Ohhh boy, I know what you’re thinking… (yes, I’m bulemic, I can read minds.. – ZOOLANDER) – “here’s the millionth post on the internet about what my business website must do that it doesn’t do now, blah blah blah.”

BUT! (one “T,” not two, because that would be weird) – I have some good points if you bear with me.

I make a lot of sales calls, not every day, but sometimes I make at least 20-40 per week. I meet with clients, potential clients, and network partners that help us achieve all the hootin and hollerin you read on our sites. (stay tuned, a new Matyx.com site is in the works that will make you laugh, sing, dance…possibly cry… and will include educational courses on how to start, grow, buy, and sell businesses, without borrowing money or begging other people)

The reasons I make so many calls and visit is because I am still convinced that a person to person relationship is the best way to get clients, build a referral network, and have great relationships with the people you work with, (not like those kind of relationships ….)

Matyx builds websites extremely quickly, we can get 2 to 3 done in a week – but, websites are just a very SMALL part of what Matyx does – we aren’t so much in the building website business – we are in the business building business (too many businesses in one sentence?)

I’ve said it before, and I’ll post about it one of these days – Robots don’t build businesses…. can automation help? Sure. But, HUMANS still have to close deals, explain to customers, answer questions, and build relationships. 

I met with an awesome client and we had a nice long talk over coffee about his struggles in owning and growing his business.

He was using Shopify, which is a great e-commerce platform. But, he has zero online sales…

Why? – it has nothing to do with his business, his business is fantastic!

It has more to do with him taking a DIY approach to every part of his business.

He’s juggling a store, kids, family, accounting, inventory, reviews, social media, marketing, finding new products, dealing with vendors…. the list goes on – he doesn’t have time to ensure his site brings in the dough.

In case you haven’t heard, DIY is on its way out… *tear…. which makes me very sad because I’m a DIY’er to the extreme…

The new thing, like jeggings (are those still “in?”) – is Do It For Me – or “DIFM.”

Because we are all lazy………

Not really! its just everyone is way too busy to build their own sites, manage customers, grow a social media following, mow their lawns, handle their accounting, do the dishes….

I came across a site the other day where you can hire someone to do your dishes…. DIFM people.

Shopify is great, I have some good friends who are absolutely killing it with Shopify.

However, they know what they are doing when it comes to SEO, and getting the right action from their visitors.

My friend/client and I today talked about this approach with his new site we are launching very soon:

What do you want your visitors to do on your site – and – what will encourage them to do it quickly?

1. Your Business Website Must Get To The Point Quickly

You only have one minute to get an action from your customer before they lose interest – ONE MINUTE, 60 seconds.

Let that sink in for a minute…. doesn’t take long, annnnd your’e done reading this (if you are still reading it, props to you, send me an email (tucker@matyx.com)  and I’ll send you something cool for free! no joke!)

Your site must get to the point of why someone would buy from you, fill out a form, or do business with you.

Talking about your business is great, you’re excited, your dog is excited, your wife, kids, grandma, parents…. everyone is excited.

But, if you’ve ever done relational sales – you have to learn to SHUT UP – and let your customer do the talking while you guide them through by asking questions and getting to the point.

Your website should do the same thing.

When you go to Amazon, do you read all kinds of info about what Amazon does, who founded it, why, and what it took to get there?

Nope – in fact, Amazon is smarter than us and it shows because every time we go to Amazon, we buy something fast, we get it fast, we can return it fast, and we can buy more fast. Heck, they’ll even bring it to you with robot drones on the same day.

Why? – because they ask you questions without you even realizing it.

Your website should WALK your customer through the process of doing business with you, and stop talking about your business.

Talking is what the other pages are for.

2. Whatever You Are Selling Must Be Easy To Find

You could be selling a service, product, information, very small rocks (a thank you Monty Python) – whatever it is – MAKE IT THE FIRST THING YOUR VISITORS SEE

Remember, what do you want a visitor to do, and, what will encourage them to do it quickly?

Basically, to sum it up in one statement – What’s next?

Joe/Jim/George/Suzie/Wanda/Carol goes to your site, what’s next?

They click on the buy/get info/get started button – what’s next?

They buy it/give you information/signup – what’s next?

You might sleep, but your business doesn’t.

All of that must happen quickly – you only have sixty seconds to keep their attention, and if the buying process is long and tedious…. well they are probably going somewhere else.

Your website must stop talking, and start walking your visitors through the process of doing business with you.

3. Bring Them Back

Do you have websites that you check every morning? Blogs you like to read, sales that you don’t want to miss, videos of kittens riding bikes on a daily basis?

You go back, because you value what that site offers you.

What’s the best way to bring customers back?

By having a relationship with them, and providing further value!

Sales, promos, loyalty, content updates, downloadable content, or do the unthinkable…. pick up the phone and call them and ask questions! “What? You want ME to call someone????”

Yes…. and your customers will love you for it because NO ONE DOES IT ANYMORE.


We’d love the chance to build your business, your website, and get you more money without you having to work harder – we DO IT ALL FOR YOU!

DIY is out – Get Matyx, and Get Money – without having to DIY


Not only do you get all kinds of business building upgrades, but you also get FREE expert business advice nearly 24/7 – budgets, accounting, products sourcing, marketing, technology, sales, how tos, and more.

Or, I’ll call you personally and let you ask me any question you want, and I’ll help you with it for FREE – just shoot me an email – tucker@matyx.com

Thanks for reading, feel free to share and tell me what you think!


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