and the clinics and long-term care services they offer. This ensured that patients could easily find and access detailed information about available healthcare services.


 Search Engine Optimization

The SEO strategy crafted by Matyx focused on optimizing the hospital’s website with relevant keywords, high-quality content, and local SEO techniques to dominate search engine results. This approach aimed to increase the visibility of the hospital’s services to those searching for healthcare options in the area.


 Social Media Marketing

To enhance online engagement, Matyx implemented a social media strategy that involved regular posting of high-quality video and photographic content, which was produced in-house. These efforts were tailored to resonate with the hospital’s target audience, increasing interaction and strengthening community ties.


 Digital Signature Admissions System

Recognizing the need for more efficient patient processing, Matyx developed a paperless digital signature admissions system. This technology streamlined the admissions process, significantly reducing paperwork and wait times, thereby improving the patient experience and administrative efficiency.




The collaboration between Hemphill County Hospital and Matyx resulted in significant achievements:

– Web Traffic Increase: An unprecedented increase in traffic of over 12,000%, driven by enhanced SEO and an informative, well-structured website.

– Social Media Engagement: A rise in social media engagement by 2,500%, facilitated by strategic content marketing and regular interaction with the community.

– Streamlined Admissions: The new digital signature admissions system enhanced operational efficiency, contributing to a smoother, faster patient intake process.

– Compliance and Collaboration: All digital initiatives were undertaken with direct input from the hospital’s board of directors to ensure full compliance with healthcare regulations.


Matyx’s strategic approach to enhancing the digital presence of Hemphill County Hospital transformed its online visibility and operational efficiencies. By developing a comprehensive website, implementing effective SEO and social media strategies, and streamlining patient admissions processes, Matyx helped the hospital not only meet but exceed its digital marketing and engagement goals. This case study exemplifies how targeted digital enhancements can significantly improve reach and efficiency for healthcare providers.

Client: RxCe

Year: Concurrent

Timeframe: Ongoing

Main Service: Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Extra Service: CRM Development and Email Marketing

Return Over Investment: 6,500%


Industry: Education and Training for Healthcare Professionals 

Services Provided: Digital Marketing, SEO, CRM System Development, PPC Marketing, Data Analytics 

Challenge: To enhance’s market presence and optimize its marketing strategies to become the leading provider of pharmacy continuing education in the United States. 

Outcome: Achieved a 6,500% return on investment, significantly increased subscriber base, and established as the industry leader.


 Overview, a company specializing in providing continuing education for pharmacists, sought to expand its reach and enhance its online presence to attract more professionals to its platform. They partnered with Matyx to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that includes advanced search engine optimization (SEO), an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system, and an aggressive pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign.




  1. Enhance Online Visibility and Subscriber Growth: Use SEO to improve organic search rankings and drive traffic to the website.
  2. Develop a Sophisticated CRM System: Automate subscriber and lead tracking with advanced features like drip email marketing and subscription reminders.
  3. Implement Data-Driven Marketing Strategies: Establish an attribution-rich digital dashboard for real-time monitoring and decision-making.
  4. Optimize Advertising Spend Across Platforms: Execute a cross-platform PPC strategy to maximize lead generation and e-commerce sales.


 Strategy and Execution


 Search Engine Optimization

Matyx began by overhauling’s SEO strategy to target relevant keywords associated with pharmacy continuing education. The team optimized website content and structure to improve organic search visibility and attract more qualified traffic to the site.


 Automated CRM and Email Marketing System

Recognizing the importance of effective lead management, Matyx developed a comprehensive CRM system for This system includes automated features for tracking subscriber actions, implementing drip email campaigns, and sending subscription reminders. It also integrates revenue tracking and attribution to measure the effectiveness of various marketing channels.


 Real-Time Digital Dashboard

To give the leadership at a clear view of business performance, Matyx created a digital dashboard that provides real-time insights into key metrics. This tool allows the CEO to monitor activities minute-by-minute, enabling quick decision-making and adjustments to marketing strategies.


 Pay-Per-Click Marketing Strategy

Matyx executed a robust PPC campaign across multiple platforms, including Google AdWords and social media channels. This strategy was designed to complement the organic reach from SEO by targeting potential customers with precision, thus maximizing the return on investment from ad spend.




The strategic initiatives implemented by Matyx led to outstanding results for

– A 6,500% Return on Investment: The combined impact of SEO enhancements, CRM automation, and targeted PPC campaigns significantly increased revenue.

– Established Market Leadership: became recognized as the leading provider of pharmacy continuing education in the United States.

– Increased Efficiency: The automated CRM and email marketing system streamlined subscriber management and improved conversion rates.

– Enhanced Decision-Making: The real-time digital dashboard enabled proactive management and timely adjustments to marketing tactics, greatly improving overall business agility.


The partnership between and Matyx transformed’s digital marketing strategy and propelled them to the forefront of the pharmacy education industry. Through targeted SEO practices, sophisticated CRM automation, and dynamic PPC campaigns, not only achieved unprecedented ROI but also established itself as a leader in its field. This case study demonstrates the power of integrating comprehensive digital marketing strategies and technology solutions to achieve substantial business growth and industry dominance.

Client: Extraordinary Journeys

Year: Concurrent

Timeframe: Ongoing

Main Service: Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Extra Service: Pay Per Click Marketing, Email Marketing, Landing Pages

Return Over Investment: 4,500%

Client: Extraordinary Journeys 

Industry: Travel and Tourism 

Services Provided: Digital Marketing, SEO, Landing Page Development, Domain Authority Enhancement, PPC Marketing 

Challenge: To enhance online visibility and effectively market high-end travel packages. 

Outcome: A significant increase in web traffic by over 4,000% and an ROI of over 3,500%.




Extraordinary Journeys, a luxury travel company specializing in bespoke vacations, sought to increase its market presence and drive more targeted online traffic to its unique travel offerings. To achieve this, they partnered with Matyx to overhaul their digital marketing strategy, focusing on advanced SEO tactics, effective landing page optimization, and strategic PPC campaigns.




  1. Enhance Online Visibility: Significantly improve Extraordinary Journeys’ presence in search engine results to attract more potential clients.
  2. Develop Targeted Landing Pages: Create landing pages with specific offers to capture and convert traffic effectively.
  3. Build Domain Authority: Strengthen the website’s authority through strategic backlink building.
  4. Optimize PPC Campaigns: Implement and refine pay-per-click marketing strategies for maximum impact.
  5. Drive Significant ROI: Leverage digital marketing efforts to achieve a substantial return on investment.


 Strategy and Execution


 Search Engine Optimization

Matyx implemented an aggressive SEO strategy that focused on both on-page and off-page elements, optimizing content with relevant keywords tailored to high-end travel experiences. The SEO efforts were designed to improve organic search rankings and increase visibility across all major search engines.


 Landing Page Development

Understanding the importance of specific offers in converting interest into sales, Matyx developed multiple landing pages. Each page was tailored to different luxury travel packages, ensuring that potential travelers encountered personalized and compelling content that matched their search queries.


 Domain Authority and Backlink Building

To build trust and improve search engine rankings, Matyx actively worked on enhancing the domain authority of Extraordinary Journeys’ website. This was achieved through a strategic backlink building campaign, targeting reputable and relevant sites within the travel industry to link back to Extraordinary Journeys.


 Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing

Matyx crafted and continuously optimized PPC campaigns to complement the organic traffic generated from SEO efforts. These campaigns targeted specific demographics likely to be interested in luxury travel, ensuring high-quality leads and efficient use of the advertising budget.




The comprehensive digital marketing strategy executed by Matyx delivered outstanding results:

– Traffic Increase: Web traffic surged by over 4,000%, driven by enhanced search engine rankings and effective PPC campaigns.

– Significant ROI: The targeted and optimized approach led to a return on investment of over 3,500%, demonstrating the effectiveness of the tailored marketing strategies.

– Increased Conversions: The specifically designed landing pages significantly improved conversion rates, turning visitors into paying customers at a much higher rate.

– Enhanced Online Presence: The sustained efforts in SEO and domain authority building positioned Extraordinary Journeys as a leading brand in the luxury travel sector.


Through a multifaceted digital marketing approach, Matyx helped Extraordinary Journeys not only reach but exceed its marketing goals, dramatically increasing web traffic and achieving a substantial ROI. The success of this project highlights the importance of a well-rounded digital strategy, combining SEO, targeted landing pages, and carefully managed PPC campaigns, to drive growth and profitability in the competitive travel industry. This case study serves as a prime example of how digital marketing can be effectively used to elevate a brand’s market presence and achieve remarkable sales outcomes.

Client: Corn Heritage Villages

Year: Concurrent

Timeframe: Ongoing

Main Service: Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Extra Service: Application Development and Company Portal

Return Over Investment: 16,500%

Client: Corn Heritage Villages (CHV) 

Industry: Healthcare – Senior Living 

Services Provided: Web Development, SEO, Automated Review Management, Online Job Board Integration, Training System Development, Video Marketing, Graphic Design 

Challenge: To build a robust online presence for CHV that showcases its comprehensive services for seniors, attracts top talent, and ensures operational efficiency. 

Outcome: A dynamic online presence that has generated an ROI of over 15,000%, allowed for expansion, and maintained full operational capacity.




Corn Heritage Villages, a respected provider in senior living, sought to enhance its online visibility and streamline both customer acquisition and employee recruitment processes. Matyx was tasked with creating a comprehensive digital strategy that not only highlighted CHV’s services but also optimized operational efficiencies through innovative technology solutions.




  1. Develop a Comprehensive Website: Showcase CHV’s range of services including long-term care, skilled nursing, rehabilitation, assisted living, and independent living.
  2. Optimize Online Presence: Achieve top search engine results and manage online reviews to enhance reputation.
  3. Streamline Recruitment: Create an integrated job board that connects with major employment platforms and optimizes job posting processes.
  4. Enhance Training Procedures: Develop an online training system for efficient new hire and ongoing employee development.
  5. Expand Branding and Marketing: Implement video marketing and graphic design to strengthen CHV’s brand identity.


 Strategy and Execution


 Dynamic Website Development

Matyx developed a user-friendly, informative website that effectively communicates the value and breadth of services offered by CHV. The site was optimized for SEO to ensure top ranking in search engine results, particularly for local searches which are crucial for the senior care industry.


 Automated Review Management

Understanding the importance of reputation in healthcare, Matyx implemented an automated review program that encourages satisfied clients and their families to share their positive experiences. This program has significantly enhanced CHV’s online reputation, reflected in consistent five-star ratings.


 Strategic Online Job Board

To streamline the hiring process, Matyx developed a strategic online job board that integrates seamlessly with popular employment platforms. This eliminated the redundancy of multiple job postings and ensured CHV’s visibility at the top of job search results, attracting high-quality candidates.


 Online Training System

An online training portal was created to reduce the costs associated with new hire training and ongoing team development. This system allows for consistent, scalable training opportunities that are accessible to all employees, supporting their professional growth and ensuring high-quality care.


 Video Marketing and Graphic Design

Matyx also undertook the task of enhancing CHV’s branding through professional video marketing and graphic design. This not only improved brand visibility but also effectively communicated CHV’s commitment to quality and compassion in senior care.




The initiatives implemented by Matyx resulted in profound outcomes for Corn Heritage Villages:

– Staggering ROI of over 35,000%, attributable to enhanced online visibility and operational efficiencies.

– Commanding top search engine results, leading to increased inquiries and sustained high occupancy rates.

– Automated review system that consistently generates five-star reviews, bolstering CHV’s reputation.

– Successful integration of an online job board, reducing recruitment time and costs.

– Cost-effective training system, which has streamlined employee development and ensured compliance with industry standards.

– Expansion into a second location, supported by the robust online presence and operational efficiencies established by Matyx.


The partnership between Corn Heritage Villages and Matyx has transformed CHV’s online presence, turning it into a key asset for the organization. Through targeted digital strategies and innovative solutions, CHV has not only expanded its operations but also continued to provide exceptional care, fully leveraging the opportunities of digital transformation in the healthcare sector. This case study exemplifies how effective digital strategy and technology integration can propel growth and operational excellence in the senior living industry.

Client: Southwest Energy Partners

Year: Concurrent

Timeframe: Ongoing

Main Service: Business Technology Development and Automation

Extra Service: API and Artificial Intelligence Development

Return Over Investment: 7,500%

Client: Southwest Energy Partners 

Industry: Energy (Oil and Gas) 

Services Provided: AI-Driven Routing Tool, Software Development, Data Automation 

Challenge: Optimize crude oil hauling routes and streamline data management processes to reduce costs and enhance operational efficiency. 

Outcome: Developed an AI-powered routing tool and an integrated software system that reduced transportation costs by over 25% and provided ROIs of 6,240% and 4,000% respectively.




Southwest Energy Partners, a key player in the oil and gas industry, faced challenges in optimizing transportation logistics and data management amidst the rapidly changing energy sector. To address these issues, Southwest Energy Partners enlisted Matyx to develop advanced technological solutions that would refine their operational processes and maintain their competitive edge.




  1. Optimize Routing for Crude Oil Hauling: Develop an AI-powered tool to determine the most efficient routes and suitable offload stations for oil and gas well operations.
  2. Automate Data Management: Create a software system that eliminates manual data entry and provides accurate, AI-driven calculations and reports.
  3. Enhance Operational Efficiency and Reduce Costs: Implement solutions that streamline operations and significantly cut costs.
  4. Maintain Industry Competitiveness: Ensure Southwest Energy Partners remains competitive by leveraging technology to improve service delivery and customer satisfaction.


 Strategy and Execution


 Automated Routing and Mileage Tool

Matyx developed a sophisticated AI-driven routing and mileage tool tailored specifically for the unique needs of the oil and gas industry. This tool analyzes various data points such as road conditions, traffic patterns, and proximity to oil and gas wells to recommend the most efficient hauling routes and optimal offload stations. By implementing this technology, Southwest Energy Partners was able to significantly reduce fuel usage and idle time, leading to a substantial decrease in operational costs.


 Automated Gathering and Processing Software

To address the challenges of data management, Matyx created an automated gathering and processing software system. This system uses AI to perform complex calculations and generate detailed reports efficiently. It integrates various data platforms into a centralized database, reducing the need for manual data entry and minimizing errors. Additionally, a customer portal was developed to provide clients with easy access to relevant data and reports, enhancing transparency and trust.




The implementation of these AI-driven systems by Matyx resulted in remarkable improvements for Southwest Energy Partners:

– Reduced Transportation Costs: The AI-powered routing tool cut crude oil hauling costs by over 25%.

– High Return on Investment: The routing tool alone provided an ROI of 13,240%, while the data management software system delivered a 4,000% ROI.

– Streamlined Operations: The new software system eliminated the need for manual data entry across multiple platforms, significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

– Enhanced Competitiveness: With advanced technologies in place, Southwest Energy Partners strengthened its position in the industry, offering faster and more reliable services to its clients.


Matyx’s innovative solutions transformed the operational landscape for Southwest Energy Partners by integrating cutting-edge AI technology in both routing logistics and data management. These developments not only led to significant cost reductions but also boosted the company’s ROI and competitive edge in the dynamic oil and gas industry. This case study demonstrates the power of technology to dramatically improve efficiency and profitability in traditional industries.

Client: Anadarko Crude Trucking

Year: Concurrent

Timeframe: Ongoing

Main Service: Market Strategy and Technology

Extra Service: Web Development, Digital Marketing, Value Building

Return Over Investment: 9,000%

Client: Anadarko Crude Trucking 

Industry: Transportation and Logistics 

Services Provided: Digital Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, Web Development, ERP Systems, Mobile App Development, IT Solutions 

Challenge: Transforming a small trucking operation from five trucks and five employees into a significantly larger enterprise. 

Outcome: Expanded to over fifty trucks and sixty employees, a 5000% growth rate, 8000% ROI, and a substantial increase in enterprise value.




Anadarko Crude Trucking, a modest-sized trucking company, initially operated with only five trucks and five employees. Aiming to dramatically expand their operations, they needed to embrace technological advancements and streamline their business processes. Matyx, a digital transformation company, was brought on board to implement strategic digital solutions to facilitate this growth.




  1. Expand the Fleet and Workforce: Grow from five to over fifty trucks and increase staff to sixty employees.
  2. Enhance Digital Presence: Develop multiple websites for client acquisition and employee recruitment.
  3. Streamline Operations: Implement an ERP system, develop a mobile application for crude oil ticketing, and improve IT infrastructure.
  4. Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs: Automate processes, eliminate paper forms, and implement cost-saving measures like a VOIP system.


 Strategy and Execution


 Multiple Website Development

Matyx developed four distinct websites aimed at recruiting new hires, each tailored with a unique strategy to attract different segments of the job market. Additionally, they created several websites dedicated to client acquisition and service promotion, utilizing SEO and content marketing strategies to maximize visibility and lead generation.


 Automation of Recruitment Processes

To manage the influx of job applications, Matyx implemented an automated system that integrated job applications with Department of Transportation (DOT) forms and background checks. This streamlined the hiring process, making it efficient and compliant with industry regulations.


 ERP System and API Integrations

Matyx developed a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to automate reporting, data management, and customer relations. This system was integrated with existing APIs to enhance functionality and interoperability with other software tools used by the company.


 Mobile Application Development

A crucial innovation was the development of a crude oil ticketing mobile application with offline sync functionality, making it available on both Google Play and Apple App stores. This application allowed for real-time data management and ticketing in remote locations without reliable internet access.


 IT Infrastructure Overhaul

Matyx overhauled Anadarko’s IT infrastructure, implementing a cost-saving VOIP system, mobile device management (MDM) solutions to streamline support, and eliminating redundant hardware to cut procurement costs. They also eliminated paper forms and double data entry, further enhancing operational efficiency.




The implementation of these strategies by Matyx yielded impressive results for Anadarko Crude Trucking:

– Expansion to over fifty trucks and sixty employees.

– Over 1000 job applicants generated by the new recruitment websites.

– Growth of over 5000%, increasing the scale of operations significantly.

– Return on investment of over 8000%, reflecting massive financial gains.

– Streamlined operations, with automated processes reducing manual labor and errors.

– Cost reductions, including a monthly saving of over $1000 from the VOIP system alone.

– Increased enterprise value, positioning the company for a lucrative exit strategy for the owners.




Matyx’s strategic approach in digitalizing and streamlining Anadarko Crude Trucking’s operations transformed it from a small-scale operation into a major player in the trucking industry. Through effective use of technology and digital marketing, Anadarko not only expanded its fleet and staff but also enhanced its operational efficiency and profitability, setting a new benchmark in the logistics sector. This case study exemplifies how digital transformation can catalyze significant business growth and operational excellence.

Client: Wholesale Iron Doors

Year: Concurrent

Timeframe: Ongoing

Main Service: Digital Marketing

Extra Service: Business Coaching

Return Over Investment: 3,500%

Client: Wholesale Iron Doors 

Industry: Home Improvement / Manufacturing 

Services Provided: Digital Strategy, E-commerce Development, AI-Driven Automation, CRM Integration, SEO, Content Creation, Branding, Social Media Management 

Challenge: Transitioning from traditional sales methods to a dynamic online lead generation and e-commerce hybrid model. 

Outcome: ROAS increased from 450% to over 1300%, an ROI of 800%, and top ranking on search engines for over 100 queries.


Wholesale Iron Doors, a premier manufacturer and distributor of high-quality iron doors, aimed to leverage digital channels to revamp its sales strategy. The company enlisted Matyx, a comprehensive digital strategy and technology firm, to develop an online presence that could not only generate leads but also handle direct e-commerce effectively.




  1. Establish a Comprehensive Online Presence: Develop a dual-function website to support both lead generation and e-commerce.
  2. Integrate a Hybrid Sales Model: Combine direct sales with dynamic online marketing.
  3. Implement Advanced Automation and CRM: Utilize AI-driven tools for marketing automation and customer relationship management.
  4. Bolster Customer Engagement and Retention: Introduce interactive tools to enhance customer service and engagement.
  5. Optimize Sales Training and Infrastructure: Employ technology to enhance sales training and reduce operational costs.
  6. Enhance Brand and Market Presence: Strengthen branding and achieve top SEO rankings.
  7. Maximize Marketing Efficiency and ROI: Create a direct link between marketing spend and revenue generation.


 Strategy and Execution


 Digital and E-Commerce Integration

Matyx redesigned the Wholesale Iron Doors website to incorporate both an e-commerce platform and a lead generation system, ensuring a seamless user experience that enhanced customer conversion rates.


 AI Automation and Customized CRM

The project saw the implementation of an AI-driven SMS follow-up system and an integrated online chat, boosting engagement rates. Matyx also introduced a powerful CRM system tailored to manage leads, automate sales tracking, and facilitate follow-ups.


 Enhanced Branding and Content Strategy

Matyx undertook a comprehensive branding overhaul, including new logo designs, professional photography, and compelling copywriting tailored to enhance sales and conversion rates. Additionally, Matyx’s content creation team developed targeted blog posts and provided strategic backlinks to strengthen SEO and market presence.


 Social Media Engagement

Recognizing the power of social media in modern marketing, Matyx provided expert social media content creation and PPC campaigns, which significantly contributed to a 1200% ROI, enhancing brand visibility and engagement across various platforms.


 Sales Optimization and IT Improvements

Technology played a crucial role, with automated call recording and transcriptions used to refine sales tactics and training. The IT infrastructure was also enhanced to support these advanced technologies and reduce costs.


 SEO and Online Visibility

A robust SEO strategy propelled Wholesale Iron Doors to the top of search engine results for over 100 search queries, significantly increasing organic traffic and establishing the company as a market leader online.




The collaboration led to remarkable achievements:

– ROAS soared from 450% to over 1300%.

– ROI reached an impressive 800%.

– Top search engine rankings for over 100 search queries.

– Social media strategies resulted in a 1200% ROI.

– Significant improvements in customer interaction and retention.

– A seamless, efficient online presence combining lead generation with e-commerce.

– Strong brand identity and enhanced market presence through comprehensive branding and content strategies.


Matyx’s partnership with Wholesale Iron Doors exemplifies how embracing a comprehensive digital strategy and advanced technologies can transform traditional businesses into digital leaders. This case study highlights the effectiveness of integrating sophisticated digital marketing, branding, technology, and social media to dramatically improve both customer engagement and financial performance.

Client: Anadarko Crude Trucking

Year: Concurrent

Timeframe: Ongoing

Main Service: Business Technology Development and Automation

Extra Service: Web Development, Digital Marketing, Value Building

Return Over Investment: 15,000%

Client: Anadarko Dozer & Trucking 

Industry: Construction and Transportation 

Services Provided: Website Development, SEO, Mobile App Development, IT Infrastructure 

Challenge: Enhance customer acquisition and streamline operations to reduce costs and improve efficiency. 

Outcome: Increased acquisition channels, significantly reduced operational costs, and an ROI of over 15,000%.




Anadarko Dozer & Trucking, a prominent player in the construction and transportation industry, aimed to bolster its customer and new hire acquisition while optimizing operational efficiency. Matyx was enlisted to develop a sophisticated online presence, automate essential business processes, and reduce overhead costs through smart technology solutions.




  1. Dominate SEO for Industry-Specific Keywords: Implement multiple websites with targeted domains to capture top SEO rankings across various relevant search terms.
  2. Automate Hiring and Compliance Processes: Develop a customized job board system that streamlines the application and compliance process.
  3. Develop a Mobile Application for Operational Efficiency: Create a mobile app to handle work ticketing, reporting, and automate payroll.
  4. Reduce Communication Costs: Implement a cost-effective VOIP system to decrease overhead while enhancing communication capabilities.


 Strategy and Execution


 Multi-Faceted Website Approach

Understanding the need to dominate search engine results for multiple industry-related keywords, Matyx developed several targeted websites such as ‘’ for general company information and ‘’ specifically for Oklahoma trucking job listings. This strategic approach aimed to capture a broad audience from various entry points in the digital landscape.


 Customized Job Board System

Matyx created a customized job board system tailored for Anadarko’s specific needs, which not only allowed candidates to easily find and apply for jobs but also automatically converted applications into the required DOT compliance and background check forms. This system significantly streamlined the hiring process, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring compliance.


 Mobile Application Development

To enhance operational efficiency, Matyx developed a mobile application for work ticketing that completely eliminated the need for paper-based processes. This app integrated functionalities for automated reporting and payroll processing, which dramatically cut down processing times and costs.


 VOIP and Communication Enhancements

Matyx installed a new VOIP system, which reduced monthly phone system costs by over $1,200 while adding features like automated SMS and digital fax capabilities. This upgrade not only saved money but also improved productivity and communication efficiency across the company.




The strategic initiatives implemented by Matyx yielded outstanding results for Anadarko Dozer & Trucking:

– Significant SEO dominance across multiple targeted websites, increasing visibility and customer acquisition.

– Reduction in operational costs by over 65% through automation of payroll and elimination of paper-based systems.

– Reduced hardware costs by 85%, thanks to streamlined processes and the elimination of unnecessary equipment.

– A cost-effective communication system, saving the company over $1,200 monthly.

– An unprecedented ROI of over 15,000%, reflecting the enormous financial success of these initiatives.


Matyx’s comprehensive digital and operational overhaul for Anadarko Dozer & Trucking exemplifies how targeted digital strategies and smart technology solutions can profoundly transform business operations. By optimizing the company’s online presence, automating key processes, and reducing overhead costs, Matyx helped Anadarko not only achieve but far exceed its growth and efficiency objectives. This case study demonstrates the powerful impact of integrating technology into traditional industries to drive profitability and operational excellence.

Client: Pharmcare USA

Year: Concurrent

Timeframe: Ongoing

Main Service: IT and Technology

Extra Service: Digital Marketing

Return Over Investment: 12,500%

Client: Pharmcare USA 

Industry: Healthcare / Pharmaceutical 

Services Provided: Digital Marketing, Business Automation, IT Infrastructure Development 

Challenge: To expand Pharmcare USA’s market reach, streamline operations, and enhance IT security across multiple locations. 

Outcome: Acquisition of ten new pharmacies, increasing the total to 34 across the U.S., expanded patient reach from 750,000 to over 1,000,000, and a robust HIPAA-compliant IT infrastructure.




Pharmcare USA, a prominent provider of pharmacy services across the United States, aimed to significantly expand its reach and streamline its operations. With a network serving 750,000 patients and residents, the company faced the challenge of scaling its services while maintaining compliance and operational efficiency. Matyx, known for its expertise in digital marketing and IT solutions, was tasked to develop a comprehensive strategy that included enhancing the company’s digital presence, automating business processes, and upgrading the IT infrastructure.




  1. Expand the Company’s Reach: Acquire additional pharmacies to grow the network from 24 to 34 locations nationwide and increase patient reach to over 1,000,000.
  2. Enhance Digital Marketing Efforts: Implement a marketing strategy focused on SEO and online content to promote specialized pharmacy services.
  3. Automate Business Processes: Streamline operations to improve efficiency and service delivery.
  4. Develop a Secure, Compliant IT Infrastructure: Implement a HIPAA-compliant IT system that ensures data security and supports the company’s expanded operations.


 Strategy and Execution


 Digital Marketing Strategy

Matyx crafted a targeted digital marketing strategy that focused on branding, video production, social media, and web presence to highlight Pharmcare USA’s expertise in closed-door pharmacy services, fulfillment services, nurse consulting, and long-term care solutions. The use of SEO optimized content helped to improve visibility and reach potential clients in the healthcare sector effectively.


 Business Automation

To accommodate growing operations and ensure efficient service delivery, Matyx implemented automation in key business processes. This included streamlining fulfillment operations and integrating software systems that supported both clinical and administrative functions, enhancing overall workflow and productivity.


 IT Infrastructure Overhaul

A crucial component of the strategy was overhauling Pharmcare USA’s IT infrastructure to ensure it was HIPAA compliant, secure, and capable of supporting an increased number of locations and services. Matyx developed a robust network security protocol, implemented comprehensive data protection measures, and established a centralized support system for the company’s 1,800 employees. This system was designed to maintain critical uptime 24/7, essential for healthcare operations.




The collaboration between Pharmcare USA and Matyx led to significant achievements:

– Expansion to 34 pharmacies nationwide, through the acquisition of ten new locations.

– Increased patient and resident reach from 750,000 to over 1,000,000.

– Enhanced digital presence with a comprehensive marketing strategy that improved online visibility and patient engagement.

– Streamlined operations through automation, reducing costs and improving service delivery efficiency.

– Robust and secure IT infrastructure that protected sensitive data and ensured compliance with HIPAA regulations, while also providing reliable support for all employees.

– 14,000% ROI




Matyx’s strategic interventions in marketing, automation, and IT infrastructure development enabled Pharmcare USA to not only achieve but surpass its growth objectives. The company’s expansion has not only broadened its service capacity but also strengthened its position as a leader in the pharmacy services industry. This case study exemplifies how integrating comprehensive digital strategies with robust IT solutions can drive significant growth and operational excellence in the healthcare sector.

Client: Stately Doors & Windows

Year: Concurrent

Timeframe: Ongoing

Main Service: Digital Marketing and Web Development

Extra Service: IT Services and Design

Return Over Investment: 4,400%

Client: Stately Doors & Windows 

Industry: Building Materials / Home Improvement 

Services Provided: Website Development, Content Creation, Design Services, Brand Strategy, IT Infrastructure 

Challenge: Establishing a compelling online presence for a new brand to attract key industry players and consumers, and implementing a robust IT infrastructure. 

Outcome: A multifaceted digital presence and streamlined IT operations that drive leads, facilitate partnerships, and have achieved over 500% ROI.




Stately Doors & Windows, a newly established company in the building materials sector, sought to quickly assert itself in a competitive market by developing a robust online presence and efficient IT infrastructure. The goal was to not only reach end consumers but also to build a strong network with distributors, builders, designers, and architects. Matyx was selected for its expertise in digital marketing, brand development, and IT solutions to spearhead this initiative.




  1. Develop a Dynamic Online Presence: Create multiple website versions to cater to different segments of the market.
  2. Create Engaging Content and Design: Develop high-quality content and designs that align with the brand’s values and appeal to both industry professionals and consumers.
  3. Enhance Brand Identity: Establish a strong brand identity through comprehensive design work, including logos, brochures, catalogs, and sales collateral.
  4. Implement Efficient IT Infrastructure: Set up an IT infrastructure across multiple locations with a centralized ticketing system to improve response times and reduce costs.
  5. Drive Lead Generation and ROI: Build a website and online strategies that effectively generate leads and drive significant return on investment.


 Strategy and Execution


 Multiple Website Versions

Recognizing the diverse needs of their target audiences, Matyx developed several iterations of the Stately Doors & Windows website. Each version was tailored to different user segments—distributors, builders, designers, and architects—ensuring relevant content and functionality for each group. This strategic segmentation helped in addressing the specific requirements and interests of each demographic.


 Content and Design Creation

Matyx’s content team crafted compelling copywriting tailored to the building materials industry, focusing on the unique value propositions of Stately Doors & Windows’ products. Simultaneously, the design team created visually appealing brochures, catalogs, and sales collateral that effectively communicated the quality and reliability of the products. This material not only supported online engagement but also served as valuable sales tools for face-to-face interactions.


 Branding and Identity Design

A cohesive brand identity was crucial for the new company to establish trust and recognition in the market. Matyx provided comprehensive branding services, including logo design and brand guidelines that ensured consistency across all platforms and materials. This unified brand approach helped Stately Doors & Windows present a polished and professional image from the outset.


 IT Infrastructure and Online Store

To support operations across multiple locations, Matyx implemented a robust IT infrastructure, including a centralized IT ticketing system that improved response times and cut operational costs. Additionally, a company-branded merchandise online store was set up for employees, enhancing corporate identity and employee engagement.


 Lead-Generating Website

The website iterations developed by Matyx were optimized for lead generation, incorporating SEO best practices and user-friendly design. Strategic calls-to-action and clear navigation paths were designed to guide visitors towards making inquiries or engaging more deeply with the brand. This setup provided an easy and effective way for industry professionals to collaborate and conduct business with Stately Doors & Windows.




The strategies implemented by Matyx resulted in substantial achievements for Stately Doors & Windows:

– Over 500% ROI, demonstrating the effectiveness of the digital and branding strategies.

– Multiple successful website versions that cater specifically to key segments of the industry, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

– High-quality content and designs that have strengthened the brand’s market presence and facilitated easy dissemination of product information.

– Streamlined IT operations that have significantly reduced costs and improved service response times.

– Effective lead generation that has not only converted to direct sales but also expanded the company’s network within the industry.


Matyx’s comprehensive approach in building an online presence and IT infrastructure for Stately Doors & Windows has exemplified how a strategically developed digital footprint, strong brand identity, and efficient IT solutions can propel a new company to the forefront of its industry. Through tailored websites, engaging content, consistent branding, and optimized IT operations, Stately Doors & Windows has established itself as a distinguished name in the building materials market, achieving remarkable ROI and setting a strong foundation for future growth.

Client: IQ Telcom

Year: Concurrent

Timeframe: Ongoing

Main Service: Digital Marketing, Website Development, SEO, PPC

Extra Service: Social Media, Lead Generation, Development

Return Over Investment: 3,500%

Client: IQ Telcom 

Industry: Telecommunications 

Services Provided: Website Development, SEO, Content Copywriting, Customized Lead Generation Tool 

Challenge: To enhance IQ Telcom’s online lead generation capabilities through an optimized website and a unique tool that demonstrates potential savings to customers. 

Outcome: A sophisticated lead generation website and a telecom savings calculator that contributed to a streamlined ROI of over 3,500%.




IQ Telcom, a provider of telecommunications services, aimed to capture more leads by enhancing its digital presence and demonstrating the tangible benefits of its services to potential customers. The company engaged Matyx to develop a powerful online strategy that included a new website, optimized content, and a customized telecom savings calculator.




  1. Develop a Lead-Generating Website: Build a user-friendly, SEO-optimized website to attract and engage potential customers.
  2. Create Compelling Content: Implement effective copywriting to clearly communicate the value of IQ Telcom’s offerings.
  3. Introduce a Customized Savings Calculator: Develop a tool that allows potential customers to easily calculate their potential savings by switching to IQ Telcom’s services.
  4. Drive Significant ROI Through Digital Engagement: Leverage digital tools to increase conversions and demonstrate a high return on investment.


 Strategy and Execution


 Enhanced Website and SEO

Matyx designed and developed a new website for IQ Telcom that was structured to facilitate ease of navigation and optimized for search engines. The focus was on building a site that would rank highly for key telecommunications-related keywords to draw in a targeted audience looking for telecom solutions.


 Content Copywriting

Understanding that compelling content is crucial for both SEO and customer conversion, Matyx crafted high-quality, informative copy that detailed IQ Telcom’s services, benefits, and the value they offer to businesses. This content was designed to educate visitors and guide them toward making informed decisions about their telecom needs.


 Customized Telecom Savings Calculator

To differentiate IQ Telcom from its competitors and add a unique interactive element to the website, Matyx developed a customized telecom savings calculator. This tool allowed potential customers to input specific data regarding their current telecom expenses and see a clear calculation of how much they could save by switching to IQ Telcom. This not only served as an effective lead generation feature but also provided immediate value to users, enhancing their engagement and propensity to convert.




The collaboration between Matyx and IQ Telcom yielded impressive results:

– Streamlined ROI of Over 3,500%: The combined impact of the new website, optimized content, and the telecom savings calculator significantly increased the company’s marketing efficiency and return on investment.

– Enhanced Online Presence: The SEO efforts led to top search engine rankings, driving increased organic traffic to the site.

– Increased Lead Generation: The telecom savings calculator proved to be a highly effective tool for capturing customer interest and increasing lead capture rates.

– Improved Customer Engagement: The content and tools provided on the new website helped potential customers understand the benefits of IQ Telcom’s services, leading to higher conversion rates.


Through strategic digital enhancements and the development of a unique lead generation tool, Matyx helped IQ Telcom transform its online presence and significantly boost its lead generation capabilities. The new website and telecom savings calculator not only provided a substantial return on investment but also positioned IQ Telcom as a forward-thinking leader in the telecommunications industry. This case study demonstrates how innovative digital marketing solutions can effectively drive business growth and customer engagement in a competitive market.

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