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Client: Stately Doors & Windows

Year: Current

Timeframe: Ongoing

Main Service: Management Consulting

Extra Service: Business Coaching

Return Over Investment: 6800

Stately Doors & Windows, a prominent manufacturer and retailer of high-quality doors and windows, faced challenges in digital marketing and sales management. They partnered with Matyx, an expert in digital solutions, to overhaul their online presence, marketing strategies, and sales management processes. The result was an astounding 10,000% return on investment.


Challenges Faced by Stately Doors & Windows:


  1. Ineffective Online Presence: Their existing websites were outdated and not optimized for lead generation.
  2. Poor Digital Marketing Strategies: Inadequate use of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, leading to low conversion rates.
  3. Underdeveloped CRM Systems: The existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system was not fully utilized.
  4. Limited Sales Management: Sales processes were disjointed and lacked a cohesive strategy.
  5. Inefficient Email Marketing: Email campaigns were untargeted and had low engagement rates.


Solutions Provided by Matyx:


  1. Development of Multiple Lead-Generating Websites: Matyx redesigned and developed several websites for Stately Doors & Windows, focusing on user experience, SEO optimization, and conversion rate optimization. These websites were equipped with advanced analytics to track user behavior and lead generation effectiveness.


  1. PPC Marketing and ROI: Matyx implemented a comprehensive PPC strategy across platforms like Google Ads and Bing Ads. They focused on keyword optimization, ad copy refinement, and conversion tracking to ensure a high return on investment.


  1. Technology and IT Solutions: Matyx upgraded the IT infrastructure to support the new digital initiatives. This included cloud-based solutions for scalability and data security, ensuring smooth operation of digital assets.


  1. CRM Development: Matyx developed a customized CRM system tailored to Stately Doors & Windows’ needs. This system streamlined customer data management, lead tracking, and sales process management.


  1. Email Marketing: They launched targeted email marketing campaigns based on customer segmentation and behavior analysis. This approach improved customer engagement and conversion rates.


  1. Full Stack Sales Management: Matyx integrated a full-stack sales management approach, aligning marketing efforts with sales processes. This included training for sales staff, development of sales funnels, and performance tracking.




  1. Significant Increase in Online Leads: The new websites generated a substantial increase in quality leads.
  2. High Conversion Rates from PPC Campaigns: The ROI from PPC campaigns exceeded expectations, contributing significantly to the overall 10,000% ROI.
  3. Enhanced Customer Engagement: The CRM and email marketing initiatives resulted in higher customer retention and repeat business.
  4. Streamlined Sales Processes: The sales management overhaul led to increased efficiency and higher sales conversion rates.
  5. Overall Business Growth: Stately Doors & Windows experienced a considerable increase in revenue and market share.


Matyx’s comprehensive digital strategy transformed Stately Doors & Windows’ online presence and sales processes. The integration of advanced web development, targeted PPC marketing, innovative IT solutions, customized CRM development, strategic email marketing, and full-stack sales management resulted in a phenomenal 10,000% ROI, setting a benchmark in the industry for digital transformation success.

Client: Anadarko Dozer

Year: Ongoing

Timeframe: Ongoing

Main Service: Development and Strategy

Extra Service: Web and Digital

Return Over Investment: 12000

Anadarko Dozer and Trucking, a company specializing in construction and transportation services in the oil industry, needed to modernize their operations. They partnered with Matyx, a firm skilled in digital solutions, to revamp their online presence and internal systems. This collaboration led to an impressive return on investment of over 10,000%.


Challenges Faced by Anadarko Dozer and Trucking:


  1. Limited Online Lead Generation: Their websites were not effectively attracting potential clients.
  2. Outdated Oil Ticketing and Tracking: They needed a modern system for managing crude oil transportation.
  3. Inefficient Field Operations: Their field ticketing and data tracking were outdated.
  4. Poor Asset Management: Difficulty in tracking and managing their equipment.
  5. Inadequate IT Infrastructure: Their technology and IT systems needed an upgrade.
  6. Underutilized CRM and Marketing: Their customer relationship and email marketing strategies were not effective.
  7. Disorganized Sales Management: Their sales process was inefficient.


Solutions from Matyx:


  1. New Lead-Generating Websites: Created several websites designed to attract and convert leads.
  2. Crude Oil Ticketing and Tracking System: Developed a new system with mobile apps for managing crude oil transportation.
  3. Advanced Field Ticketing: Implemented modern field ticketing and data tracking technology.
  4. Enhanced Asset Tracking: Introduced a system for better tracking and management of equipment.
  5. IT and Technology Upgrades: Upgraded their IT infrastructure to support new technologies.
  6. CRM and Email Marketing Development: Developed a tailored CRM system and targeted email marketing campaigns.
  7. Full Stack Sales Management: Reorganized the sales process for efficiency and effectiveness.




  1. Increased Online Engagement: The new websites significantly increased client inquiries.
  2. Efficient Crude Oil Management: The ticketing system streamlined crude oil transportation.
  3. Improved Field Operations: Field operations became more efficient with new ticketing and data tracking.
  4. Effective Asset Management: Better tracking led to improved utilization of equipment.
  5. Stronger IT Support: The upgraded IT systems supported all the new digital initiatives.
  6. Better Customer Relationships: The CRM and email strategies improved client engagement and loyalty.
  7. Sales Growth: Sales management improvements led to higher sales and efficiency.


Matyx’s comprehensive digital overhaul transformed Anadarko Dozer and Trucking’s operations, leading to a significant improvement in their business processes and a remarkable return on investment. The project showcased the power of digital strategies in modernizing traditional industries.


Client: Pharmcare USA

Year: Ongoing

Timeframe: Ongoing

Main Service: IT and Technology

Extra Service: Digital Marketing

Return Over Investment: 12500

Pharmcare USA, a healthcare service provider, faced challenges in lead generation, cost management, and technological efficiency. They engaged Matyx to enhance their digital footprint and streamline operations. This partnership led to a groundbreaking return on investment of over 10,000%.


Challenges Faced by Pharmcare USA:


  1. Inadequate Lead Generation: Their online presence was not effectively generating new business leads.
  2. Outmoded Paper-Based Systems: They relied heavily on paper for admission forms, leading to inefficiencies.
  3. High Technology Costs: Existing technology and IT infrastructure were costly and inefficient.
  4. Underperforming Marketing Strategies: Their CRM and email marketing systems were outdated and underutilized.


Solutions Provided by Matyx:


  1. Development of Lead-Generating Websites: Matyx created multiple websites tailored to attract and convert leads in the healthcare sector, focusing on user-friendly designs and SEO optimization.


  1. Paperless Admission Forms System: Implemented a digital, paperless system for patient admissions, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.


  1. Reduction of Technology Costs: Streamlined IT infrastructure and implemented cost-effective technology solutions, reducing operational costs significantly.


  1. Enhanced ROI Through Lead Generation: Improved online lead generation strategies, ensuring a higher return on investment from digital marketing efforts.


  1. Technology and IT Overhaul: Upgraded the entire IT infrastructure to be more robust, secure, and efficient.


  1. CRM Development and Integration: Developed a comprehensive CRM system tailored to Pharmcare USA’s needs, enabling better customer data management and engagement.


  1. Targeted Email Marketing: Launched personalized email marketing campaigns based on customer behavior and needs, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates.


  1. Full Stack Consultative Solutions: Provided end-to-end consultative services, aligning technology and marketing strategies with business objectives.




  1. Significant Increase in Leads: The new websites resulted in a substantial increase in quality leads.


  1. Streamlined Admission Process: The paperless system improved patient admission efficiency and reduced errors.


  1. Reduced Operating Costs: The new IT solutions led to a significant reduction in technology-related expenses.


  1. Improved Marketing ROI: Enhanced lead generation strategies led to a higher return on marketing investments.


  1. Modernized IT Infrastructure: The technology upgrades improved overall operational efficiency.


  1. Enhanced Customer Engagement: The new CRM system and email campaigns resulted in better customer retention and acquisition.


  1. Comprehensive Business Growth: The consultative approach ensured that all aspects of the business were optimized for growth and efficiency.

Matyx’s strategic interventions transformed Pharmcare USA’s digital capabilities, significantly reducing costs and enhancing efficiency. This comprehensive digital overhaul led to a remarkable increase in leads, improved operational processes, and an exceptional return on investment, showcasing the transformative power of integrated digital solutions in the healthcare sector.

We have over 300 Success Stories and Counting – More on the way as we build out our new website. 


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