If a business can’t generate sales, well then obviously it won’t last long… raising money won’t help, getting thousands of likes on cute cat pictures doesn’t pay the bills… when it comes down do it – If Cash is King, then Sales is Queen.

And we all know who is really in charge….

How do you get cash? Sales. How do you get noticed? Sales. How do you get your kids to do better in school and do the chores they despise?… You sit down with them and talk about the value that doing better in school will provide them in a decade, and how the chores they must do will teach them how to work hard for what they want in the future… (or, you threaten with time-outs and no TV…) – Sales!

Our society today wants businesses to get to the point.

No one wants to listen about a hundred different features boiling down to how the product is going to make the manufacturer money, or costs less than the guy down the road. Nope – Consumers want to know what they are about to purchase will do for them.

We’ve all been there – the dreaded sales process. Whether you are buying, or selling, at some point – someone’s gotta close the deal.

There a million different philosophies, movies, stories, and experiences promising millions of dollars if you just buy what they’re selling you that will sell for you if you sell it to your customers….

But what are some methods that actually work for all parties involved?

Over the years, I’ve seen and been taught several sales methodologies, tactics, and programs – some worked, most didn’t.

It wasn’t always the product or service that was broken, more than often – it was the methodology and reason behind the sale that was.

I.M.P.A.C.T. is a sales platform and methodology that I developed based around many years of sales and marketing experiences, do’s and dont’s, and feedback from customers.

I didn’t even realize I was creating it, until it hit me right in the face that I had sold over $750,000 in promotional and custom products inside of 11 months… with higher than industry average margins. One day alone I sold over $50,000.

Why did I get high margins? By being AUTHENTIC, and making sure that the products I was selling were true WIN-WIN-WIN solutions (My Customer – Their Customers – Me).

I also measured and tracked what I did, re-evaluated, and targeted using what worked. I found that using these steps (there’s a lot more to the actual program) had the best track record for actual closing sales. For every 100 calls I made, I had 20 deals. For every 25 in person meetings I had, I’d get 11 deals. My email marketing also had a 10% conversion rate…

Then, I backed up my authenticity by delivering sooner than I had told them, and followed up.

Five Steps to Get More Sales, Faster:

1. Create the Right Impression

Sounds simple right?…. It should be simple!

Whatever your channel is – Phone, Email, Digital, In-person:

What impression are you wanting to give your audience? And, is it Authentic?

We all see articles all the time on how to get more sales, close more deals, and land large customers – I read one just the other day that said a sales person should never ask someone how their day is going, and instead go over the features of your product….

While I somewhat agree with the first part, because most of the time neither the sales person, or the prospect, really care at all how each other’s days are going – jumping into features is a really good way to get hung up on, deleted, unsubscribed, bounced, asked to leave, or getting bad reviewed into oblivion…

“Hey Bob, It’s Jim, How’s your day going?” Bob: “Well, I’m glad you asked, because I’m knee deep in just trying to keep up…” Jim: “Oh, that’s good I guess, you’re busy!…. Did you know our product can post on Facebook for you?” (hint: Bob doesn’t care)

It’s the wrong impression – first, do you really care how their day is going? Or, are you just making sure an evil beast isn’t about to bite your head off? Second, no one cares about your features… not even you – if you could have less features and make more money, wouldn’t you rather do that?

Bob only cares about his problem, and if your product doesn’t solve that problem, Bob will N’Sync you… (Bye bye bye)

Sure, we are all in business to make money, but it’s your Impression and Authenticity that wins customers.

Imagine if your customers heard what you said about them when you hung up the phone? Or saw you celebrating the moment you closed the deal because you made the most commission?

…… kind of ruins the Impression.

What impresses your audience and makes them pay attention? – and – What Authentic Impression can you give that gets an Action?

The best Impressions are made through asking Authentic questions that actually matter to your customers.


I – Impressions – What Impressions are Authentically backed by the products and services you sell?


2. Ask the Right Questions

Everyone has horror stories and crazy experiences to tell about how they were oversold insurance, investments, cars, websites, the latest social media marketing trends.. or got pushed into some clever financing trick or extended warranty – only to find out that the value presented was only valuable to the business they bought from.

In fact, just a few days ago, I received a call from a software rep who spent fifteen minutes explaining dozens of features that had absolutely nothing to do with what my client wanted to accomplish.

I almost hung up on them after trying to get a word in, but I had been waiting for the call for a while and had 2 questions I couldn’t find on their website.

When I asked “Okay, but all I really want to know is can your inventory and pos system integrate with my client’s e-commerce system using a unique identifier and, can we customize your customer-facing point of sale screen to capture the information we need?”… I got “Those are good questions, ummmm…., I’ll have to ask my developers and get back to you… But, I’d like to get back into the inventory tracking features and tell you how much it costs…”

I don’t care what you’d like to do, I don’t care about inventory tracking because everyone does that, and cost isn’t a question yet…

To be direct, if their software did the two things I asked about then cost wouldn’t matter because it would save my client a lot more in the long run over custom development.

It’s a common practice to over explain your products and services – You’re excited about what you can do and what you sell! But, does it work? Not really

All you have to do ask the right questions, to get to the right questions from your prospect.

I started out young selling everything from popcorn, fertilizer, sausage (hey, it was good sausage), guitars, insurance, magazines, loans, houses, credit cards, and more…. and the ONE question that nearly EVERYONE asked me was – WHY SHOULD I BUY THIS?

Of course the question came in many forms:  “I already have that.” “I don’t need that.” “We don’t borrow money.” “I don’t like sausage.” “Why should I buy from you? You look funny…” and so on….

But – It’s the same question – whether it’s in the form of a question or not is irrelevant – “WHY SHOULD I BUY THIS?”

In the sales industry, they call responses like these “rebuttals” – and large companies teach their reps to dance around the question like it’s an eternal flame of disaster.

“I don’t need another credit card, I can barely pay off what I have now…”

“But wait! There’s more! I’ll waive the annual fee (there isn’t one anyway), give you 0% interest for 15 months (most cards do that), and I already checked your credit (illegal) and you’ll qualify right away!”

It’s common practice – don’t believe me? – have you heard about this?: Wells Fargo Fined For Sales Abuse

I worked for Wells Fargo 13 years ago, and the office I worked for had a handbook for stuff like that.

Ask any one of those reps if they would’ve bought what they were selling from themselves… The honest answer is “Nope!”

Why? – because most of the time the REAL answer isn’t a good one!

Start with asking questions that matter to your audience – and do it Authentically to give the best Impression.

Doing this will Make your prospect ask YOU the right questions.


I – Impressions – What Impressions are Authentically backed by the products and services you sell?

M – Make – Keep in mind what Actions you want to Make happen.


3. Respond with the Right Answers.

Imagine if you asked a car salesman why you should buy the car he drove around for you and he said “Because I make more commission on that one!” – would you buy it?

Of course the salesman won’t tell you that, but the thought crossed his mind.

Instead, he will give you some scripted answer like “It has the most features / don’t you like the leather? / it gets great MPG! / the car you saw online is at another dealership and we can’t get it….” – or, the dreaded “Let’s get you into a payment that you can afford… with an extended warranty and payoff insurance.”

If he was following the I.M.P.A.C.T. program – he would ask you a few questions like “What kind of car do you like? / What are you using it for? / Are there any features you can’t live without? / etc”

THEN – after you answered him with “I like leather seats / heated steering wheel / giant wheels / 37 doors / child mute button…”

He would respond with actual and real answers that provide Value to YOU.

That should take 30 minutes max… including the test drive and paperwork.

If you’ve ever bought a car before, you’ll be familiar with with spending all friggin’ day at the dealership, salesmen wearing you thin, beating you up over financing, watching you yell at your kids while they offer them more free candy… – only to finally have the Rolex wearing tailored-suited “finance manager” enter the picture and tell you how much money THEY are going to lose on the vehicle because: “You see, we don’t make very much money selling cars…”

Ohhhhhh, so that’s how you sponsored the TV Network’s Helicopter and paid for all those ads…

Using the I.M.P.A.C.T. method – 30 minutes. Done. Everyone is happy. The Car dealer has a repeat customer and recurring revenue because they earned your trust.

The same applies to whatever you are buying / selling.


I – Impressions – What Impressions are Authentically backed by the products and services you sell?

M – Make – Keep in mind what Actions you want to Make happen.

P – Positive – The process must have a positive outcome for everyone.


4. Perform the Right Action.

Time is such a precious commodity today with everyone’s face stuck in a mobile device – No one likes their time to be wasted listening to someone talk them through Search Engine Optimization…. Ask the average business owner what SEO means, or how it works, and the answer you will likely get involves some version of: “I don’t care…”

Exactly – no one cares how it works, or why it works, or what it means – all they care about is will it help their business make money without costing time?

So close the sale, get to the point, be Authentic – and then Ask For Action.

How do you do that? Well….. Back to the car dealer…

He should ask if there are any reasons you wouldn’t buy the car. Then, what is stopping you from taking it home today?

There are tens of thousands of components to a car – but all you care about is how you feel, how it looks, and are there TV’s in it.

“If I can get you this car, today, in 30 minutes, at a price and payment you are happy with – will you buy this car from me?” 

I’m not picking on car dealers – some of them are really good at making sure customers get treated right.  – just the first thought that came to mind because I bought a vehicle a few years ago and spent 2 days bouncing to three dealerships who all did the same thing.

I finally ended up at a dealer who had a new salesman – I told him I found the vehicle I wanted, I know what it’s worth, and I’ll pay you $250 over what it’s worth with a down payment if we can get out of here in 30 minutes.

He talked to his finance manager for a couple of minutes, came back and said “Are you paying the down payment with a check?”

Well done, I’m buying from you from now on.


I – Impressions – What Impressions are Authentically backed by the products and services you sell?

M – Make – Keep in mind what Actions you want to Make happen.

P – Positive – The process must have a positive outcome for everyone.

A – Actions – Make those Actions happen with Positive interactions.


5. Create The Right Trust

I tell my friends and family all the time that there aren’t a whole lot of secrets in business and if someone has to sell really hard, then it’s probably not a good deal.

If you can’t trust the businesses you are working with – DON’T WORK WITH THEM!

If there are no guarantees of service / performance – DON’T WORK WITH THEM!

If there is no followup after you purchase like: “Hey Joe! Just calling to see if you like that car you bought, did the child mute button work? – if you aren’t satisfied, bring it back and let’s find you one you are happy with.” (no real people named Joe were used in this example.) – DON’T WORK WITH THEM!

Car buying is just one example….

You must Create Trust with your customer – and that involves following up.

Before the sale, and after the sale.

There’s a delicate balance between being annoying and helpfully persistent – so don’t call them every 10 minutes – ask the right questions to get the right actions – “I don’t want to be one of those people you mute when I call – is once a week / month / 2 months okay to follow-up with you? If nothing else, I’d love to get your feedback.”

I think the hardest part of training business owners and sales reps is helping them get over the fear of actually picking up the phone / sending the email and getting to the point.

In fact, I tell participants in seminars that the hardest part of your job, or running a business, is getting the motivation to just pick up the phone, or hit send, and ask the right questions.


I – Impressions – What Impressions are Authentically backed by the products and services you sell?

M – Make – Keep in mind what Actions you want to Make happen.

P – Positive – The process must have a positive outcome for everyone.

A – Actions – Make those Actions happen with Positive interactions.

C – Creating – Create win-win-win outcomes, and get Trusted.

T – Trust – Once You’ve earned their trust, follow up with them, and you have a customer forever.

Our I.M.P.A.C.T. program can be adapted into every part of your business, tracked to key performance metrics, and implemented across all channels.

Want to know more about the program? Get In Touch

We use it in all of our businesses, it is the core of what we do, and how we do it.

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