Client: The LITILI Group

Year: Concurrent

Timeframe: Ongoing

Main Service: Web Development, SEO, Content Marketing

Extra Service: Landing Pages, PPC, Reviews, CRM, Email Marketing, Google Local

Return Over Investment: 3,500% ROI

Client: The LITILI Group 

Industry: Legal Services 

Services Provided: Website Development, SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, CRM System Migration, Sales Tool Development 

Challenge: To enhance The LITILI Group’s online presence with a superior website and digital marketing strategy, and facilitate a CRM system migration from Zoho to Salesforce to outperform their previous DIY Squarespace site. 

Outcome: A lead-generating website, top rankings for over 800 keywords, a 6,800% ROI, expanded market reach, and a successful CRM transition to Salesforce.




The LITILI Group, a leading provider of expert witness services for attorneys and insurance companies, initially struggled with a self-made Squarespace website that failed to meet their lead generation needs and market presence goals. They engaged Matyx to develop a more robust and effective online platform and implement a full-scale digital marketing strategy to enhance visibility and business growth. Additionally, Matyx was tasked with migrating their CRM system from Zoho to Salesforce to better manage customer relationships and streamline business processes.




  1. Develop a Professional, Lead-Generating Website: Replace the underperforming DIY website with a professional platform designed to attract and convert high-value leads.
  2. Implement Advanced SEO and Content Marketing: Optimize the site for a broad range of relevant keywords to ensure top search engine rankings.
  3. Drive High-Level PPC Campaigns: Create targeted pay-per-click advertising strategies to capture immediate interest from potential clients.
  4. Migrate and Enhance CRM System: Transition from Zoho to Salesforce, leveraging advanced features to improve data management and customer engagement.
  5. Expand Market Reach: Utilize digital marketing to expand The LITILI Group’s services into new states and territories.
  6. Develop Sales Tools and Training Materials: Equip new hires and existing employees with the tools and knowledge necessary for success.


 Strategy and Execution


 Website Redesign and Development

Matyx designed and developed a sophisticated website for The LITILI Group that not only enhanced the visual appeal but also focused on functionality and user experience. The new website was structured to facilitate easy navigation, showcase the company’s expertise, and effectively capture leads through strategic calls to action.


 Advanced SEO and Content Marketing

To dramatically improve online visibility, Matyx implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy targeting over 800 industry-specific keywords and phrases. Content marketing efforts included the creation of high-quality, informative content that positioned The LITILI Group as thought leaders in their field. This content not only attracted organic traffic but also helped in building valuable backlinks to enhance domain authority.


 Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Matyx launched high-level PPC campaigns that were meticulously researched and tailored to capture the most relevant audience. These campaigns were continuously optimized based on performance data to ensure the highest possible ROI.


 CRM System Migration

Recognizing the need for a more robust CRM system to support their growing operations, Matyx facilitated the migration from Zoho to Salesforce. This transition equipped The LITILI Group with enhanced capabilities in managing customer relationships, data analytics, and automation, significantly improving operational efficiency.


 Expansion Strategies

With the enhanced digital presence and new CRM system, The LITILI Group was able to expand its services to new geographical markets. Matyx supported this expansion with targeted digital outreach, email marketing campaigns, and strategic coaching sessions designed to maximize market penetration and brand recognition.


 Sales Tools and Employee Success Guides

Recognizing the importance of a well-equipped team, Matyx developed comprehensive sales tools and success guides for The LITILI Group. These resources included detailed cadences for client interaction, best practices for lead conversion, and ongoing support materials to aid new hires and existing staff in achieving their sales goals.




The collaboration between The LITILI Group and Matyx delivered remarkable results:

– Enhanced Website Performance: The newly developed website significantly outperformed the original Squarespace site.

– Top Search Engine Rankings: Achieved top rankings for over 800 targeted keywords and phrases, substantially increasing organic search traffic.

– Successful CRM Transition: The move to Salesforce enabled more sophisticated customer relationship management and data handling capabilities.

– Significant ROI: The combined digital strategies and CRM enhancement led to a 6,800% return on investment.

– Market Expansion: The digital marketing strategies and CRM capabilities facilitated successful expansion into new states and territories, solidifying The LITILI Group’s position as a market leader.


Matyx’s strategic approach to website development, digital marketing, and CRM migration transformed The LITILI Group from struggling with outdated systems to becoming a dominant force in the legal services industry. The comprehensive digital strategies not only fueled business growth but also established a scalable framework for continued expansion and success. This case study exemplifies how integrated digital solutions and strategic CRM enhancements can dramatically improve a company’s market presence and operational efficiency.